Ashes & Fire (2011)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM 011 - 11/10/2011


1Dirty Rain (written by Ryan Adams)
2Ashes & Fire (written by Ryan Adams)
3Come Home (written by Ryan Adams)
4Rocks (written by Ryan Adams)
5Do I Wait (written by Ryan Adams)
6Chains Of Love (written by Ryan Adams)
7Invisible Riverside (written by Ryan Adams)
8Save Me (written by Ryan Adams)
9Kindness (written by Ryan Adams)
10Lucky Now (written by Ryan Adams)
11I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say (written by Ryan Adams)

Bonus tracks

12Petal In A Rainstorm (written by Ryan Adams)bonus flexidisc with pre-orders from PAX-AM
13Darkness (written by Ryan Adams)bonus download with pre-orders from PAX-AM
14Star Sign (written by Ryan Adams)iTunes bonus
15Till I Found You (written by Ryan Adams)iTunes pre-order bonus


Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Dirty Rain2532010-10-292023-04-23
Ashes & Fire1622010-10-292023-04-23
Come Home32011-06-132011-12-14
Do I Wait1052011-06-132023-04-23
Chains Of Love492011-06-132012-05-11
Invisible Riverside1372011-04-212023-04-12
Save Me102011-06-232023-03-20
Lucky Now1282011-04-212023-04-19
I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say552011-04-212022-05-14
Petal In A Rainstorm (bonus track)Never played live
Darkness (bonus track)Never played live
Star Sign (bonus track)22011-06-132021-10-15
Till I Found You (bonus track)Never played live