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02/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Beacon Theatre, New York, USA
03/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Beacon Theatre, New York, USA
06/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, USA
07/05/2017 Ryan Adams
State Theatre, Portland, USA
09/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
10/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, USA
12/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Shaky Knees Music Festival, Atlanta, USA
12/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, USA
20/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand
23/05/2017 Ryan Adams
The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia
26/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia
27/05/2017 Ryan Adams
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
01/06/2017 Ryan Adams
The Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara, USA
02/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, USA
03/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
18/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City, USA
20/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, USA
22/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Canada
23/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Canada
25/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, Canada
27/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Orpheum, Vancouver, Canada
28/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, USA
29/06/2017 Ryan Adams
Edgefield, Troutdale, USA
06/07/2017 Ryan Adams
NOS Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
07/07/2017 Ryan Adams
Mad Cool Festival, Madrid, Spain
08/07/2017 Ryan Adams
Cruilla Festival, Barcelona, Spain
28/07/2017 Ryan Adams
Palace Theatre, St. Paul, USA
29/07/2017 Ryan Adams
Palace Theatre, St. Paul, USA
30/07/2017 Ryan Adams
Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, USA
01/08/2017 Ryan Adams
The Pageant, St. Louis, USA
04/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Hinterland Music Festival, Saint Charles, USA
04/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Lollapalooza, Chicago, USA
10/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Øya Festival, Tøyenparken, Oslo, Norway
11/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Way Out West Festival, Göteborg, Sweden
13/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland
17/08/2017 Ryan Adams
Green Man Festival, Brecon, UK
08/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Ulster Hall, Belfast, Ireland
09/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Cork Opera House, Cork, Ireland
11/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
14/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Apollo, Manchester, UK
15/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK
17/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Sage 1, Gateshead, UK
18/09/2017 Ryan Adams
02 Academy, Leeds, UK
22/09/2017 Ryan Adams
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

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If you didn't attend a show, how are you gonna hear it? Well, since the beginning of Ryan Adams' solo career people have been big enough fans and kind enough persons to record and share hundreds of Ryan Adams shows. As of now there are 550+ shows on Internet Archive, a highly recommended repository for recorded live shows of many artists.

The latest shows to be recorded are:

22/02/2017Ryan Adams
Amoeba Music, Hollywood
21/02/2017Ryan Adams
KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica
18/02/2017Ryan Adams
Rough Trade NYC, New York
24/01/2017Ryan Adams
BBC 6 Studios, London
06/12/2016Ryan Adams
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
26/07/2016Ryan Adams
Lincoln Theatre, Washington
24/07/2016Ryan Adams
The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester
23/07/2016Ryan Adams w/ The Infamous Stringdusters feat. Nicki Bluhm
Newport Folk Festival, Newport
20/07/2016Ryan Adams & The Shining
Central Park Summer Stage, New York
19/07/2016Ryan Adams & The Shining
nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Charlottesville

This just in

Ryan Adams’ 16th album, Prisoner, is a revealing take on restlessness and regret.
The time around, Adams keeps it simple with the straight country rock album, “Prisoner.”
The last week has been witness to some amazing live music.
It's a little different from what she did at GMF.
Four-Day, All-Genre Event Starts Aug. 3 in Chicago
Mixing in new releases with classic tunes doesn’t always work, but Adams’s loyal fanbase had no problem staying with him.
From “Maybellene” to “Carol” to “Nadine,” my own Chuck Berry painted the geography of a fictional America riddled with sexual tension, fast cars, frustration, telephone operators, taxis, and a Cadillac.
Rod Yates of Rolling Stone Magazine Australia reviews Ryan Adams' latest album, 'Prisoner'.
RYAN ADAMS “PRISONER” (VIRGIN/EMI 2017) (7 OUT OF 10) (Americana UK)
A great album by anyone’s standards but not quite his best. And a comeback? For some of us he never went away!
Guitar shopping with the singer who no longer cares what Pitchfork thinks. He swears.
Today the singer took to Twitter to essentially appear on his own “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” bit, to both thank users for the well wishes (sarcastically?), and put a few #meantweeters on blast with hashtag #TOPMEANTWEETS.
Due to illness, Ryan Adams has regretfully been forced to cancel tonight's performance at ACL Live at The Moody Theater.
As for the show itself, Adams led a tight four-and-a-half-piece band (the half being a partially hidden, part-time tambourine player) through their paces admirably, diving deep into his well-received new breakup album, Prisoner.
Toward the end of his two-hour-and-20 minute concert at a full Orpheum Theater on Tuesday, Ryan Adams improvised a long ditty that included the line, “This is probably the weirdest show I’ve ever played.” He wasn’t kidding.
After struggling through a full set at the Orpheum Theater last night, rocker Ryan Adams thanked his New Orleans fanbase for helping him get through the show.

