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Ryan Adams' first Finnish concert

This week the Prisoner tour is making its way through Scandinavia, hitting both Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Juli from Finland has sent me this great write-up of the first time Ryan played in Finland, way back in November 2002. Read for yourself what went down - and thank you, Juli!

Ryan Adams gave his first appearance in Finland on a cold November night at Savoy Theater, a seated concert hall - an unusual place for a rock ‘n roll show.

Adams started to play at 10 pm, a half an hour late. There was an anxious energy throughout the crowd waiting for the show to begin. On stage, there was a black grand piano, red wine, an ashtray, a harmonica holder, and a guitar.

For the first songs the grand piano was played by two women taking turns. They also sang and played the cello, violin and tambourine. Adams played an acoustic guitar sitting, an electric guitar standing and the grand piano. He walked from one instrument to another between almost every song with a cigarette burning, mostly in the ashtray, nearly all the time. The ashtray was taped on the table with black duct tape. After ripping off the ashtray, Adam looked underneath it and placed it on top of the acoustic guitar.

A man shouted “AMY”. Adams buried his face in his hands, shook his head, poured the rest of the red wine down his throat and mumbled “I should never have done that to her”. His black hair was in front of his face and it was hard to see him. He didn’t say a word between the numbers and felt really distant and inaccessible.

The women accompanying Adams seemed apathetic. They hung their heads like they were about to fall asleep waiting for the part to join in. However, the cello sounded amazing. There was a photographer taking pictures. It was so quiet I could hear him taking pictures during the music all the way to the 19th row and it really annoyed me.

Adams played barely for an hour. I was really confused after that. If that was the end, I would have been disappointed. Even the faster songs were arranged ultra slow and he didn’t say a word to lighten up the mood. Adams was the perfect opposite of Malin, who was opening for him. Luckily, there was more…

We applauded for a really long time before Adams took the stage again. I was thinking to myself that he’s a complete asshole, if he doesn’t come back. But he forgot his cigarettes on the table and he had to return to get them. I wouldn’t have been surprised, if he didn’t. Especially when people were leaving. There was an older couple sitting on my right side, they left. I was all alone.

Ryan took the cigarettes and sat down by the grand piano. He used the black duct tape to tape his mouth shut. Then he noticed he can’t drink or smoke and half opened the tape. He gulped down the wine, filled the glass with the ashes and closed the tape again. He removed the tape, but it got stuck in his fingers. He used it to tape a cigarette on his finger and played the first encore.

For the next song he stood up. He started to play the intro, but stopped. He pulled up his pants and closed the belt instead. I guess we know why it took so long for him to return…

After the song he eventually played, he started talking into the microphone for the first time the whole evening. He made a joke about needing a haircut. Said he looked like a junkie Beatle. He even joked about cutting his wrists with the scissors. That’s some dark humor.

Ryan told us he was really tired after flying in from Cork, Ireland. All he wanted to do was go to a bar and get wasted, but he promised to play as long as he could stay awake. There was nothing else to do anyway, because it was so cold outside. He told a joke about two nuns driving a Volkswagon and their encounter with the Devil “which is bad for nuns,” he explained. I didn’t get the joke but it was still funny. Telling jokes was clearly not his day job. He told about the time he applied to work for McDonalds and being underqualified for the job. He filled in the application backwards so that they had to read it with a mirror. They had been very confused. He wasn’t hired. I started wondering what Ryan would do if he didn’t make music, assuming that he had not died of substance abuse.

Ryan was curious about the man requesting to hear AMY. He said “Who was asking for that song?” and the lighting guy to turn on the lights. He jumped down from the stage, walked up to the man and shook his hand. He promised to play it next and returned to the grand piano. The lights were faded out. Ryan noticed the cool fading and asked the lights to be turned back on. He faded them on and off. “On!” “Off!” “On!” “Off-On!” It was hilarious. Eventually he played the song and it was beautiful.

The encore lasted at least as long as the set and the show was over at half past midnight, way past the venue’s closing time. When Chief, the guitar tech, tried to tell Ryan that time was running out he replied “They can’t make me [stop].”

All songs were slow ballads. They were heartbreakingly beautiful and true. Ryan played songs from Heartbreaker, Gold, and Demolition. In addition, he played Whiskeytown’s “Ballad of Carol Lynn”, The Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar”, Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone” and “Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotten. The newest song he had composed the night before and he had the lyrics in front of him on a piece of paper. He could not sing “Wish You Were Here” to the end without cracking up.

I think Ryan is a brilliant songwriter. Each songs is more beautiful than the last and I have no doubt they were written with his heart on the sleeve. Even if the concert wasn’t exactly entertaining in the traditional sense, it was still good. If you just listen to music passively, it doesn’t make you think or feel anything and your thoughts are somewhere else the minute the music stops. You might feel good for a while, but it’s not stimulating.

