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Ryan Adams & The Shining

PromoWest Fest, Columbus, Ohio, USA



A new three-day music festival is coming to the Arena District, but its debut will occur less than two months before another locally-produced ticketed event is set to enter its third year on the same outdoor turf. Dubbed PromoWest Fest, the inaugural concert will take place July 15-17 on three stages in and around McFerson Commons and North Bank Park.


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams
Mike Viola
Freddie Bokkenheuser
Daniel Clarke
Charlie Stavish


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The Ryan Adams & The Shining Tour

Ryan Adams album coverage at this show

Gimme Something Good
Am I Safe
My Wrecking Ball
Stay With Me
Feels Like Fire
I Just Might
Tired Of Giving Up
Let Go

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Source: Dewey Cole


Stay With Me

Let It Ride

Cotton Candy

Peaceful Valley

Cotton Candy

Gimme Something Good


Columbus Dispatch
Adams, who has integrated country and folk into his ambitious catalogue of songs, is fundamentally a rocker, a guy who sounds like Tom Petty mostly because he loves his guitar, a clever lyric turn, and a hook more than a radio hit. “New York, New York” sported chattering, Woody Guthrie-complimenting couplets, carried by the priceless groove of drummer Frederik Bokkenheuser, who suggested Levon Helm with his small kit and deceptively simple but rock-steady beat. Adams performed in an Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt before a backdrop featuring a punching, rose-crowned kitty in a circular logo whose graphics poked at the Grateful Dead. [full review here]

The Lantern
Ryan Adams and his band The Shining were the penultimate performers. Opening the set with a rocked-out version of “Gimme Something Good,” they pulled the audience in and didn’t let go for the next hour. Managing to work in some banter with the crowd and even making up a song on-the-spot called “Cotton Candy” at the suggestion of someone in the crowd, Adams was an entertaining force of rock and roll. [full review here]

Columbus Alive
Between songs, Adams joked about the relatively tight hour-long set time (“I can’t do my dance routine … or the thing where I levitate,” he cracked), introduced the downcast soundtrack like an upbeat hype man (“If you like sad songs let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah!’”) and poked fun at his past struggles with substance abuse. “I know that I’ve forgotten a lot of my life, and I paid a lot of money to do that,” he explained after one fan requested a non-existent song. “But I do know I didn’t write a song called ‘Cotton Candy.’” Of course, the musician followed by adlibbing a metal-tinged cut with precisely that name. [full review here]


Rad times tonight in Columbus! Big Love, Ohio. XOXO SHINING TOUR 2016

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Ryan Adams! 🎸🎶 #ryanadams #promowestfest2016 #promowest #promowestfest #cd1025

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