Latest blog post

Making a Ryan Adams site: The roadmap - the future of the site

By Michael Niebuhr

Come October I've been making this site for a year and I'm nowhere near finished. There's so much I'd like to add. Now let me say right off the bat, that making this site is an activity that involves standing on the shoulders of giants. A big part of my history with Ryan Adams is listening to the various unreleased stuff and visiting the dedicated fan sites Answering Bell and Ryan Adams Archive (and others). Setlists and info about his whereabouts and releases wasn't easy to find elsewhere. No Facebook groups or, and YouTube wasn't full of high quality videos. So the sites served the core information to of us fans.

These days a site like this is in competition with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even the man himself, who has had a steady website for many years now, primarily centered around a webshop. There's also lots of Ryan Adams lyrics, chords/tabs and setlists on big sites that cover every artist out there, and finally there's the Internet Archive that has 550+ different recordings of shows. And let's not forget ToBeYoung (the fan forum) and Faithless Street (the other fan forum).


Between all of this it's easy to disappear on Google, and Google is the way people find the site, right? Not really. The SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a big endeavour to undertake, and I'm just getting into it now. What I immediately discovered is that the site is basically invisible on Google. If you search for Ryan Adams it's not in the first 20 pages of search results (!) and if you search for 'comepickmeup' or 'ryan adams come pick me up' it's not in the first page of results. Hence my advertising for the site on Facebook groups, the forums and Twitter. If people don't know about CPMU and can't even google its existence, the future of the site is pretty dark right?

Mobile optimisation

For a while it's been rough going visiting the site on a mobile phone. I've started doing mobile optimisation, and I think it's looking better. But how does it look on iPad? How does it look on Windows Phone? How does it look in Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Safari? On a 27" screen? These are things I have to (start to) keep an eye on, so users don't grow tired of the site, because it's frustrating to use. It also means looking at the size of the pages, size of the images, the time it takes to load a page, time it takes to do a "query" (searching for something, i.e. a show, a song, shows with a certain song performed, etc.). And it means continually returning to these areas and to see if something is broken.

Users on the site

Speaking of users, it would be great if it was possible to log in. That would allow the site to remember your preferences. That could be all the shows you've seen. All the recordings you own. All the chords/tabs you often return to. Or want to remember to learn to play. All the reviews, interviews and news you want to read later on a Reading List. It could be a way to review stuff or write on the blog here. It could be a way to do submissions of fan art, merchandise, cover versions, etc.

Fan art

And there's lots of great fan art out there. From drawings to tattoos, to homemade paper dolls, cover versions, murals, pizza menus (!), songs about Ryan Adams (yeah, they exist) and what not. It would be great to have a little "museum" of this stuff to browse. Same goes for:

PAX-AM Pilgrimages

I often see people posting pictures or selfies of themselves in front of the PAX-AM neon sign. I call it PAX-AM Pilgrimages. I'd love to have a gallery of these photos. It's a fun thing that came out of nowhere and now is its own thing.

And what about Adams' own art? Remember the exhibition after The Cardinals? Remember the comic book talk and little bits here and there? Bet there's more. A gallery would be nice.


Former webmaster, taper and superman Joel Swaney has sent me a dump of the entire database of the previous Ryan Adams Archive site (and some Answering Bell and Archive Asylum). There's so much information that needs to be mapped to what's already on this site. What I look forward to the most, is being able to add the lineups for every group behind Ryan since the earliest days. There's so many people that's been in Whiskeytown or the early Ryan-bands and it would be great to be able to click around and see some info and statistics or how this all fits together. I'd also like to be able to click on Neal Casal or Mike Viola and see what they've contributed on, what shows they played at, and what their solo careers look like. That's gonna be great! But there's also info on sessions, early recordings. A treasure trove indeed.

