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The Ryan Adams Killers

First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA




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The Stills opened. *made up song about “being sick of coming up here and telling the truth”, playing Austin City Limits when he was 21, wondering where Husker Du is now, Michael Stipe, Westerberg (again), James Thurber, starting out playing electric guitar and having heros, among other things. . . Adams started around 11:00, and was carried off around 1:45. Ryan gave a fine show that was a cross between the greatest concert you’ve ever seen and a car wreck that you couldn’t take your eyes off of. He ended the first set by saying “Fuck it, we all have the flu, and I just want to go home for Christmas and talk to my mom.” The encore included 3 stage dives into the dwindling crowd. The night was filled with irony, genius, inebriation, spontaneity and self-pity. It was legendary. Submitted by Mitch Kinsinger & Jeff Hoover


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Brad Rice
Jonathan Flaugher
Johnny McNabb
Johnny T
Christine Smith

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Rock'n'Roll Tour

Rock N Roll album coverage at this show

This Is It
Wish You Were Here
So Alive
Burning Photographs
She's Lost Total Control
Note To Self: Don't Die
Rock N Roll
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
Do Miss America
The Drugs Not Working

Album coverage:
107 %

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