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(1) 2017-06-29
Five artists that make Spain’s Mad Cool the best festival you’ve never heard of (The Line of Best Fit)
1. Ryan Adams 'Return to form' is a phrase often touted when it comes to Ryan Adams albums when the truth is, his output has been consistently on point for years now.
(2) 2017-02-17
Ryan Adams - Prisoner (8.5) (The Line of Best Fit)
When you’ve had your heart broken, sometimes all you can manage to accomplish are the simple things. Dragging yourself out of bed, putting the kettle on, and remembering to eat and breathe seem like minor victories when your emotions are in tatters.
(3) 2017-02-17
10 things we learned from 20 minutes with Ryan Adams (The Line of Best Fit)
Today marks the release of Prisoner, the 16th studio album from Ryan Adams who - over the course of two decades - has well and truly confirmed his place as one of America's great singer/songwriters.
(4) 2013-03-20
Ryan Adams – Royal Albert Hall, London 19/3/13 (The Line of Best Fit)
An ethereal talent with a worshipful fan-base, Ryan Adams is one of those artists that crops up very occasionally and perches on a musical pedestal almost regardless of direction or performance quality – he has earned that right.