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The Ryan Adams & The Shining Tour

Ryan Adams album coverage at this show

Gimme Something Good
Am I Safe
My Wrecking Ball
Stay With Me
Feels Like Fire
I Just Might
Tired Of Giving Up
Let Go

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La Cienega Just Smiled

Come Pick Me Up



Cheese on Toast
Adams was clearly enjoying himself on stage, throwing some rock star guitar shapes and showing off his musical prowess with some extended solos. Bonus points for a great stage set too. [full review here]

Tonight was a concert for fans. Less than a handful of the set list was from his latest work. They peppered themselves through the evening as we wandered back through old albums such as Love Is Hell, Demolition, Heartbreaker and Gold to name but a few. We certainly got our monies worth with the set lasting almost two hours. While occasionally the instrumentals may have felt a tad long they were beautifully performed with the whole on stage ensemble working together magically. The audience went from swaying softly to dancing fanatically like at a barn dance seamlessly and happily. [full review here]

The 13th Floor
One thing was clear from the start; Adams enjoys playing with this group on musicians. Often times they would break off into extended jams, sounding at times like The Grateful Dead (on Magnolia Mountain), Neil Young & Crazy Horse (on Peaceful Valley) or Led Zeppelin (on I See Monsters). [full review here]

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