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Ryan Adams & The Shining

Enmore Theater, Sydney, Australia



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Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Mike Viola
Freddie Bokkenheuser
Daniel Clarke
Charlie Stavish


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The Ryan Adams & The Shining Tour

Ryan Adams album coverage at this show

Gimme Something Good
Am I Safe
My Wrecking Ball
Stay With Me
Feels Like Fire
I Just Might
Tired Of Giving Up
Let Go

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Faster Louder
On Thursday at the Enmore, we get the other Ryan Adams who jumps from track to track for close to an hour – song. Song. SONG. SONG! – before settling in enough to say ‘hi’, “My hair is a stout, renowned existentialist”, and “Seriously, turn the flash off. I feel so sick I could die”. [full review here]

Music Feeds
At this stage of Adams’ career, he is clearly past the point of fretting over public perception and his own reputation. Hell, it’s clear within his own stage set-up – a Dr. Pepper vending machine, two arcade games, a stuffed-toy tiger and novelty-size amps are just some of the things littered about the area. [full review here]

Sydney Morning Herald
Ryan Adams berated a "most disrespectful" audience at Sydney's Enmore Theatre when concert-goers persisted in taking flash photography – even after he explained it triggered a genetic illness that made him dizzy and sick. [full review here]

The Music
It's a testament to Adams' tenacity and professionalism that he sticks to his guns, ignoring the shitty part of the crowd and delivering an expansive set that unflinchingly delivers the lofty highs of gut-punching rock'n'roll as well as pure, reflective moments of heartbreaking honesty. [full review here]

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