This concert was so distracting that I had to stop and think if it was really bad or really good. I think it was superb, because especially before Ryan started to speak, he communicated with the audience only with gestures and you really had to pay attention. Who knew that goofing around with an ashtray and cigarettes can be art. No words were really needed. I got a strong feeling that he really meant what he sang.

Even though Ryan had Jesse opening for him, he was his own opening act in a way. The songs were pretty much the same in the set as in the encore, but the way he took his audience was completely different. You really want to listen to the songs when they are performed by a feeling creature. It was impossible not to feel empathetic. Even if it was a confusing beginning, he eventually won me over. The members of the audience who were left in the end, gave Ryan a standing ovation.

All I can feel is a deep compassion for Ryan and gratitude for making me feeling quite OK myself. I am sold and miss him already.

Helsinki, 15 November 2002

(you can listen to the show here)
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The Ryan Adams best song 2017 survey

By Christopher Bradley

With 3 days left to go in the Group Play, the results have been rolling in. The more the merrier though.

I have attached to this post a snapshot of Group 4, which is 2011-Present.
This is to give everyone an idea of how things are progressing!

Once again, here is a link to the survey:
Please take the time to complete the survey if you start it, As of now I have a 78% completion rate, which is to say, some people do a couple of groups but not all 5.

Also, if you need a refresher on what I am doing, go to either of these links:

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Review of Ryan Adams at the Greek Theater, Berkeley

By Teenie Smith-Macbeth from ToBeYoung.org

Let me start with this about last night. I wasn't really pumped for this show. I'm getting old and cranky and I find it harder for me these days to have fun at concerts, which sucks because seeing live music has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was 15. The venue is about two hours from home and I had just returned from working on the east coast for two weeks. I wasn't a fan of his last band and was expecting more of the same.

Then the show started and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them open with "Let it Ride" and "Magnolia Mountain". The Let It Ride was solid if unspectacular but the Magnolia Mt had an extended jam, some of which can be seen in the YouTube clip above. Some of that jam fit in really well at the Greek in Berkely as it was home to many grateful dead concerts and Ryan seemed to be channeling into that spirit during various times of the show.

From there we got a tight and fast-paced To Be Young and this new incarnation of his backing band showed they could handle the spacey stuff and the rockers as well.

The next stand out for me was Dirty Rain. Ryan's vocals have never let me down but last night he sounded truly exceptional. He was hitting all of the high notes and then some, adding some additional flourishes and extending vocal phrasings that weren't heard on studio tracks. Dirty Rain was not only a great showcase for Ryan's vocals but for the organ as well, as are all of the songs off of that album that were played. One of my complaints about Ryan's bands since the Cardinals is that I miss the pedal steel dearly. I still was longing for it during certain songs but after searching for the organ in the mix for the first few songs but as the show progressed it blended in well and made me forget that I was missing the pedal steel.

Please forgive my lack of familiarity with the "Unknown Band" member names at this point and my laziness for not going to look them up but I thought they were all great and I hope they can all continue to play together and grow.

Fix It through Do You Still love me were all solid, mainly straightforward renditions. The Prisoner album is still growing on me and I thought all of the songs from it sounded good and they were all warmly received by the crowd. The crowd, btw, was great too.

Back to the crowd. The capacity for this outdoor amphitheater on the Cal-Berkeley campus is listed as 8,500 and besides festivals this was probably the largest crowd that I've personally seen at one of his shows. The floor and seating area were pretty much at capacity by the time Ryan went on and the smaller lawn area on top was fairly full as well. There were no inappropriate comments shouted out during the show, the quiet moments of his solo accosting performances were met with attentive silence rather than uninterested crowd chatter (at least from where I was). Ryan commented a few times about how great a night he was having and how great the crowd was as well. He didn't talk much until the band intros and at one point said that he WASNT going to mess up the show by talking because we were all having such a great time (or words to that effect. It was funny, and the crowd laughed along)

Following "do you still love me" the show really took off for me.

Sweet Illusions. Someone here posted recently how this song live really changes without Cat's harmonies (I'd add cat or whoever) and I totally agree after hearing it last night. Possibly besides the chorus this now seems to be all Ryan on vocals and I really loved it. I don't know how often I've ever seen him do this great song but I don't think it was ever in heavy rotation on his setlists. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Great pace, great vocals, great song, great surprise to hear it.

When the Stars go blue was solid and enjoyable in every way, shape and form. Ashes and Fire, solo, acoustic with him on that solo mic with the white Christmas lights wrapped around the mic stand and just the one overhead light on him is a great way to perform this song. His voice once again was chills inducing (as was the typical N California chilly June evening) but I swear it was his voice bringing the goose bumps. This may have been the song where he mentioned he wasn't going to talk because he was having such a good time. And he was. And we were too. Outstanding performance.

