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Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, Massachusetts, USA




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Ryan Adams
Neal Casal
Chris Feinstein
Jon Graboff
Brad Pemberton

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Boston Music Spotlight
Where Ryan Adams’ solo work packs more of an emotional acoustic punch, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals deliver country-infused rock with a pounding punch complete with long guitar riffs, drum solos and electrics galore. With little surprises, the band took the stage on Sunday night to a near-sellout crowd at the Bank of America Pavilion and delivered a set energetic yet devoid of thrills. [full review here]

The Boston Globe
For all their charm and intensity, Adams's recordings and live performances have been unreliable: sometimes brilliant, just as often frustrating; mind-bogglingly prolific and perpetually short on focus. On Sunday he performed 2 1/2 hours of searing, soulful country rock during two expertly paced sets that cleared up a nagging question for fans who haven't seen the artist since he cleaned up, in 2006. Being messed up is not prerequisite to being Ryan Adams. He didn't chew his fans out. He didn't push his bass player down. And still his performance at the Pavilion bristled with passion, personality, and - as ever - musical integrity. [full review here]

The Boston-area may be freshly mourning the loss of Tom Brady for the NFL season, but when Ryan Adams came through town with his Cardinals, he performed a pair of new songs “Sinking Ship” and “The Color of Pain” at the Bank Of America Pavilion this past Sunday (9/7) along with “Fix It” and “Cobwebs,” new songs he’s been performing on this tour. That must be some sort of balm? [full review here]

Modern Acoustic
If the Grateful Dead were young upstarts on today’s music scene they probably would sound a lot like Ryan Adams did last night. The sometimes mercurial singer-songwriter Adams has shown both on his plethora of albums — solo and with his backing band the Cardinals — that he can play, and play well, in a variety of styles, from acoustic neo-folk to alt-country to rock. While I’m a relatively new fan and have not heard the full range of his catalog, I know him well enough to know that if you go to a Ryan Adams show expecting to hear a certain sound or certain songs, you could well leave disappointed. Luckily for me, that wasn’t an issue last night at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. [full review here]

Boston College
on Sunday night Ryan Adams and the Cardinals comfortably worked their way in and out of a 27-song set at the Bank of America Pavilion. Calling the audience beautiful and actually having fun, Adams was very talkative in between songs, allowing his cynical, self-deprecating swagger to lighten up the mood created by his often somber compositions. [full review here]

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