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Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

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Stay With Me


Walter Grey

Fan reviews

A really weird night, very awkward at times, but musically fantastic
Review by Giulio Sant

Ryan started out in Rome-mood, zero interaction, one song straight into the other, but fine. The crowd was warm and receptive though. And then... The DRAMA. Ryan stopped a song midway and went FUCKING NUTS on a guy sitting in the first row guilty of using his phone all throughout the set. He was REALLY upset, I even thought he was going to step off stage to confront the guy. Soooo awkward. Of course from then on the atmosphere was kind of ruined until a request from the crowd generated an improv song and then everything clicked. Lots of talking and laughing and fooling around about bug bites. So many funny moments there. And the music kept being phenomenal, with lots of gems in the setlist. He played over two hours. And then the ending was kind of disappointing again because he didn't come back for an encore though we were all cheering and clapping and calling for him under the stage. Quite a bummer, I felt let down but maybe there was a curfew problem. 
Anyway, what a night. All in all I feel we were blessed to be there. And it was quintessential Ryan Adams, for the good and the bad.

Gardone Riviera Review
Review by Fay Wallenberg

Ok so let me just start out by saying that my review is going to be more emotionally driven than critically driven. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can stop reading now! Thomas, Giulio, and Ilaria are all better at that stuff than I am. So here we go:

Days and months before the show I...

1. Met another North American girl named Penny from Texas who lives in northern Italy. We've been pumping each other up since March. Only through Ryan's music were we able to connect on a level so deep that during the show, I was hugging her and holding her hand and dancing. We knew that the Rome show was cold and wanted to pep up the mood and dance.

Met and connected with other fans like Ilaria about a week before and basically just chatted about life, music and being a mom.

And this with complete strangers with only one thing in common, our common love for Ryan's music. It's like you let your guard down and let people in, especially a country which is NOT my own, it was so wonderful meeting other fans.

To Giulio Sant and Thomas B, you were lovely! Great to meet you! To that British couple who got seats at the last minute and whom had nose bleed seats.

0. Since Ryan doesn't speak Italian, and knowing how sometimes things don't run very well in Italy, I wanted to make sure Ryan's experience here was good so I did the following:

When the amphitheater posted their breakfast served to Ryan on Facebook, I told them he was vegan and they were already 2 steps ahead and had a nice assortment of vegan brioche for him. I was very impressed! The venue was very lovely and the people working were super friendly.

I also had the Ménière's speech translated from English into Italian and sent it to his management team a week before. The theatre said that they too were also aware and taking care. Because this is what real fans do! Real fans try to help in any way they can. Obviously at a show in Canada, I wouldn't be able to help this way. Maybe informing him of record stores or good vegan pizza joints would be more to his liking!

The mood of the show was already pretty high since Ryan was posting about the venue on Instagram ahead of time that he was impressed by the venue, I knew his mood was good and I wanted to do my best to keep it that way...

The opening act was good musically but a bit of a mood killer only because it was soft (there was a harpist!?) kinda put me to bed but I mean she could certainly play and I was entertained.

Ryan hit the stage at 945. Husband is not with me. I invited Ilaria to come sit with me in 2rd row. Why? She's a hardcore fan and deserves it. She abandoned her husband (sorry dude) and came and sat with me. She kept track of setlist and we grooved together for a long while until this happened:....

.....lights go dim and he starts playing starts go blue...I start getting pretty emotional. Middle of the song he stops abruptly and begins to reprimand the man sitting in the front row who was on his phone. The exact banter I do not have recorded obviously, but from memory he said something like "I'm not a fucking App" and "go bid on eBay someplace else..? Can anyone else please help me with the wording? Then he said, "Why don't you let some REAL fans come and sit up in the front row and you can go home"

Cue the super annoying girl in the zebra print dress, hops out of my seat (as does Penny) and we go immediately to the front row and danced mostly in our seats and stood a few times (when it was appropriate to do so) for the rest of the concert. The Italian crowd was really hard to get on their feet. When Satan came onstage with the tambourine (holy fuck, did I just type that!?) and was trying to get the crowd to stand, I screamed out ALZATEVI which translates to STAND UP and some people did for a bit. Now here is where my Canadian politeness comes in, I didn't want to stand for the whole show and piss off the people behind me, they paid for their ticket and I respect that, but it's a rock show!?! Who are these people? All sitting, frowning and not rocking to the beat? We're not at the opera? Why are you here? I digress...moving on...

So now I'm seated beside the guy who pissed Ryan off...and he was drunk...and for the rest of the show he kinda just sat in his seat and air drummed and fucked around on his phone (again) towards the end. What a loser!

Regardless of this loser, ryan did a lot of stage banter including an improv song called Walter Grey, which spawned by a fan who shouted out "fucking great". 
More banter included talking about Todd's capo, and the mosquitoes....

At one point Ryan said, "Im all sweaty and they want to eat me" to which I yelled out "so do I" and Todd started laughing.

