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(1) 2018-04-23
Ryan Adams Recreated ‘Star Wars’ With Sock Puppets, And It’s Hilarious (Uproxx)
Whatever it was that fed into Ryan Adams crafting a 90-second version of Star Wars out of hand puppets, well, we thank you for brightening up our day.
(2) 2017-02-17
Hiss Golden Messenger On Ryan Adams’ ‘Prisoner’ As An Album Of Survival Is A Must-Read (Uproxx)
Rather than detailing his thoughts on the particular album, he recalls the moment that he first heard Heartbreaker and how Adams work plays into his own ideas of life and death.
(3) 2017-02-14
With ‘Prisoner,’ Ryan Adams Completes His Trilogy Of Divorce Albums (Uproxx)
On Friday, Ryan Adams will release his 16th studio album, Prisoner. In interviews promoting the LP, Adams has described Prisoner as a record “directly related to my divorce” from Mandy Moore.
(4) 2017-02-13
Ryan Adams Explained His Two Best Albums On Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Podcast (Uproxx)
In between stints discussing his early band Whiskeytown and the effect 9/11 had on him, Adams gave some serious insight into the headspace he was in when he wrote Heartbreaker, the 2000 album that still stands as his strongest work.
(5) 2016-09-28
Looks Like Jenny Lewis And Ryan Adams Are Back In The Studio Together (Uproxx)
With Pax Am and Adams onboard, whatever is coming from Lewis is sure to be incredible.
(6) 2016-03-17
The Best Band We Saw At SXSW, Day 2: Ryan Adams (And His Stolen Cat Coat) (UPROXX)
The only disappointment of the evening was the lack of Taylor Swift. Adams’ 1989 is a genuine stunner, and it would have been interesting to hear how he contextualized “Out of the Woods” in a live setting.