THEN OMFG Peaceful Valley

Let me preface this by saying that what I REALLY ENJOY at a Ryan Adams concert is not necessarily what everyone else loves. And I get that. I think that this Peaceful Valley is probably one of these songs as quite a few in the crowd around me used this song as a bathroom break.

After the first few notes were played my immediate reaction was amazement and brought me right back to the Cardinals Das Haus live recording that I've probably listened way too often. My jaw dropped open and I stared at my friend who was equally amazed at what she was hearing. What unfolded was a smoldering, intense, at times powerful and other times delicate, psychedelic, jamming and possibly the best rendition of Peaceful Valley that I have ever heard in person. Everything that I had been missing at live concerts over the last several years for me came flooding back into my brain and body. If Ryan was sending me a message, the message was that I was wrong. I had doubted that Ryan could ever get back to the highest of highs that I watched him achieve over and over again back with the Cardinals years ago and if he had been eroding my doubts over the first part of the show, him and his band completely obliterated any doubt whatsoever during this one fucking song. I won't bore any of you further with the ramblings of the Deadhead side of my brain, but for any of you who are fans, my friend and I were seriously wondering if Phil Lesh was going to walk on stage and join in as we heard a distinct "other one" jam during peaceful valley as well.

It was amazing and left me speechless.

One problem I did have with the show. With very little banter between songs it was impossible to recover from the previous amazing version of whatever song before getting quickly smacked in the face again with another gem. This was definitely the case here with Dear John as the band finishes the brain-melting Peaceful Valley and goes right into another great version of a song that again I wasn't expecting and always loved hearing live. Again this song, in spite of being on the same "Jacksonville city nights" album as peaceful valley, really showcased the ability of this bands versatility after the crazy PV right before it. Harmonies, pacing, emotion - Dear John was perfect.

For me that five song run from sweet illusions through dear john encompassed all of the amazing versatility that one MIGHT see at a Ryan Adams concert. From a tight, purposeful fun band, to an amazing solo acoustic performance, to an intense rocking, jamming and psychedelic brain-fuck to a haunting, emotional slow song - he and this band have a lot of musical tools for lack of a better word and they had them ALL on display tonight and I think this portion of the show really exemplified that.

I apologize for the Prisoner fans that I'm not able to go into such great detail about the new songs but I liked them all and I definitely took note that the new songs were getting great reactions from the crowd while I mentioned earlier that some songs that stood out for me were bathroom breaks for others.

Doomsday was followed by a beautiful Wonderwall, with the crowd ding some sing along at first but then falling more into attention mode at what was unfolding in front of them.

Everybody Knows sounded great and I especially liked the guitar interplay between Ryan and Todd during one of the musical breaks. I really enjoyed the way they sounded together and frankly I had a hard time finding fault with this band in spite of wanting to before the show started. They won me over for sure.

Invisible Riverside is another favorite of mine as I'm a big fan of the Ashes and Fire album and I was really happy to hear it and again the band didn't disappoint. Right from there again this song ends and I get another smack in the face with the opening notes of Cold Roses. Once again if I had to write up my own RA setlist this would always be on there and this uptempo version with a twist on the signature guitar lick was an exciting version to hear. I was smiling ear to ear as the band chugged right along and tore up this live classic.

Ryan thanked the crowd immensely and mentioned that he was going to play as long as he could but the curfew was fast approaching. New York New York seemed to be the last song until Ryan came back out and finished this truly amazing concert off properly with a great, solo version of Come Pick Me Up (complete with guitar change mid-song, broken string perhaps?, which was almost seamless in spite of the guitar tech not wanting to step into the spotlight ) - the song ended and the crowd gave Ryan the long standing ovation that him and his band deserved. Ryan laid his acoustic down on the stage in the spotlight and started his bows which appropriately went on for a while as it was apparent that both he loved us and we him as well.

Ryan tweeted after the show "Best Audience/Favorite Show Ever". We all know that he is given to hyperbole at times but I have to say that last night certainly restored my faith in Ryan Adams and also reminded me in the biggest and best way possible that even this cranky, jaded old music fan can still go out and have a great time, and that I cannot put a price tag on.

Thank you Ryan, thank you Unknown Band. You guys fucking rocked last night and I hope for everyone's sake that they can bring you 1/10th of the joy and happiness I experienced last night. And I was sober too.

Go to the show. Peace.
2017-06-01 06:11:45

DRA Best Song 2017

Today we have a guest blog entry by Christopher Bradley

Hi, I'm Christopher and lately I have been thinking of embarking on the impossible. To find the best DRA song of them all. I have created a bracket and a system. Music is purely subjective, but this will be a fun way for fans new and old to appreciate Ryan Adams in a new way.

