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Ryan Adams

Apollo, Manchester, England




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Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Tod Wisenbaker
Aaron Ficca
Charlie Stavish
Ben Alleman


Prisoner Tour

Prisoner album coverage at this show

Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

Album coverage:
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Manchester Evening News
Newer material is also well received. In particular, the beefed up, Smiths-like jangle of Anything I Say To You Now is genuinely great live and the heart on your sleeve emotion of To Be Without You has the makings of a classic. The set draws to a close with obvious crowd favourites from his 17 year solo career. New York, New York bristles with energy, culminating with a harmonica solo into the every-man heartbreak sing-along that is Come Pick Me Up. The band then storm through the Stonesey stomp of Shakedown on 9 Street. It’s a fitting crescendo. Do we still love you? On the basis of tonight’s showing, yes Ryan....the feeling is very much mutual. [full review here]

The Afterword
“The most fun you will have listening to sad songs”. 27 songs packed tightly into a 2 hour set, Ryan and the Unknown Band put their foot down with the opening Do you still love me and continued at a pace with predominantly songs from the latest album, Prisoner and Cardinals era interspersed with crowd favourites,To be young and When the stars go blue (full list below). Ryan clearly enjoying himself, throwing guitar god poses in the huge clouds of dry ice (occasionally disappearing, particularly during the closing number! Roadies a bit heavy handed with the switch!). The band were tight and accomplished and T’Ben Alleman added some nice touches on keyboards. Sound quality was excellent and it was nice to come away without my ears ringing for days after! [full review here]

One thing we agreed on as we barrelled our way along that motorway to the gig, is that those days where you couldn’t predict exactly which Ryan Adams you were gonna get, The Ryan Adams gig Lottery? They’re gone. He’s been through the mill, it took its toll, but generally, he’s out the other side, cleaner, fitter and stronger. That much was more than clear when his powerhouse beginning of Do You Still Love Me, To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High), Gimme Something Good and This House Is Not For Sale. It was a fool around set, hewn from this intriguing career, with a handful of Cardinals songs such as Halloweenhead given a ride out. (In the case of this song, we’re bound to ask…why? We’ll never know. Its so far from a strong Ryan Adams song. But we speculated that he played it for a laugh, as a pisstake. In which case fair play, Ryan) “I got a bad idea again”, he sings. Well…erm, yeah. [full review here]


‪MANCHESTER POSTER‬ ‪SOLD OUT‬ ‪TONIGHT O2 Apollo Manchester ( Poster by our beloved @minsloff )

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