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The Ryan Adams Killers

Webster Hall, New York, New York, USA




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The Stills opened. Ryan played about 90 minutes. Webster Hall had another event of some kind afterwards so they cleared us out at 11 p.m. He played most the night with a Fender Strat, used the Les Paul on one song and the Gibson Hummingbird on three or four, including a gorgeous Come Pick Me Up. Ryan is growing as a performer. The performance during So Alive left no doubt that he is a rock star. And he is obviously enjoying the part. He stood on the monitor and posed high above the adoring crowd. He knows how to please. The lighting was much better also. I don't know if that's Webster Hall or all the shows. But the lighting accentuated his rock stardom. He even did a Roger Daltrey spinning of the microphone cord like a lasso, But once he had it sailing above the crowd he didn't seem to know how to bring it back to his hand. He dropped his arm down, the mic swung around and hit his drink and ice went flying into the audience. -- Gary McGriff.


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Brad Rice
Jonathan Flaugher
Johnny McNabb
Johnny T
Christine Smith

Rock'n'Roll Tour

Rock N Roll album coverage at this show

This Is It
Wish You Were Here
So Alive
Burning Photographs
She's Lost Total Control
Note To Self: Don't Die
Rock N Roll
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
Do Miss America
The Drugs Not Working

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