No Shadow

written by Ryan Adams

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Appears on: No Shadow (2015)

The eclipse made me think of this song I wrote with Johnny. I met Johnny Depp out of the blue one afternoon, after I saw a clip of him playing guitar. It blew my mind. I knew he had to be the person to solo on Kim ( and in fact there's a version of Gimme Something Good where he takes this amazing solo ) He has such a profound style on electric guitar. Like all classic rock albums at once in a traffic jam. He plays guitar like he paints. Wild & colors everywhere you wouldn't have thought belonged. Anyway he called me back and we met that dsy and right away I felt like I was with long lost family. Pure sweetheart funny weirdo book nerd record geek. We were SUPPOSED to work on the solo for Kim, but the first thing we ever did was write this song, "No Shadow" He was very close with Marlon Brando and it came up that I have been obsessed with his acting, esp the old footage of him on Broadway for as long as I can remember- and I bought & have kept an old framed headshot of him on my wall since I lived in New York City. It was the very first thing I bought at the Chelsea Flea Markets that used to be in the parking garage up on 26th. It's still with me today, first thing I saw when I woke up and wrote Love is Hell, first thing I saw today ( besides Carole Lombard photos but that's a different story ) So we sat at my typewriter and not knowing a single thing about him or him, me, we wrote this. I called Marshall Vaore to come play drums and Charlie Stavish dialed in the sound. That's the first time we ever played it and right out of the typewriter. In fact that's him singing with me in the end. His voice is so beautiful. That song fell right into our arms. What a memory. The Estes pump organ at the end is the one I had on Ave A and 10th street that I learned to play piano on. Creepy and like an old ship in the fog... It's one of my favorite songs I ever recorded. There's nothing better than sitting and writing songs with Johnny and I couldn't help but think about that magical day today. Go have a listen if you want to its on the I Tunes. Happy Eclipse everybody. Here's to good friends and magical moments & making good things for the heck of it

Source: Ryan Adams