Here is a link to the bracket:


Fan art by Matt Garnier

As you can see I have split the vast majority of Ryan's career into 4 distinct regions (categories).
For these categories I want to pull 15 songs from certain albums in each category, for example:

-Faithless Street
-Strangers Almanac
-Forever Valentine

-Love is Hell
-Rock N Roll

-Cold Roses
-Jacksonville City Nights
-Follow the Lights
-Easy Tiger
-29 (in the Cardinals Era)
-Class Mythology

-Orion (I know it was 2010, but it's hard to place it)
-Ashes & Fire
-Ryan Adams
-Pax-Am Singles
-Prisoner (with B-Sides?)

My goal is to create 4 separate polls with every song from each album in each poll, run it for a week, and the top 15 vote getters will be seeded as such. Then voting for each round till we have a winner!
The reason I have 15 and not 16 is because, as the vast majority of you will probably note, I left out a lot of unreleased, yet greatly loved material. I would like to make certain selections from the unreleased material as "play-ins."

I would like to leave out Werewolph, Sleazy Handshake, DJ Reggie, etc.

I am going to add a 5th group as the so-called "play-in" group. That will consist of the following unreleased material:

-The Suicide Handbook
-48 Hours
-Pinkhearts 1 & 2
-Let it B Minus
-Swedish Sessions
-Exile on Franklin Street

The top 8 from this group will be a part of a preliminary first round of voting before the actual first round. Two songs will be paired against each other and placed randomly in each "region." Obviously, these wont follow the era system I created, however it creates a nice element of randomness .

In the event of a tie in group play, such as 2 songs tied for the 15th seed, a coin flip will be administered with the song that is first alphabetically being heads and the other being tails. If there are 3 or more tied, I will use a random number generator with the same alphabetical law applying to ascertain the order. In the event of a tie during the tournament portion, there will be a coin flip.

************************************************** *******
The Group Play Survey is currently live until June 7 at 11:45 P.M. EST.
Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PM6XGHZ

************************************************** *******

From there, the field will be set, the tournament round polls will be open for 1-2 days each thereafter to save time.

Group Play: May 31-June 7
Play-In round: June 8-9
First Round: June 10-11
Second Round: June 12
Sweet 16: June 13
Elite 8: June 14
Final Four: June 15
Championship: June 16-17

Expect the polls to be up at some point each morning and closed around 10 or 11 at night, I'm not going to do exact times because my real life is, believe it or not, busy.
2017-05-30 10:15:25

The Prisoner Tour - Goodbye Australia

Fan art by Matt Garnier

A few days ago the tour of New Zealand and Australia ended. The tour has taken its toll on our hero, and he's tweeted he's not sure if he'll be back again. These things are usually something you should take with a grain of salt, and if you look at his history, he's been to Australia in 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017. I'm sure the flight is dreadful, and to make matters worse, this time around he had to do a ton of press to try and sell the remaining tickets for Melbourne and Sydney. The subject of not coming back hasn't been raised in the interviews he's done on the tour, and I'm sure when he's done with this tour, has rested, and has a new album he'd like to tour and promote, he'll figure out how to squeeze Australian and New Zealand dates into his itinerary again.

He arrived in New Zealand first to do a single sold out show and a couple of in-depth interviews. First an interview on ABC's The Music Show and later a 40 minute segment on Radio New Zealand's Saturday Morning show with Kim Hill. I wonder why he didn't do more shows in New Zealand or even Auckland, since the show had sold out and it can't be financially sound to fly in band, crew and equipment for that one gig. The biggest surprise in the Auckland show was the cover of Black Hole Sun by the late Chris Cornell's band Soundgarden. Ryan did the vocal in his own style and range and wisely didn't try to mimic Cornell. The band played the song very well, and I would've liked to have seen it on the setlist for the following shows, for them to really flesh out the arrangement (and for more people to hear it). Sadly, it remains a one-off.

Before arriving in Australia Ryan tweeted his fans asking for requests. Plenty of deep cuts were requested as well as regulars on the setlist (which he gladly accepted), and in the end he did a string of rare songs in Byron Bay, of all places. The crowd there was especially rowdy, as the venue is essentially a large pub in a hotel, and as such the rarities seemed to fall on deaf ears, mostly. The few fans who followed Ryan and the band around to all the gigs got treated to Hard Way To Fall (first performance in 11 years!), Friends, Desire, A Kiss Before I Go and The End. Sydney on the other hand got Tightrope, making its first appearance of the proper Prisoner Tour (he'd played it on the promo tour earlier in the year), while the giant Melbourne show got nada in terms of surprises. Every report agreed it was a great show though, with the only objection being to the giant arena itself.

But before we got so far, a happy Ryan arriving in Australia a day early for his gigs put together a secret gig in Brisbane with proceeds going to a local cat charity, Little Paws Kitten Rescue. The venue was a large bar, The Woolly Mammoth, holding upwards of 450 people. The tickets were just $5 and only available at the door. The show surprised people by being a full band show, and then an even bigger surprise was that it went on for nearly 3 hours. The band played on borrowed equipment, and seemed to wrestle with it a bit in the beginning with amp noise throwing a shade on the early part of the concert. But once they got going they went into full jam mode, with extensive jam parts and thus wound up with a 3 hour set on a 26 song setlist.

