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The Ryan Adams Killers

Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland




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Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 opened. Ryan caused an uproar in the crowd by putting on a Glasgow Celtic football shirt which was thrown on stage during Shadowlands - Glasgow is notoriously split between two teams - Celtic and Rangers. The Rangers fans starting booing much to Ryan's puzzlement until someone explained. This is why he had to leave the stage to get a new shirt. This was reported in the local press the next day. Note from Stephen McAteer: One small thing that might be worth adding to your comments about the 03 Barrowlands gig is that yes there was a little controversy about the celtic top thing, but celtic were in fact playing a major European home game against Bayern Munich that night, (the celtic ground's a five minute drive from the venue) so a lot of Celtic supporting Ryan Adams were at the game (me included), so we had to walk past the venue on our way. The point is, that a lot of people who would have cheered when he pulled the celtic top on weren't at the gig. Parker Posey filmed the whole show from the side of the stage. Ryan fell to her feet and sang to her during So Alive -- Sam Tennent.


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Brad Rice
Jonathan Flaugher
Johnny McNabb
Johnny T
Christine Smith

Rock'n'Roll Tour

Rock N Roll album coverage at this show

This Is It
Wish You Were Here
So Alive
Burning Photographs
She's Lost Total Control
Note To Self: Don't Die
Rock N Roll
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
Do Miss America
The Drugs Not Working

Album coverage:
92 %

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