Then ryan said later, the mosquito bit my finger right here" to which I said "let me kiss it for you" and then he thought I said "I love you" so he replied "I love you too"

Again, at a show in Canada, I would NEVER EVER do this but I wanted ryan to speak in English and have fun and not let his jokes fall on deaf and confused ears. A felt a little interaction was needed but not enough to annoy people who were trying to enjoy the show. As my Canadian-ness creeps up again, I want to apologize if I annoyed you in any way last night. I really just wanted to have fun.

Many great songs on the setlist which is already posted. I see monsters, Halloweenhead, etc. I didn't tweet or message him any song requests, just sent a text to ask him to play whatever was in his heart and what fit his mood. We got great results!

Shakedown at the end of the show caused a whole bunch of people to rush the stage. Did anyone take a picture from the back? I was dancing right up front. That was it. No encore.

Great show! Thanks for listening ! 5 stelle! 5 stars!

Ryan Adams and the Unknown Band in Italy
Review by Ilaria Dabusti

With Andrea Peviani, Fay Wallenberg, Penny Lazo, Ale, Giulio Sant, Gloria, Tony DOnghia, Thomas BauerChiara Busico.

Ma fairytale week with Ryan Adams' music has just gone by. Emotionally speaking, I don't know whether I would have been able to FACE a third consecutive night with such great yet overwhelming music. But he's playing Zagreb after that, so...just saying. 
Ryan played for 2 back-to-back nights in my Country. He had only been here just once, back in 2002, but we hadn't known about the gig. 15 years of bad luck is better than none...

On July 11th me and my husband went southwards to see Ryan perform in Rome, then came back to Northern Italy in a hurry the following day to see his second show.
It was VITAL for us to be there. It takes TWO, it takes TOO...

In Rome, in a quasi empty arena, we got the chance of taking a close look at his grudgingly inaccessible intensity, whereas in Gardone Riviera, in the wonderful lakeside amphitheatre of Vittoriale degli Italiani, we witnessed his genius in full display.

In Rome he picked songs from his embarrassingly rich catalogue and played them just like a stage performer who had played live for 20 years. 
I was beyond super happy to see him again after our Dublin concert in March 2015.
23 songs. The beauty of them all.
DYSLM, AM I SAFE, WE DISAPPEAR, the newest songs, so powerful and perfect. Do I WAIT, a rare gem. I SEE MONSTERS took everyone in an unreal world.

Then the famous 19'30" PEACEFUL VALLEY made everybody get lost in a maze of incoherent fog. 
His attitude. He didn't mouth a single word, neither English or Italian. His Rome set was puzzling, baffling,enigmatic, opaque, cryptic, incomprehensible. 
It was complicated for him, for his bandmates and for us. 
He seemed shy, tight, tense, fragile, maybe pissed off. Sure not happy. We felt this and suffered.

It looked as if his demons had taken control over everything. Yet it's an effing Ryan Adams show. And we know.

Second show, July 12th: in the hills surrounding Lake Garda on one sunny Wednesday you get this gorgeous open-air amphitheatre to play in. The stage has no back curtain, you can see the lake behind amps and stuffed tigers.
We feel a little uncomfortable but we know it HAS to be different. 
We spoke with the Italian tour manager before the show, he told us Ryan was in a good mood. The band had even gone swimming earlier.

Gardone Riviera's concert was perfection on earth.
25 songs, 10 of which were not played in Rome. His band much more confident. Colourful.

Six songs were dutifully performed.

Then, during LET IT RIDE, Satan gestured to stand up. Me and Fay Wallenberg stood up and Fay even tried to make the audience react to the music, but no way.
He then started with STARS GO BLUE but stopped immediately to tell off a disrespectful guy who sat in the front row checking on his phone. He stood up in an assertive way. I felt a little embarrassed and was afraid he would turn RUDE, but he was not. He was right.
At that moment Ryan woke up, got out of his own self and was looser.
From song 10 to 25 we were offered his genius on full display.
His music exploded in the summer evening.

COLD ROSES shifting into I SEE MONSTERS, then returning back to COLD ROSES was simply MAGICK.

And we had a lot of jokes and fun and laughter and banter.

We got a proper band presentation (nothing like that in Rome).

1. He spoke.
2. He laughed.
3. He cheerfully complained about bugs, mosquitoes, sweat and asked for some anti-insect spray. He then handed the spray to RAA's Penny Lazo.
4. He said GRAZIE (thank you) once midway.
5. He even accepted a fan request and we had an acoustic version of ENGLISH GIRLS.

He gave it all.

Satan and his tambourine came back on the last song and everybody in the front rows rushed to the stage to dance to SHAKEDOWN.
Ben Alleman on keyboards smiled for the first time in two shows. We were all smiling. )

We were feeling we were taking part in THE perfect concert.

GRAZIE Ryan Adams and the Unknown Band! 
Thank you to my husband and to all RAA's friends I could share this experience with!



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GARDONE RIVIERA, ITALY Sweet fuckin show day hell yea

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