The jamming was obviously fun for the band and they seemed to struggle with curfews for the rest of the tour. Having booked the up and coming The Middle Kids for the remainder of the tour, they had no choice but to come on after nine and be met with an eleven o'clock curfew in most places. The result was an unusually quiet Ryan who threw his all into performing and eschewed his usual banter and the discipline of improvised songs. The latter is becoming a thing on this tour, with Ryan appearing increasingly professional.

The Prisoner show is now broken into segments by acoustic segments where Ryan will perform unplugged in front of two microphones. This is how he started out when he went solo after Whiskeytown, and he's confident that he will be able to pull it off even in front of an audience of 7.000 as was the case in Melbourne. This gives the show a maximum dynamic between tight band songs, explosive jams, slower almost droning numbers like his current take on When The Stars Go Blue and the solo spots where you can hear a pin drop in the audience. His current take on Prisoner, where he starts off solo and the band comes in towards the end with him switching to electric guitar for raving solo seems to be a highlight of the show with most audiences.

With Ryan saying his goodbyes on Twitter and Instagram and returning for his Californian dates I noticed a string of lovely responses from Australian fans. Most of them along the lines of Thank you so much for coming all this way out here, we know how hard it is and Please don't risk your health - come back when you can. The travelling, performing, flying, planning is clearly doing his head in, provoking one Meniere's attack after the other. I bet most of us would be tired just following him around, and add to that that he takes time to do interviews and tv appearances, sign his merch, rehearse covers and new arrangements of his songs, promote the upcoming shows, as well as his main task of sounchecking, rehearsing and performing one stellar show after the other.

[The stellar artwork for this post is by Matt Garnier who put this together in photoshop.]
2016-08-07 19:40:07

Making a Ryan Adams site: The roadmap - the future of the site

By Michael Niebuhr

Come October I've been making this site for a year and I'm nowhere near finished. There's so much I'd like to add. Now let me say right off the bat, that making this site is an activity that involves standing on the shoulders of giants. A big part of my history with Ryan Adams is listening to the various unreleased stuff and visiting the dedicated fan sites Answering Bell and Ryan Adams Archive (and others). Setlists and info about his whereabouts and releases wasn't easy to find elsewhere. No Facebook groups or Setlist.fm, and YouTube wasn't full of high quality videos. So the sites served the core information to of us fans.

These days a site like this is in competition with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even the man himself, who has had a steady website for many years now, primarily centered around a webshop. There's also lots of Ryan Adams lyrics, chords/tabs and setlists on big sites that cover every artist out there, and finally there's the Internet Archive that has 550+ different recordings of shows. And let's not forget ToBeYoung (the fan forum) and Faithless Street (the other fan forum).


Between all of this it's easy to disappear on Google, and Google is the way people find the site, right? Not really. The SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a big endeavour to undertake, and I'm just getting into it now. What I immediately discovered is that the site is basically invisible on Google. If you search for Ryan Adams it's not in the first 20 pages of search results (!) and if you search for 'comepickmeup' or 'ryan adams come pick me up' it's not in the first page of results. Hence my advertising for the site on Facebook groups, the forums and Twitter. If people don't know about CPMU and can't even google its existence, the future of the site is pretty dark right?

Mobile optimisation

For a while it's been rough going visiting the site on a mobile phone. I've started doing mobile optimisation, and I think it's looking better. But how does it look on iPad? How does it look on Windows Phone? How does it look in Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome? Safari? On a 27" screen? These are things I have to (start to) keep an eye on, so users don't grow tired of the site, because it's frustrating to use. It also means looking at the size of the pages, size of the images, the time it takes to load a page, time it takes to do a "query" (searching for something, i.e. a show, a song, shows with a certain song performed, etc.). And it means continually returning to these areas and to see if something is broken.

Users on the site

Speaking of users, it would be great if it was possible to log in. That would allow the site to remember your preferences. That could be all the shows you've seen. All the recordings you own. All the chords/tabs you often return to. Or want to remember to learn to play. All the reviews, interviews and news you want to read later on a Reading List. It could be a way to review stuff or write on the blog here. It could be a way to do submissions of fan art, merchandise, cover versions, etc.

Fan art

And there's lots of great fan art out there. From drawings to tattoos, to homemade paper dolls, cover versions, murals, pizza menus (!), songs about Ryan Adams (yeah, they exist) and what not. It would be great to have a little "museum" of this stuff to browse. Same goes for:

PAX-AM Pilgrimages

I often see people posting pictures or selfies of themselves in front of the PAX-AM neon sign. I call it PAX-AM Pilgrimages. I'd love to have a gallery of these photos. It's a fun thing that came out of nowhere and now is its own thing.

