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Ryan Adams

The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, Australia




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Ryan Adams
Tod Wisenbaker
Aaron Ficca
Charlie Stavish
Ben Alleman


Prisoner Tour

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Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

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The Music
Dear Ryan, going to do a gig at a pub in Byron Bay and complaining that some people have only come to drink and get laid is like going to the beach and complaining that it’s covered in sand. Such addresses to the crowd make people want to either punch you or hug you. That’s what you want, right? An extreme reaction? You don’t want people to walk away saying, ‘Oh, Ryan Adams, he’s a good time with a guitar strapped on.’ You want more. [full review here]

Byron Shire News
The loud mouth goes to a live music shows specifically to have a conversation. They especially like acoustic performances because it is so easy shout over the top of the music everyone else is trying to listen to. Of course the loud mouths were out in force at this 'intimate' show because it was so easy to shout that important conversation they had to have about how awesome the day's surf conditions had been, the new frock they bought and how amazing the video app on their new smart phone was, above the music. Sure enough, another five songs in Adams stopped again to tell us that now he had been singing to us for about an hour he felt he knew us well enough to tell the loudmouths in the audience to shut the f@#k up because they were being incredibly f@#cking rude. "There is so much shushing going on out there it sounds like we are playing to a pit of snakes,” he said. [full review here]

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Review by Crossed Out Name

Set was going amazing. Band were super tight, locked in, deep, groovy jams and it went pear shaped in the last quarter. The Byron Bay show was in a small 'local' pub, and while it was a great venue to see Ryan in, the vibe was just odd. People blind drunk (kinda expected at gigs), but were disrespectfully all chatting and taking loudly, phones in the air taking pix and videos etc.. Ryan just had enough. He basically went on to say if that if you weren't keen on quietening down and listening to the music you'd be best to fuck off. He didn't hold back and went on about for some time. The band were still great, but the vibe was just soooo strange after that. He brought it up again and to my surprise a fair amount of people actually walked out. He left the stage and people waited for an encore which didn't happen as the house lights came on. Upon seeing the setlist the last 4 songs were scratched out. A friend with me spoke to Ryan's sound guy at the desk to ask for the setlist, he was mortified. Said he had never seen Ryan so disrespected by a crowd like that before. I felt embarrassed for him... was such a shame as the show and setlist were incredible other than that.

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