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(1) 2017-02-14
Ryan Adam's "Prisoner" Review - Daily Vinyl (Daily Vinyl)
Prisoner is the sixteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, and it kicks all kinds of ass! For those of you with short attention spans, the first 4 minutes (or so) of this video should give you a good idea what we are dealing wit
(2) 2017-01-16
Ryan Adams - "Live at Carnegie Hall" #90SecondAlbumReviews (Daily Vinyl)
Kicking off this new run of videos for 2017 with of course my favorite artist, Ryan Adams. Enjoy.
(3) 2016-12-28
Ryan Adams - "Love is Hell pts.1&2" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#360-361] (Daily Vinyl)
Well here is a long one for you, but I waited all year to talk about this album and for the amount of time I have spent with Love is Hell, I could have really gone on twice as long. All the same, please join me in my last Ryan Adams installment in th
(4) 2016-11-09
Ryan Adams - "III/IV" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#316] (Daily Vinyl)
Considered the follow up to Cold Roses, this last & The Cardinals release is certainly a transitional piece for Ryan; a fan must.
(5) 2016-05-10
Ryan Adams - "Heartbreaker (Deluxe Edition)" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#120] (Daily Vinyl)
Skip the intro and get straight to the review at: 03:32
(6) 2016-04-28
Ryan Adams - "Ashes & Fire" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#105] (Daily Vinyl)
Continuing the theme of Ryan Adam's albums every 15, I am taking a look at 2011's "Ashes & Fire." Enjoy.
(7) 2016-02-17
Ryan Adams - "1989" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#030] (Daily Vinyl)
Skip the intro and get straight to the review at: 02:55
(8) 2016-01-20
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - "Cold Roses" #365AlbumReviewsIN2016 - Daily Vinyl [#015] (Daily Vinyl)
Ryan Adams is my favorite overall artist. It goes without saying, I was looking forward to doing a Ryan review; even though I know how much the DRA loves people talking about him on the internet... As Cold Roses was the first of his music I was expos