Love Is Hell (2004)
by Ryan Adams
Lost Highway - B0001702-02 - 04/05/2004

Love Is Hell is the fifth studio album by alternative country artist Ryan Adams, released on May 4, 2004. The album was originally released as two EPs, Love Is Hell pt. 1 and Love Is Hell pt. 2, at the insistence of Lost Highway, who deemed that the album was not commercially viable. A full-length version of the album was released when the EPs proved to be more of a commercial success than anticipated.

The Oasis cover, "Wonderwall", was released as a single in the UK on June 28, 2004. A shorter version of "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" originally appeared on Rock N Roll. However, the 'longer' version of the song on Love Is Hell does not fade-out/back-in as it does on Rock N RollLove Is Hellwas released in Japan on June 27, 2007 with a bonus disc of tracks recorded during the same sessions as the album.

Adams describes the album as sounding "a lot like Heartbreaker, but better and more severe. It's complex and it's damaged," and states that it "was the record [he] needed to make." In a 2007 interview, Adams notes that he loves to play songs from the album live, and that the songs are "usually tunes that The Cardinals and myself get really excited about when they come up in the set." Love Is Hell features guest contributions from Marianne Faithfull (backing vocals on "English Girls Approximately") and Greg Leisz (guitar throughout), and the bonus tracks feature Fabrizio Moretti(drums on "Halloween") and Leona Naess (vocals on "Caterwaul").

Ryan Adams' version of "Wonderwall" can be downloaded for the video game Guitar Hero World Tour.

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1Political Scientist (written by Ryan Adams)4:33
2Afraid Not Scared (written by Ryan Adams)4:13
3This House Is Not For Sale (written by Ryan Adams)3:53
4Anybody Wanna Take Me Home (written by Ryan Adams)5:31
5Love Is Hell (written by Ryan Adams)3:19
6Wonderwall (written by Noel Gallagher)4:09
7The Shadowlands (written by Ryan Adams)5:18
8World War 24 (written by Ryan Adams)4:17
9Avalanche (written by Ryan Adams)5:09
10My Blue Manhattan (written by Ryan Adams)2:23
11Please Do Not Let Me Go (written by Ryan Adams)3:37
12City Rain, City Streets (written by Ryan Adams)3:49
13I See Monsters (written by Ryan Adams)3:57
14English Girls Approximately (written by Ryan Adams)5:42
15Thank You Louise (written by Ryan Adams)2:52
16Hotel Chelsea Nights (written by Ryan Adams)5:10

Bonus tracks

17Halloween (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track3:52
18Caterwaul (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track5:41
19Fuck The Universe (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track7:29
20Twice As Bad As Love (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track4:14
21Father's Son (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track3:36
22Gimme Sunshine (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track3:55
23Black Clouds (written by Ryan Adams)Japanese bonus track4:48


Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Political Scientist222004-01-182022-12-08
Afraid Not Scared142006-09-222023-04-21
This House Is Not For Sale1782003-11-142023-04-11
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home432003-11-192021-09-21
Love Is Hell682003-11-142021-08-31
The Shadowlands192002-11-262004-01-22
World War 24102002-02-042021-08-31
My Blue Manhattan132004-01-182022-11-07
Please Do Not Let Me Go3002003-12-062023-03-15
City Rain, City StreetsNever played live
I See Monsters2692002-11-282023-04-23
English Girls Approximately962002-10-152023-04-23
Thank You Louise62002-11-282004-01-17
Hotel Chelsea Nights102003-01-102003-07-04
Halloween (bonus track)92011-06-102022-05-21
Caterwaul (bonus track)82001-02-132001-04-24
Fuck The Universe (bonus track)Never played live
Twice As Bad As Love (bonus track)162002-10-012003-12-09
Father's Son (bonus track)Never played live
Gimme Sunshine (bonus track)172000-09-222001-02-26
Black Clouds (bonus track)Never played live