And what about Adams' own art? Remember the exhibition after The Cardinals? Remember the comic book talk and little bits here and there? Bet there's more. A gallery would be nice.


Former webmaster, taper and superman Joel Swaney has sent me a dump of the entire database of the previous Ryan Adams Archive site (and some Answering Bell and Archive Asylum). There's so much information that needs to be mapped to what's already on this site. What I look forward to the most, is being able to add the lineups for every group behind Ryan since the earliest days. There's so many people that's been in Whiskeytown or the early Ryan-bands and it would be great to be able to click around and see some info and statistics or how this all fits together. I'd also like to be able to click on Neal Casal or Mike Viola and see what they've contributed on, what shows they played at, and what their solo careers look like. That's gonna be great! But there's also info on sessions, early recordings. A treasure trove indeed.

Full discography

Speaking of databases, there's a lot of info from Joel on every release up to about 2011. Info on what was released as an album, a promo, a limited edition, a 7", another 7", a double 7", a cd promo-single, and lots, lots more. As of now the discography on CPMU is pretty big, but eventually it will expand into a monster with 500+ or 1000+ different released items. 500 or 1000, I don't even know (yet). Until this happens Discogs.com is the best place to search. And because they're so good it's gonna be essential to make something better if this undertaking is gonna have any chance of being worthwhile.

Lyrics, Chords & Tabs

Someone wrote and asked me to include chords and tabs the other day. I've thought about it, but figured the info was readily available elsewhere. But it's in line with compiling everything in one place. So it makes sense. It's something I haven't looked into, but I will. Like lyrics I think it's best to embed them from another site, so that the info can be updated without having to re-upload the info to CPMU. Lyrics are embedded from Genius.com. I think it works well. They're not searchable as of right now, and the reason is that they're physically somewhere else than the CPMU database. Something to think about (in the future), and when selecting a strategy for Chords & Tabs.


One thing that CPMU can offer, better than most sites, are statistics. It's not taken much advantage of yet, but what song was played most on a tour, from a record, with a certain band, or never played, or not played in 5, 10, 15 years, these things are easy to display when every bit of information is in one database. But I need to make a public "statistics generator" where you can select the exact info you want. Most played in Denmark with Whiskeytown, or Never played in France could be examples of searches you could put togethet on-the-fly.


When all this is done it's gonna be important that you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you want to. Searches like mentioned above, show videos, reviews, albums, songs, whatever, it should have a dedicated share button beneath the info so it's easy to share that exact information and link straight back to it.

Facebook has its own rules and technology for sharing to your "feed" or groups, and I'm looking into how I can share specific pages with a photo/thumbnail, proper headline and the right link (so it won't all just show the front page on the link, as it does now). The other services, Twitter and Instagram, are easier, but that could change any day. It's something that needs to work and keep working, so it's an ongoing task.

And all the while I'm still doing...

The timeline

I just introduced it last weekend and just the task of editing the 2016-info took me a long time. I can programmatically select and display every release, show and interview in the database and "populate" the timelines from 1991 to 2016 that way, but it needs some editing of the text, and there's a lot of other stuff to add (events, studio work, collaborations, Twitter feuds and fun stuff, Foggy, videos, commercials). It's gonna be awesome when it's done, that's for sure. But it's something I could finetune forever. Also the many fine details from Headley's and Menconi's books would be nice to add, as well as the session details from Joel Swaney's database.

And I'm still adding

Cover versions

With more than 200 cover versions on CPMU already, and info on what record they're from, by which artist, from what year, there's still another good chunk to add.


There's about 40 on the site. I've added the text as well as links to the sources, but there's so many more to find and add. I haven't decided if it's okay to display the interviews. I think I will in the cases where I have to scan physical copies, as no one's gonna be able to track down a copy in any near future. But is it okay to display an interview that's still up on Rolling Stone or SPIN's website? How many more interviews could there be? 100? 200? More? I know there are people out there with clippings. One day it will hopefully all be compiled. Same with the magazine covers of which there were a lot between 1997 and 2003...

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If you've read this far, thank you, you're too kind. If you're the kind of fan who cares deeply about some detail in the Ryan Adams catalogue, his bands, a particular album, song or sound, or have an idea you'd like to spread in this community, let me know, and maybe a blog post about it would be something you'd like to do.

