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Ryan Adams & The Shining

SXSW Music Festival, Austin, Texas, USA




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Ryan Adams and The Avett Brothers, two Americana superstars, will perform together for the first time at the JW Marriott Austin, where Universal Music and Marriott Rewards are converting the entire hotel into a music venue during the five-day festival. The show starts at 8:00PM on Wednesday, March 16, and will be open to SXSW Music and Platinum badge-holders and Marriott Rewards members.


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Mike Viola
Freddie Bokkenheuser
Daniel Clarke
Charlie Stavish


The Ryan Adams & The Shining Tour

Ryan Adams album coverage at this show

Gimme Something Good
Am I Safe
My Wrecking Ball
Stay With Me
Feels Like Fire
I Just Might
Tired Of Giving Up
Let Go

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27 %


My Winding Wheel

New York, New York

My Winding Wheel

Dirty Rain

Dear Chicago

Let It Ride



Losering Books
A few songs later came “Dear Chicago,” the farewell song to end all farewell songs. It’s been quiet and solo every other time I’ve seen Ryan play it, but this version was full-band electric. It transposed splendidly to a pop song, with an edge. Ryan is going through an apparently contentious divorce, and he seemed to put a little extra feeling into this line: I think the thing you said was true. I’m gonna die alone and sad. [full review here]

Austin 360
The crowd seemed to appreciate it most when he dug even further back. In addition to “New York, New York” and a magnificent “When the Stars Go Blue” from 2001’s “Gold,” plus the surprise inclusion of “Dear Chicago” from 2002’s “Demolition,” Adams completely hushed the often chattery room with a solo acoustic rendition of “My Winding Wheel” from his 2000 solo debut “Heartbreaker.” [full review here]

SXSW: Ryan Adams Delivers Fan Favorites, Tells VIPs to 'Shut the F--- up' at Universal Showcase [full review here]

Yahoo Music
In the cruelest scheduling conflict of 2016, Ryan Adams’s special “Music Is Universal” showcase at the JW Marriott Hotel overlapped with Iggy’s ACL appearance. But the moment Iggy’s set ended, a speedy and intrepid pedicab driver raced us through downtown Austin traffic to the Marriott, just in time to see avowed feline enthusiast Adam ogling an audience member’s flashy kitty-print bomber jacket. “There is no way you are leaving with that jacket. I have an 18-member crew,” Adams semi-joked, before the fan willingly and eagerly handed over the garment. [full review here]

Consequence of Sound
Face it, South by Southwest crowds can be insufferable. It’s an industry event at heart, which is why so many shows typically feature the strangest audiences, from techies to cinephiles to diehard fans to tired musicians. Still, there’s never a reason to be disruptive and obnoxious at a show, especially when you have two veteran titans like Ryan Adams and The Avett Brothers. Alas, the scene at the JW Marriott Austin on Wednesday night was akin to hearing someone vacuuming in the other room. “I’m just waiting for you guys to stop networking,” Adams joked early in his headlining set, riffing: “I work for Fuckhead Records, working with this band called the Little Shits, they got a show tomorrow. Got a new album out called, No Restrooms for the Wicked.” Hilarious, on-point, and yet ineffective. All around the hotel’s vacuous ballroom you could hear nonstop chatter, and not of the murmuring sort, this was at egregious barroom volumes. To quote Fuller House‘s Stephanie Tanner, “How wude.” [full review here]

It sounds like Adams was in a testy mood, and maybe he was, playing a spacious ballroom at the JW Marriott last night (from where I was standing, the sound was great), but his ribbing came across as playful, not cruel. Before the show, audience members were asked to not use flash photography, due to a performer’s medical condition. When someone in the crowd refused to listen, Adams, rather than making the guy bleed some bad blood, made fun of the ironic hipster’s cat jacket and even put it on for two songs. He eventually handed it back because he didn’t want his sweat to ruin it. (There were also Indiana Jones references and an amusing, off-the-cuff bit about how Puddle of Mudd played in Los Angeles on 3/11, which led to my new favorite sentence, “This one goes out to Puddle of Mudd…”) [full review here]

Texas Monthly
Ryan Adams’s most recent album may have been a surprisingly spry front-to-back cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989, but he kept his hands off the catalog of America’s pop princess for his headlining slot at the Universal Records showcase at the JW Marriott on Wednesday. [full review here]

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