Demolition (2002)
by Ryan Adams
Lost Highway - 088 170 333-2 - 24/09/2002

Demolition is the third studio album by alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, released on September 24, 2002 on Lost Highway. The album comprises tracks from Adams' unreleased studio albums, The Suicide HandbookThe Pinkheart Sessions and 48 Hours. In 2009, Adams stated: "I don’t much care for this record. The rock songs are plodding and the quiet songs belonged to better records [...] to make Gold as a compromise then to have to watch those records get broken up forDemolition was heartbreaking."

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1Nuclear (written by Ryan Adams)
2Hallelujah (written by Ryan Adams)
3You Will Always Be The Same (written by Ryan Adams)
4Desire (written by Ryan Adams)
5Cry On Demand (written by Ryan Adams)
6Starting To Hurt (written by Ryan Adams)
7She Wants To Play Hearts (written by Ryan Adams)
8Tennessee Sucks (written by Ryan Adams)
9Dear Chicago (written by Ryan Adams)
10Gimme A Sign (written by Ryan Adams)
11Tomorrow (written by Ryan Adams, Carrie Hamilton)
12Chin Up, Cheer Up (written by Ryan Adams)
13Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby) (written by Ryan Adams)


Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
You Will Always Be The Same532001-10-262022-05-17
Cry On Demand52002-12-052011-10-20
Starting To Hurt102000-09-012015-05-25
She Wants To Play Hearts102001-02-142006-10-17
Tennessee Sucks272001-07-142006-10-15
Dear Chicago3082001-05-092023-04-17
Gimme A Sign42001-03-162015-05-07
Chin Up, Cheer Up302000-11-152022-11-13
Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)Never played live


Ryan Adams – Vocals (all tracks), Guitar (tracks 2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12,13), Electric guitar (tracks 1,6,8,10), Harmonica (tracks 2,4), Bass (tracks 5,13), Piano (tracks 5,8), Synth (track 13), Drum Machine (track 13)
Mikael Nord Andersson – Dobro (track 3)
Bucky Baxter – Pedal Steel Guitar (tracks 1,6,8,10), Background vocals (tracks 5,7), Guitar (tracks 5,9)
Michael Blair – Djembe Heartbeat (track 3)
Sheldon Gomberg – Bass (tracks 2,4)
Svante Henryson – Cello (track 3)
Ethan Johns – Drums (tracks 2,4,12), Background vocals (track 2), Electric guitar (track 2), Ukulele (track 4), Bass (track 12), B3 (track 2)
John Paul Keith – Guitar (tracks 6,10)
Greg Leisz – Steel Guitar (tracks 2,4,12), Dobro (track 12)
Billy Mercer – Bass (tracks 1,6,10)
Brad Pemberton – Drums (tracks 1,6,8,10)
David Rawlings – Guitar (track 11)
Julianna Raye – Background vocals (track 4)
Brad Rice – Electric guitar (tracks 1,8)
Chris Stills – Background vocals (track 2), 12-String Acoustic Guitar (track 2), B3 (track 4)
Gillian Welch – Background vocals (track 11)