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I myself need to look into making a backup functionality (so I won't have to do it manually). I need to make thumbnails for a lot of the photos on the site (so the pictures will load faster). The SEO needs work! I need to further redesign a lot of the pages. And I need a logo. Icons. I need feedback on all of the above and the design choices. I need to add hundreds of lyrics. I need more time ;-)

I keep doing this because I want to make a site that I'm proud of (as opposed to for instance starting another site on another topic). I wanna make a site people like and use. That's a reward in itself. A site that deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Ryan Adams Archive or Answering Bell. I'll keep working on it. Wish me luck.
2016-07-22 22:17:46

Ryan Adams & The Shining: Happy 2nd Anniversary

by Michael Niebuhr

Ryan Adams & The Shining together

Charlie, Mike, Freddy & Daniel have been behind Ryan for 2 years today. Charlie and Ryan go way back and Mike and Daniel has some history to. This summer they're coming into their own as The Shining, as the band take on a rockier sound and deliver one quality performance after another. I've yet to read a bad review.

It's easy to get the feeling that they perform the "greatest hits of Ryan Adams" and to a large extent that's what they do. But when you dig a little deeper, there's quite a bit of variety. A total of 135 songs have been played in their short time together. About half of those are one-offs - mostly covers and improvised songs. But a good 70+ songs being shuffled around is not too shabby either. And I love the improvised songs. Especially the later ones from this summer, that seem better than ever. But that's probably due to them being still fresh in my mind.

A lotta love is going round on this tour. Friday Gigi, the sound engineer, got her second Happy Birthday Gigi during the gig in Charlottesville. That's so sweet.

The previous day Mike Viola got some love on Twitter:
Mike Viola gets some Ryan Adams love on Twitter

Old pal Jason Isbell and his wife Amanda Shires opened for Ryan in New York. The meeting was shared and the 3 look up to something:

Amanda Shires, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell together

Finally here are the band introductions from PromoWest Fest in Columbus, Ohio (July 15th) by way of taper Dewey Cole:

"Thanks for catching our show tonight, you guys.

On the electric guitar all the way from Tulsahoma: Mike Viola. Where is Tulsahoma, Mike?
Mike: It's 20 minutes south of Boston.

And on the bass guitar, you may have seen him on the show Sopranos: Charlie Stavish. He's between seasons.

On the drums. He used to ride dragons for a living. He's like all the members of Merciful Fate in one person (Danish metal band from the 80's): Mr. Frederik Bokkenheuser. Totally appropriate for sad music.

He's siting behind the amplifiers right now, so you can't see him. He's tall, he has the weed and we love him. He's very shy so he doesn't like to get on stage. [Charlie Stavish]

And last but not least. A smile with a twisted pencil moustache if it were a man. A record store that only sold ice cream. If it was a man. A striped shirt that would only wear polkadot socks to my funeral. He's radioactive, he glows in the dark. He's a bad motherfucker. Mr. Daniel Clarke!

My name is Ryan, thanks for coming out. Our crew fucking rules! Our crew rules and you rule!"

If you feel like digging into some of their songs, perhaps some rare performances, then have a look at this list of

every song performed by Ryan Adams & The Shining

2016-07-16 11:13:06

Ryan Adams & The Shining tour making headlines with covers and improvised songs

by Michael Niebuhr

The new Ryan Adams And The Shining logo

It's only a week into the tour and Ryan Adams & The Shining have been making headlines with those amazing two Oasis covers, an improvised song about a spider in Detroit and, perhaps most surprising, a note on a record store door asking Ryan Adams to stay away if he's in a bad mood.

I find it interesting how much more interested the music press is in these fairly blasé offerings from the tour, while the established press, i.e. local papers, are barely even reviewing the shows. A review or two in each city at best.

The Oasis covers are amazing. Ryan picked up a new guitar at Willie's Guitars in Minneapolis that lends itself well to the Oasis sounds and I wonder if that's the impetus for the covers. Someone mentioned that Ryan could hardly play Wonderwall after Noel Gallagher himself had performed it before him. But Wonderwall hasn't been played since the solo show in Mexico last November, so that's hardly an issue. I think the band were just having fun being able to stretch out for an evening, on this mainly festival run of shows at the beginning of the tour, and decided to work up something special for the second and last of the double headers with Noel Gallagher & His High-Flying Birds. An man was it special.

I was literally blown away by the energy of the room and the sound of the band watching those covers for the first time far away from the tour on my trusted laptop. The excitement made the Rolling Stone, Spin, Stereogum, the many Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram and of course YouTube. Several versions were quickly available and the comments were full of praise and excitement (bar one from ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, which got its own share of coverage).

With those two covers the two is truly underway. Eyes on our Ryan as he consistently delivers a well paced rock show, charms the audiences and takes time to be chatty, funny and improvise at least one full song at every gig. The one from last night, Cotton Candy, being the best of the bunch so far. This one stands out because the band beefs it up so well from the beginning and add strong backing vocals in no time. I'm sure the twin-Les Paul-attack doesn't hurt. It's a highlight of the many great improvised songs that just seem to get better and better as they feature more prominently at seemingly every show. There are more than 100 improvised songs in the archives. Someone should sift through them and put together a compilation or two.

