III/IV (2010)
by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM008-01 - 14/12/2010

III/IV is the 12th studio album by alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, released on December 14, 2010 through PAX AM. The album is his fifth with backing band The Cardinals, and was recorded in 2006 during the same sessions that yielded Easy Tiger. A double albumIII/IV was recorded prior to bassist Catherine Popper's departure, and also marks guitarist and backing vocalist Neal Casal's recording debut for the band. According to Adams, the album remained unreleased until 2010, as his former label, Lost Highway, had previously rejected it.

According to producer and keyboardist Jamie Candiloro, the album's title stems from "the idea that Cold Roses [is] volumes one and two, and this was a logical step that the Cardinals had taken forward as a band effort. The tracks shared the democratic process of a band. It will always be an amazing look into the world of a great band during one of its most versatile line-ups."

Orders from the PAX AM online store also received a download card for 11 bonus demos from the album.

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1Breakdown Into The Resolve (written by Ryan Adams)4:01
2Dear Candy (written by Ryan Adams)2:31
3Wasteland (written by Ryan Adams)3:13
4Ultraviolet Light (written by Ryan Adams)3:43
5Stop Playing With My Heart (written by Ryan Adams)2:39
6Lovely And Blue (written by Ryan Adams)2:34
7Happy Birthday (written by Ryan Adams)2:28
8Kisses Start Wars (written by Ryan Adams)2:57
9The Crystal Skull (written by Ryan Adams)3:33
10Users (written by Ryan Adams)2:58
11No (written by Ryan Adams)3:03
12Numbers (written by Ryan Adams)2:54
13Gracie (written by Ryan Adams)3:31
14Icebreaker (written by Ryan Adams)2:13
15Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well (written by Ryan Adams)2:42
16Typecast (written by Ryan Adams)3:18
17Star Wars (written by Ryan Adams)2:45
18My Favorite Song (written by Ryan Adams)3:15
19P.S. (written by Ryan Adams)2:44
20Death And Rats (written by Ryan Adams)2:35
21Kill The Lights (written by Ryan Adams)7:29

Bonus tracks

22Cemetery Hill (written by Ryan Adams)iTunes exclusive track3:40
23Destroyers (written by Ryan Adams)free download from PAX AM online4:25
24The Blue Canoe (written by Ryan Adams)free download from PAX AM online2:15
25Darkness (written by Ryan Adams)free download from PAX AM online5:34
26Breakdown Into The Resolve (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download3:59
27Numbers (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download3:11
28Kisses Start Wars (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download3:30
29Kill The Lights (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download4:36
30(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Ghost (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download2:35
31No (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download2:25
32Icebreaker (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download1:51
33Happy Birthday (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download2:20
34My Reflection (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download3:56
35Users (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download2:51
36Death And Rats (written by Ryan Adams)Bonus Demo Download1:44


Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Breakdown Into The Resolve72006-07-222023-08-18
Dear Candy142023-05-282023-08-18
WastelandNever played live
Ultraviolet LightNever played live
Stop Playing With My HeartNever played live
Lovely And BlueNever played live
Happy Birthday52006-08-012023-08-08
Kisses Start Wars52023-06-092023-08-16
The Crystal Skull12022-05-212022-05-21
UsersNever played live
NoNever played live
NumbersNever played live
GracieNever played live
IcebreakerNever played live
Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing WellNever played live
Star WarsNever played live
My Favorite SongNever played live
P.S.Never played live
Death And RatsNever played live
Kill The LightsNever played live
Cemetery Hill (bonus track)Never played live
Destroyers (bonus track)Never played live
The Blue Canoe (bonus track)Never played live
Darkness (bonus track)Never played live
Breakdown Into The Resolve (bonus track)72006-07-222023-08-18
Numbers (bonus track)Never played live
Kisses Start Wars (bonus track)52023-06-092023-08-16
Kill The Lights (bonus track)Never played live
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Ghost (bonus track)Never played live
No (bonus track)Never played live
Icebreaker (bonus track)Never played live
Happy Birthday (bonus track)52006-08-012023-08-08
My Reflection (bonus track)Never played live
Users (bonus track)Never played live
Death And Rats (bonus track)Never played live