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Prisoner Tour

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Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

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When The Stars Go Blue

Ashes & Fire

Come Pick Me Up

Outbound Train


Let It Ride

Come Pick Me Up


Curfew or not, after nearly two dozen songs, a strong opener and a gorgeous Los Angeles summer backdrop, the crowd was thrilled. Amid the bodies shuffling to get last-minute swag or figure out where their Uber pickup was, the conversation was consistently about the quality of the set, what songs were played and how this was better than previous shows. It’s a testament to the musicianship and vision of a now elder statesman of rock and roll as a Ryan Adams crowd knows exactly what they want when they buy a ticket and they got exactly that on Saturday night. [full review here]

In front of a stage stacked with amps and TV screens — the latter showing images of things like outer space, dancing women and static — and dotted with stuffed animals, Adams was in fine form, with opener Karen Elson joining the band for the closer “Come Pick Me Up.” He was loquacious on this night too, riffing with some crowd members who had been holding up their phones the whole set (“Hey, I’m right here! Your wrist is gotta be killing you; you’re gonna get ‘carpe diemÆ Syndrome. I feel like you’re majorly bumming out the people behind you; they’re all making this terrible face the whole show.”) and bantering with guitarist Tod Wisenbaker (whose wife Katy Goodman of La Sera is pregnant). [full review here]

Yahoo Music
Ryan Adams’s two-hour Saturday show at Los Angeles’s Greek Theatre was a night of muscular musicianship — all extended Heartbreakers-style jams to complement the sensitive singer-songwriter’s trademark heartbreaking lyrics. But the night’s most compelling moment was its quietest one, when in the final moments before the outdoor venue’s strict 11 p.m. curfew, Adams was joined by Karen Elson for a sparse, acoustic rendition of his Heartbreaker ballad, “Come Pick Me Up,” under the stars. [full review here]

L.A. Record
Before most everyone took their seats to hear the beautiful music of Ryan Adams on an evening where only a denim jacket was needed for warmth, the lines at the merch booths were quite long. And with good reason. Ryan Adams has some of the best merchandise. A t-shirt that reads “Generic Ryan Adams T-shirt – I am with ? boxes for Not Doing So Great, A Glutton For Punishment, A Secret Goth, At The Gym Crying, On This New Medication, Satan, “Winging It,” and Only Into His First Album.” Another one that read “I ? Ryan Adams because I worship Satan.” [full review here]

“It’s good to be home,” touted singer and guitarist Ryan Adams, who performed at LA’s Greek Theatre with his Unknown Band last Saturday. Fresh off a stop at Berkeley’s Hearst Greek Theatre the night before, Adams showcased some older favorites and a slew of new tunes from his 16th and latest studio album Prisoner, which came out in February. SoCal fans were treated to some extended full-band jamming, a couple of solo acoustic performances and Adams’ usual witty banter over the course of the evening. [full review here]

Fan reviews

Review from Reddit
Review by Modernmeans on Reddit

Show review from LA Greek Theater:

Wasn't planning on going to the show having seen the tours the past couple years and not particularly enjoying Prisoner that much, but after a friend txted who had seen the show in Berkeley the night before I decided to grab tixs.

Greek LA is always a nice place to catch a show in the summer so I made it up there about 10 mins before RA went on, grabbed a beer and settled in. Overall the show was average, maybe a C+/B- if I had to grade. Biggest plus is Ryan is way more engaged these days, it really feels like hes enjoying every moment of the show, and puts a lot into each song, even songs that are over 10 years old and he's played 100s of times. That really elevates the show especially since in years past this attitude was not always there. Biggest minus is probably the backing band, the guys are talented but they really don't have the salt or emotion that previous bands have had. I know he had to replace the drummer 2 weeks before the tour and I get that these guys didn't help write/record most of these songs but it feels like they are a cover band, very little style or emotion put into the performance.

Nice opening flow of Early Solo/Cardinals tunes Let it ride/TBY/MagMtn. Mag had some nice solo guitar jam stuff, let it ride is such a beautiful track, great opener.

2/GSG/DirtyRain/FixIt/Prisoner/Outbnd next flow, two is a solid post card track, very pretty to hear live, dirty rain was well done, fix it is fun as with time I find cardinalogy tracks become more endearing. Prisoner was very nice, solo acoustic into full band, great moment, actually pretty tight moment of the show. He also reprimanded someone for iphone filming around this time.

A rocking Shakedown on 9th is always nice, Do youLoveMe/Stay....i got up to get another beer but theres something so classic about the song "Stay" like RA covering RA, its so cliche ryan adams. I like it.

When the Stars Go Blue always a nice surprise to see in a set list. well done. AshesFire/Peaceful Valley/Dear John Ok so wow, great 3 song flow and to end with Dear John, wow, love that tune, very well done great emotion, mood, tempo, its a song that really has a certain slow flow and they did a good job with it. That was probably the only song I had never heard live in the set....which leads me to my second big let down with recent RA shows (last 5 years) The setlists have been extremely repetitive and unimagined. For a guy with over 15 albums of material he really only pulls from 30-40 songs. I still don't understand people who go crazy for Come Pick Me Up or Oh My Sweet Carolina, I mean haven't you heard these songs like 20 times already? and he plays them the same every time! The only classic tunes that get re invented are Wonderwall & I See Monsters. So to hear Dear John was extremely pleasant surprise.

Doomsday/BandIntros>Fuck the Shirt improv about drummers shirt/EverybodyKnow/InvRvrsd/Wonderwall/NYNY/ComePickMeUp

Solid end to the show, all good tracks, Wonderwall very pretty solo, NYNY always nice and again, Come Pick Me Up heard it so many times live it has almost lost meaning, would rather hear some other track that gets no love live, so many good songs but very few see the light of day.

Overall glad I went cause I love the tunes. RA is very positive and having fun with the shows which makes it nice to attend. I know hes battling his illness so his presence touring the last few years has been appreciated, especially in LA. I hope you don't mind the post but I went alone cause I have no friends who dig RA and most ppl sitting by me went wild for any Self Titled/Ashes/prisoner track so I didn't think they'd appreciate my reflections....Have fun at any future shows.


Hey folks! Happy to unveil my commemorative gigposter commissioned for @misterryanadams' show at @greek_theatre celebrating his 2017 Prisoner Tour! The illustration is loosely inspired by the song Doomsday off of the new album/tour and combines my style of psychedelic figurative illustration with his deep interest in pinball as well as our mutual love of cats. And since Mr. Adams is also associated with The Grateful Dead, I threw a hidden glow in the dark skeleton layer in for good measure. If you didn't get one at the show, I'll have AP's and variants for sale through my store (link in bio) soon so please join (or stay on) the mailing list found on my site for purchase info as it becomes available. Thanks! ✨🐱🙏😺✨ #art #astronaut #cats #deadhead #drawing #doomsday #glowinthedark #gigposter #gratefuldead #guitar #illustration #photoshop #pinball #posterart #rock #ryanadams #space #torontoartist

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I had the honor of adding my name to the @greek_theatre wall of fame last night! Heads up, @bryanadams !!!

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