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Ryan Adams

Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark




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01. Intro - by the Grimm Reaper (Chris Stills) 02. Oh, My Sweet Carolina 03. Ashes & Fire 04. Chin up, Cheer up 05. Dirty rain 06. My Winding Wheel 07. Blue Sky Blues (piano) 08. Go Easy 09. PA ( for Johnny Lang the monitor man) 10. Invisible Riverside 11. Everybody Knows 12. Meadowlake Street 13. Please do not let me go 14. Lucky now 15. Two 16. New York, New York (piano) 17. Like Yesterday 18. Chains of Love 19. Crossed out name 20. Afraid not Scared 21. Why do they leave? 22. Jacksonville Skyline 23. Dear Chicago 24. La Cienega just Smiled 25. Let it ride 26. - improvised song about a couple on a date - 27. Nobody Girl 28. Sweet Carolina (black metal version) 29. When will You come back home --- 30. English Girls 31. Natural Ghost 32. Bartering Lines 33. Do I wait 34. - improvised song about the show & Star Wars - 35. Come pick me up


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Ryan Adams

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The Acoustic Nightmare Tour

Ashes & Fire album coverage at this show

Dirty Rain
Ashes & Fire
Come Home
Do I Wait
Chains Of Love
Invisible Riverside
Save Me
Lucky Now
I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say

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Go Easy

Chin Up, Cheer Up


Blue Sky Blues

Invisible Riverside

Oh My Sweet Carolina

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