Recording album for Liz Phair

Don Was and Ryan Adams helps Liz Phair with her new album at Pax-Am Studios. A.V. Club reported: Adams announced today that the two are working together on a new double album that they’re currently recording at Adams’ Pax Am studio in Los Angeles. Voodoo Lounge producer Don Was was in the studio with Adams and Phair earlier today, recording a series of analog songs—Adams says they managed five in one day—that Adams effused on Twitter have “those sounds & that rawness I first heard on Exile.” Phair also seems to be pleased with the collaboration, saying, “I’ve got to live up to you! inspiring working w brilliant people.”

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Apple Music interview by Zane Lowe (Audio)

The interview jumps right into the making of Prisoner.

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Ryan Adams on A Prairie Home Companion

Ryan Adams performed on A Prairie Home Companion hosted by Chris Thile at The Pasadena Civic in California on Saturday, January 21st! Ryan sang duets with Kacey Musgraves and was joined by Chris Thile on mandolin in the short 4-song set.

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Ryan Adams at BBC 6 Studios, London

Ryan Adams appeared on BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne for an interview and performance. During an interview portion of the segment he revealed he’s been at work on a book about his former band Whiskeytown. Adams played two songs, “To Be Without You” and “Do You Still Love Me?”, between chats with Laverne. The host asked Adams about projects he’s working on beyond writing songs and he revealed he was currently writing two books. One book is a science-fiction novel Adams has been writing for a while that he shared few details about. A second book will chronicle his early-career alt-country group Whiskeytown. “I think it’s going to be really funny,” Adams said, “but it’s going to be about my sort of first years, with my first sort of known band, Whiskeytown, and all of the crazy funny things that happened. And [it’s] going to hopefully have a thing where some of the other members and I talk about different specific things – I mean it was mostly just really funny and fun.”

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WFPG interview by Kyle Meredith (Audio)

Ryan Adams phoned in to Kyle Meredith’s show to talk about his new album Prisoner, as well as bald eagles, the Affordable Care Act, Women and LGBTQ rights, the environment, guitar pedals, metal music, and his detractors.

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News of Ryan Adams writing a book about Whiskeytown makes the rounds

Ryan Adams appeared on BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne for an interview and performance yesterday. During an interview portion of the segment the singer-songwriter revealed he’s been at work on a book about his former band Whiskeytown. Adams played two songs from his forthcoming studio album Prisoner, offering takes on “To Be Without You” and “Do You Still Love Me?” between chats with Laverne. The host asked Adams about projects he’s working on beyond writing songs and he revealed he was currently writing two books. One book is a science-fiction novel Adams has been writing for a while that he shared few details about. A second book will chronicle his early-career alt-country group Whiskeytown. “I think it’s going to be really funny,” Adams said, “but it’s going to be about my sort of first years, with my first sort of known band, Whiskeytown, and all of the crazy funny things that happened. And [it’s] going to hopefully have a thing where some of the other members and I talk

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Ryan Adams at Rough Trade East, London

Ryan Adams will be Live in-store at Rough Trade East to perform acoustic versions of tracks from his new album 'Prisoner', released 17th February on Virgin EMI.

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Ryan Adams at Sirius Radio, The Spectrum, #28, Los Angeles

The show aired January 26 but was recorded earlier, as Ryan was in the UK at the time and the show is recorded in LA. Ryan performed 4 songs: 3 from Prisoner and the Bryan Adams song Run To You.

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Ryan Adams at The Soup Kitchen, Manchester

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Ryan Adams at BBC Radio 6, London

Mary Anne Hobbs catches up with American singer-songwriter, Ryan Adams, ahead of the release of his upcoming album 'Prisoner'. We find out about his love of performing other people's songs, and his tips for how to inhabit a cover version. Previously, Ryan has covered tracks by artists including Oasis, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths and The Strokes.

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Ryan Adams at BBC Radio 2, London

2 songs and an interview on the Dermot O'Leary Show. Dermot was absent and Jo Whiley was the stand-in.

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Ryan Adams at BBC Breakfast Show, London

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Ryan Adams at Treadwells, London

The shop, Treadwell's Books, had the following to say about the secret gig: Ryan has been a friend of the shop for many years now, and one rainy Sunday afternoon decided to give us the best gift ever.

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Ryan Adams at Virgin Radio UK, London

On The Breakfast Show with Edith Bowman Ryan performs two songs: Do You Still Love Me? and To Be Without You.

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Ryan Adams at Janice Forsyth Show, Radio BBC Scotland, Edinburgh

10 minute interview with no performances.

Show pageJanuary 30

Ryan Adams at Krøsset, Oslo

This was an industry showcase for approx. 100 people (invite only).

Show pageJanuary 30

Café interview by Markus Thunberg (Print)

”Trump är som Jokern, nu måste alla vara Batman” Ryan Adams skräms av – och skäms över – Donald Trumps politik. ”Jag vet inte om han är en människa”, säger den albumaktuelle sångaren till Café.

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Ryan Adams at NRK P13 Radio, Oslo

Show pageJanuary 31

Ryan Adams buys '55 Gold Top Les Paul guitar

Taking some well deserved leisure time during his promotional trip, Ryan picks up a $30.000 guitar. A fine piece of promotion in itself, if you're into vintage guitars. Lucky guy!

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Loud And Quiet interview (Audio)

We took a little bit of a break there, over Christmas and the New Year, but our interview podcast Midnight Chats returns this witching hour with Ryan Adams, who I met at the Langham Hotel last week. I’m pretty sure we managed to hit all the important topics you’re probably after from your music podcasts, from Lil Bub to Ryan’s label Pax Am.