Full discography

Speaking of databases, there's a lot of info from Joel on every release up to about 2011. Info on what was released as an album, a promo, a limited edition, a 7", another 7", a double 7", a cd promo-single, and lots, lots more. As of now the discography on CPMU is pretty big, but eventually it will expand into a monster with 500+ or 1000+ different released items. 500 or 1000, I don't even know (yet). Until this happens is the best place to search. And because they're so good it's gonna be essential to make something better if this undertaking is gonna have any chance of being worthwhile.

Lyrics, Chords & Tabs

Someone wrote and asked me to include chords and tabs the other day. I've thought about it, but figured the info was readily available elsewhere. But it's in line with compiling everything in one place. So it makes sense. It's something I haven't looked into, but I will. Like lyrics I think it's best to embed them from another site, so that the info can be updated without having to re-upload the info to CPMU. Lyrics are embedded from I think it works well. They're not searchable as of right now, and the reason is that they're physically somewhere else than the CPMU database. Something to think about (in the future), and when selecting a strategy for Chords & Tabs.


One thing that CPMU can offer, better than most sites, are statistics. It's not taken much advantage of yet, but what song was played most on a tour, from a record, with a certain band, or never played, or not played in 5, 10, 15 years, these things are easy to display when every bit of information is in one database. But I need to make a public "statistics generator" where you can select the exact info you want. Most played in Denmark with Whiskeytown, or Never played in France could be examples of searches you could put togethet on-the-fly.


When all this is done it's gonna be important that you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you want to. Searches like mentioned above, show videos, reviews, albums, songs, whatever, it should have a dedicated share button beneath the info so it's easy to share that exact information and link straight back to it.

Facebook has its own rules and technology for sharing to your "feed" or groups, and I'm looking into how I can share specific pages with a photo/thumbnail, proper headline and the right link (so it won't all just show the front page on the link, as it does now). The other services, Twitter and Instagram, are easier, but that could change any day. It's something that needs to work and keep working, so it's an ongoing task.

And all the while I'm still doing...

The timeline

I just introduced it last weekend and just the task of editing the 2016-info took me a long time. I can programmatically select and display every release, show and interview in the database and "populate" the timelines from 1991 to 2016 that way, but it needs some editing of the text, and there's a lot of other stuff to add (events, studio work, collaborations, Twitter feuds and fun stuff, Foggy, videos, commercials). It's gonna be awesome when it's done, that's for sure. But it's something I could finetune forever. Also the many fine details from Headley's and Menconi's books would be nice to add, as well as the session details from Joel Swaney's database.

And I'm still adding

Cover versions

With more than 200 cover versions on CPMU already, and info on what record they're from, by which artist, from what year, there's still another good chunk to add.


There's about 40 on the site. I've added the text as well as links to the sources, but there's so many more to find and add. I haven't decided if it's okay to display the interviews. I think I will in the cases where I have to scan physical copies, as no one's gonna be able to track down a copy in any near future. But is it okay to display an interview that's still up on Rolling Stone or SPIN's website? How many more interviews could there be? 100? 200? More? I know there are people out there with clippings. One day it will hopefully all be compiled. Same with the magazine covers of which there were a lot between 1997 and 2003...

The Blog

If you've read this far, thank you, you're too kind. If you're the kind of fan who cares deeply about some detail in the Ryan Adams catalogue, his bands, a particular album, song or sound, or have an idea you'd like to spread in this community, let me know, and maybe a blog post about it would be something you'd like to do.

Technical stuff

I myself need to look into making a backup functionality (so I won't have to do it manually). I need to make thumbnails for a lot of the photos on the site (so the pictures will load faster). The SEO needs work! I need to further redesign a lot of the pages. And I need a logo. Icons. I need feedback on all of the above and the design choices. I need to add hundreds of lyrics. I need more time ;-)

I keep doing this because I want to make a site that I'm proud of (as opposed to for instance starting another site on another topic). I wanna make a site people like and use. That's a reward in itself. A site that deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Ryan Adams Archive or Answering Bell. I'll keep working on it. Wish me luck.

