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Ryan Adams

The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia




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Ryan Adams
Tod Wisenbaker
Aaron Ficca
Charlie Stavish
Ben Alleman

Prisoner Tour

Prisoner album coverage at this show

Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

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Peaceful Valley

Do You Still Love Me?

When The Stars Go Blue

To Be Without You

Do I Wait


Courier Mail
Adams, frequently changing guitars between songs, didn’t talk much, saying at first he was saving his voice. But later, he regaled the audience with a few odd stories about The Exorcist and Bob Dylan (don’t ask). “I love you. Now shut the f*** up,’’ he said in jest to someone in the audience shouting out requests. “Dad go home, you sure are drunk,’’ he said at another point to another well-meaning heckler. The good cheer and offbeat humour enriched an evening already made special by the artfully crafted music Adams seems to knock out with ease. [full review here]

The Sydney Morning Herald
"So what is a winding wheel?" Dylan asked him at dinner about the song that was one of the hits from Adams' 2000 Heartbreaker album. "I don't know. It just sounded good," he had to tell Dylan. "I just made it up." Adams shrugged, the crowd roared and he picked up an acoustic guitar and played the song Dylan had questioned, My Winding Wheel. "Buy a pretty dress and wear it out tonight, for anyone you think could outdo me," he sang solo to a now-hushed crowd. This 15-minute passage was one of the highlights of the show - which began around 9.15pm - just as the slow claps began - and finished on the tick of midnight with Shakedown on 9th Street, also from his Heartbreaker album. [full review here]


Gnight, Brisbane Photo by @janelle_corey

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Went along and caught Ryan Adams last night, bloody brill! Shot for @frontiertouring

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