The first improvised song this tour to make the headlines was "Ballad of a Detroit Spider". Ryan, ever the animal lover and defender, vowing not to have a spider on Mike's mike stand die on his watch. I was playing it the other morning and my girlfriend commented from the bathroom, "That sounds like Prince". It's way more sloppy than the Purple One ever got, but it's got that Purple Rain spoken narrative I suppose.

One new song, Outward Bound, was premiered on the first night of the tour. It made a second appearance in Detroit and always it's interesting to see it evolve as the band gets a handle on it. It's in the vein of the self-titled album and is most likely from the upcoming album. We haven't got a title or a release date, but with a Steve Colbert show coming up on July 25th perhaps we'll learn more soon. I wonder what they'll play on that show.

No matter what they decide to play on the show the tour has displayed a band coming into its own behind Ryan. The sound is more rocking than ever, and they seem intent on delivering a no-nonsense set devoid of acoustic guitars, even playing old favourites like Oh My Sweet Carolina on solely electric instruments. It still sounds great. The Black Flag t-shirt Ryan was sporting at one show definitely makes sense with the sped-up versions of some songs.

Just a week into the tour and apart from the festival sets being short and basically a "greatest hits" set of the Ryan Adams catalog, we've got our fair share of surprises though we'll undoubtedly be seeing many more.

Taper Dewey Cole caught the whole of the Promowest Fest show on July 15th. Listening to it on the morning of the 16th I'm reminded of the days of old when following a tour from afar was mainly an audio experience. These days the picture is made up of shaky handheld bits and pieces. It's still fun to piece the shows together but having an audio recording this quick is just so much better. Thanks Dewey!

Do yourself a favour and listen to Cotton Candy from the show below!


Just another hot day
Gotta hang out on the bus
Waiting to rock some fucking sad songs
And cool on ‘bus

Nothing else to do
But eat my Coco Puffs
You know I’m getting bored
With all that stuff

Rhymes like a psychedelic in the simple bottle of brandy
Made out of Cotton Fucking Candy (Candy)

Look over there
At those coloured Twizzle Sticks
Coming out of the ground
For no reason

All you people just came out of your apartments
Because you couldn’t watch the Food Network
Now you’re listening to me sing some songs
About being a fucking jerk

Life’s an invisible psychedelic bottle of brandy
Fuck that, give me Cotton Candy (Candy)
Give me Cotton Candy
What are you looking at security guard? (Candy)
What are you gonna do about it?
Give me Cotton Candy (Yeah)
Gimme Cotton Candy

2016-06-29 08:25:57

Ryan Adams ready for a summer with the most varied live sets in years

By Michael Niebuhr

It's been almost two years since Ryan Adams & The Shining made their debut performance at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine and introduced a new era of sorts for Ryan Adams. It would be his first time playing festivals to any greater extent. And after an extended run of solo shows in between 2011 and 2014 he would happily proclaim to really enjoy hanging with these guys. From the outset the setlists were fun and aimed to peak the interest of fans. What with tour debuts of Blackhole songs and extended jams of old Ryan Adams & The Cardinals favourites they seemed set to rule.

Last summer the novelty seemed to wear off and the setlists got safe. That was only natural. When you're playing festivals the sets are shorter and the audience is not "your" audience. At least it's not made up of only your fan base. So you play it safe aiming for what you're good at, known for and what may resemble "the hits". I think this worked fine even if the Ryan Adams boards and internet trolls grew bored with it in an instant.

This summer looks to be a different beast all together. For one thing Ryan Adams & The Shining is not the only line-up we're seeing this summer. Ryan will be doing solo shows as well, he will be playing double bills with Noel Gallagher & His High-Flying Birds, he will be playing at least one double bill with Kurt Vile & The Violators and he will be playing with Nicky Bluhm and The Infamous Stringdusters as his backing band again.

All this in the space of two months. Not only that, but Ryan is telling us he's rehearsing new songs and old favourites with The Shining. Yesterday they got Halloweenhead and Goodnight Rose under their belt. After that Ryan asked the fans (on Twitter) what else they wanted to hear this summer. Now admittedly that is probably more for show than anything else, as the wishes came in by the dozen and ranged from 1984, III/IV to My Winding Wheel and the entire Gold album. In other words anything he's ever put to tape.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 14.50.43

But new songs are being rehearsed. I hope this in preparation for the release of a new album. If this summer is gonna look anything like 2014 a new single will drop soon. Ryan and the band will play it during the summer shows and on a few talk shows. And we'll get a new album late August or September. That will set up the August and Fall shows to be very different affairs from the summer festival shows, and a string of band dates will probably see out the year in North America and Europe. Mind you, that's all speculation.

We'll be seeing the first new business very soon though. July 8th Ryan And & The Shining will appear at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Thankfully in this day and age that means we'll all be listening to recordings on July 9th at the latest. Thank you tapers. Thank you YouTube. Thank you Ryan Adams. It's gonna be a great summer.

Can't wait for this tour