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Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, USA



Ryan Adams, Neal Casal, Chris Feinstein, Jon Graboff, Brad Pemberton, Jamie Candiloro.


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Neal Casal
Chris Feinstein
Jon Graboff
Brad Pemberton
Jamie Candiloro


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The Easy Tiger Tour

Easy Tiger album coverage at this show

Goodnight Rose
Everybody Knows
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
Tears Of Gold
The Sun Also Sets
Off Broadway
Pearls On A String
Rip Off
Two Hearts
These Girls
I Taught Myself How To Grow Old

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Source: Tony Bonyata

Source: Tony Bonyata

Source: Tony Bonyata


Concert Live Wire
dams, preppily clad in sport coat, tie, white oxford shirt and horn-rimmed glasses, sat amidst the band for the entire performance without ever once picking up an instrument. But despite not standing for the entire night, the singer squirmed in his seat with twitching limbs like a fidgety sugar-buzzed pre-teen. Considering that the small stage was so poorly lit for the entire show, though - with just two overhead blue lights which gave the impression they were performing outside by moonlight - it was probably best his arms and legs jerked as if being manhandled by a novice puppeteer, if only to identify which band member the audience had paid to see. But whereas Adams' erratic onstage antics in the past have been fuelled by liquor and drugs, these quirky histrionics were instead an obvious focused passion derived directly from these more introspective compositions and this talented group of musicians. Songs such as the country-fried opener "Please Don't Let Me Go" and the slightly more [full review here]

Unrated Magazine
The 20-song performance was nothing short of astonishing. This was the first time I laid witness to the genius of Ryan Adams. I saw an artist in command of his music and stage presence. More importantly, my faith was renewed. The evening opened with the entire band on stools in a dimly lit stage that would rotate different shades of color (red & blue being the two prominent) throughout the entire night. While this may seem jarring, it wasn't. I truly believe the intention of this tour is for Ryan to showcase his songs in a distinctive light. I believe his goal was for the show to showcase the songs and allow them to have their moment in the sun while "Ryan Adams" disappeared. Adams was seated to the far left and wore sunglasses during the entire performance. I only recognized him because he was the only performer without an instrument. [full review here]

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