Wednesdays (2020)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM 066 - 11/12/2020

Wednesdays is the seventeenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. Originally slated for release in 2019, it was delayed following abuse allegations against Adams. It was eventually surprise-released digitally on December 11, 2020 through Adams's label PAX AM. Physical editions were released on March 19, 2021.

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1I'm Sorry and I Love You (written by )3:34
2Who Is Going To Love Me Now, If Not You (written by )3:31
3When You Cross Over (written by )4:19
4Walk In The Dark (written by )3:11
5Poison & Pain (written by )3:09
6Wednesdays (written by )5:25
7Birmingham (written by )3:11
8So, Anyways (written by )3:46
9Mamma (written by )4:23
10Lost In Time (written by )3:54
11Dreaming You Backwards (written by )3:04
12It's Not That Kind of Night (written by )European bonus track on vinyl 7"3:09
13Sunflowers (written by )European bonus track on vinyl 7"2:57
14Red And Orange Special (written by )American bonus track on vinyl 7"
15Somewhere It Is Spring (written by )American bonus track on vinyl 7"

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
I'm Sorry and I Love YouNever played live
Who Is Going To Love Me Now, If Not YouNever played live
When You Cross Over52021-06-302021-10-15
Walk In The Dark72021-06-252021-12-23
Poison & Pain42021-06-262021-10-15
So, Anyways42021-06-302021-12-23
Lost In TimeNever played live
Dreaming You Backwards12021-08-282021-08-28
It's Not That Kind of Night72021-06-302021-10-15
SunflowersNever played live
Red And Orange SpecialNever played live
Somewhere It Is SpringNever played live