Latest releases from PAX-AM

Prisoner: END OF WORLD Edition by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 058Prisoner by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 058Heartbreaker Deluxe Edition by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 0561989 by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 057WIllow Lane by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 047Burn In The Night by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 046Ten Songs from Live at Carnegie Hall by Ryan Adams from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 053Killer by Phoebe Bridgers from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 050Diamonds by Daniel Clarke from PAX-AM (cat. no. PAX-AM 049

Latest interviews

06/03/2017Relix Ryan Adams: I Really, Truly Still Love You, New York
04/03/2017BBC Radio 6 Recorded in Salford, Manchester the interview discusses both Manchester and his approach to doing covers. While broadcast in March this program was recorded while Ryan was in the UK in January.
27/02/2017Nylon Ryan Adams On His Newest Studio Album. Revived and reacquainted with his core sound after a tumultuous decade, Adams looks back to show us the future
13/02/2017WTF Podcast Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams knows there's a stark difference between the way he views the work throughout his career and the popular perception of it. Whether it's his years in Whiskeytown or his song New York, New York becoming a rallying cry after 9-11, Ryan tells Marc why history has created a different narrative of these events than what he experienced at the time and how that guides what he's doing today.
11/02/2017The Saturday Paper Ryan Adams on loss, Springsteen and Whitesnake. Following his grandmother’s death and a painful divorce, Ryan Adams has worked through his losses in his music.
06/02/2017Outlaw Country Radio on SiriusXm Ryan Adams is set to release his sixteenth studio album, Prisoner, on February 17. Ahead of its release, the prolific musician stopped by Steve Earle’s Hardcore Troubadour Radio show in Outlaw Country (Ch. 60), where he talked about the early ‘90s music scene in Chapel Hill and how his taste evolved into alt-country. The former frontman of Whiskeytown — an early ‘90s alt-country band that formed in Raleigh, North Carolina – detailed the music scene in the area and its unlikely connection to c
03/02/2017Loud And Quiet We took a little bit of a break there, over Christmas and the New Year, but our interview podcast Midnight Chats returns this witching hour with Ryan Adams, who I met at the Langham Hotel last week. I’m pretty sure we managed to hit all the important topics you’re probably after from your music podcasts, from Lil Bub to Ryan’s label Pax Am.
31/01/2017Café ”Trump är som Jokern, nu måste alla vara Batman” Ryan Adams skräms av – och skäms över – Donald Trumps politik. ”Jag vet inte om han är en människa”, säger den albumaktuelle sångaren till Café.
25/01/2017WFPG Ryan Adams phoned in to Kyle Meredith’s show to talk about his new album Prisoner, as well as bald eagles, the Affordable Care Act, Women and LGBTQ rights, the environment, guitar pedals, metal music, and his detractors.
19/01/2017Apple Music The interview jumps right into the making of Prisoner.

Latest videos in the database

Peaceful Valley from Township Auditorium, Columbia on 08/03/2017
When The Stars Go Blue from Apollo Theater, New York on 16/02/2017
Streets of Philadelphia from BBC Radio 6, Manchester on 27/01/2017
Peaceful Valley from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
Wonderwall from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
My Winding Wheel from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
When The Stars Go Blue from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
Everybody Knows from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
Halloweenhead from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017
My Winding Wheel from Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017

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Ryan Adams And The Rain at Apollo Theater, New York on 16/02/2017 Ryan Adams And The Rain at Apollo Theater, New York on 16/02/2017 Ryan Adams at Fingerprints, Los Angeles on 20/02/2017 Ryan Adams at KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica on 21/02/2017 Ryan Adams at KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica on 21/02/2017 Ryan Adams at Amoeba Music, Hollywood on 22/02/2017 Ryan Adams at Amoeba Music, Hollywood on 22/02/2017 Ryan Adams at Amoeba Music, Hollywood on 22/02/2017 Ryan Adams at The Late Late Show with James Corden, Los Angeles on 23/02/2017 Ryan Adams at Orpheum Theater, New Orleans on 14/03/2017 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach on 29/04/2005 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach on 29/04/2005 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach on 29/04/2005 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach on 29/04/2005 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach on 29/04/2005 Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston on 09/03/2017 Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston on 09/03/2017 Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston on 09/03/2017 Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston on 09/03/2017 Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston on 09/03/2017

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