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Prisoner Tour

Prisoner album coverage at this show

Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver And Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say To You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear

Album coverage:
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Do You Still Love Me?

When The Stars Go Blue

Dude With The Sign That Says No Flash

Dirty Rain

I See Monsters


Tampa Bay Times
"Let's pick the ultimate bum-out person to f---ing play last at the festival," he joked. "It's so weird." Thing is, Adams wasn't a bummer at all. Sure, he dipped into his bag of sad-bastardry now and then, playing the extreme slow-burners Magnolia Mountain and I See Monsters, but both exploded into smoky headbangers by the end. "That's what I want to be playing! I want to play metal!” he said. “Why am I playing this s---?! What the f---!?" [full review here]

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