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Outlaw Country Radio on SiriusXm interview (Audio)

Ryan Adams is set to release his sixteenth studio album, Prisoner, on February 17. Ahead of its release, the prolific musician stopped by Steve Earle’s Hardcore Troubadour Radio show in Outlaw Country (Ch. 60), where he talked about the early ‘90s music scene in Chapel Hill and how his taste evolved into alt-country. The former frontman of Whiskeytown — an early ‘90s alt-country band that formed in Raleigh, North Carolina – detailed the music scene in the area and its unlikely connection to country music.

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Rough Trade Radio interview (Audio)

Ryan Adams joins Liv & Nick in our Podcast room at Rough Trade East to have a chat, play some of his favourite tracks and talk about his new album, 'Prisoner'. Ryan picks a series of tracks that have influenced him including songs by Sonic Youth, The Melvins, Dinosaur Jr. and The Cure.

Show interviewFebruary 6

Ryan Adams Recounts “Summer of ’69” Heckler Incident in New York Times Op-Ed

After a handful of songs, I heard muttering. A voice commenting, followed by loud “shhhh” sounds. It would fade out, and just as soon as all seemed normal, it began again. Mumbles. Indecipherable. Maybe something about Skynyrd. I couldn’t tell. I started to feel uneasy. I dropped my pick in the middle of a song. I got distracted, and the distraction became alarming. But song by song, I made my way back. I was struggling, but I was making headway, trying not to take what was happening out there in the sea of faces personally. I wondered if people in the upper balcony could understand what was happening. It made me feel terribly insecure. I was not used to this.

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The Saturday Paper interview by Dave Faulkner (Print)

Ryan Adams on loss, Springsteen and Whitesnake. Following his grandmother’s death and a painful divorce, Ryan Adams has worked through his losses in his music.

Show interviewFebruary 11

Rehearsals are transmitted live on Instagram

February 11

Scalpers target the Apollo, NYC show

February 11

Band rehearsals are transmitted on Instagram

February 12

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams knows there's a stark difference between the way he views the work throughout his career and the popular perception of it. Whether it's his years in Whiskeytown or his song New York, New York becoming a rallying cry after 9-11, Ryan tells Marc why history has created a different narrative of these events than what he experienced at the time and how that guides what he's doing today.

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Last band rehearsal before the Apollo show

Most February rehearsals had songs transmitted live on Instagram, drumming up excitement for the new band and the new songs.

February 13

Ryan Adams is guest-DJ on NPR's All Songs Considered for their Valentine's Day show

There are few people, musicians or otherwise, who can speak as eloquently about songs and their meanings as Ryan Adams. For this Valentine's Day, our guest DJ, Ryan Adams, chose love songs by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Smiths and Sonic Youth, which we discussed in detail along with Adams' new album, Prisoner, which addresses boldly both love and his recent divorce.

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Drowned in Sound interview (Print)

I'm definitely an anglophile - DiS meets Ryan Adams

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Noisey interview (Print)

Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams. We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.

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Music Junkie TV interview (Print)

?Questionnaire for Ryan Adams. Now, faster than any new fan could possibly digest all that his discography has to offer, Adams is ready to uncage Prisoner. It’s a record that many have been quick to categorize as an emotional response to Adams’ highly publicized divorce from Mandy Moore, but for him, it was an exercise in learning more about himself. Sure, the songs are emotionally intense and flirt with “the rough edges life,” but they also spawned deep introspective questions like “What does it mean to be how old I am?” and “What does it mean to still have this feeling hope on the outside damage?” Ultimately, the new record hears him expressing a newfound awareness and understanding his current place in the world. In his own words, “I’ve never felt more myself and at home.”

Show interviewFebruary 15

Ryan Adams And The Rain at Apollo Theater, New York

Between a run of in-store performances and promotional efforts the band delivers a full 23-song set in the famous Apollo Theater.

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Waterloo Records custom Prisoner Stratocaster competition

February 16

Ryan Adams affirms the term Divorce Trilogy about his last three albums

February 16

Customers find hidden Prisoner Vinyl in record shops in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

A little promotional stunt down under.

February 16

Belfast Telegraph interview (Print)

Ryan Adams: 'My songs are always just storytelling - they are not political and don't have an agenda'. Having learned how to cope with both Meniere's disease and divorce, singer/songwriter Ryan Adams says ploughing it into his new album has been cathartic.

Show interviewFebruary 16

The Sun interview (Print)

'LET'S CUT TO THE CHASE' Singer Ryan Adams talks divorce, heartache and breaking free …. the personal journey of his new album ‘Prisoner’. It is clear Adams has moved on since his divorce and the album includes as much optimism as it does sadness.

Show interviewFebruary 16

Prisoner by Ryan Adams is released

The Prisoner album finally arrived after months of publicity work. The album got a solid amount of press, generating hundreds of news stories around the world in February 2017. The album consists mostly of Ryan Adams and drummer Johnny T and was recorded in the Spring of 2016. Reviews were very positive with many reviewers commenting on the mature songwriting and the welcome "return to his roots".

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Ryan Adams And The Rain at The Tonight Show, New York

The band tore through two songs: Do You Still Love Me? and To Be Without You (web exclusive).

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Amoeba Music announces a Prisoner Stratocaster competition

A quick and dirty competition in the 3 Amoeba stores. The competition ended on February 24.

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Release day and all the promotion seems to pay off: National iTunes charts are through the roof

February 17

The Irish Times interview (Print)

Ryan Adams: ‘There’s a lot of fight and a lot of light’. On new album Prisoner, Ryan Adams chronicles the private emotions behind his marriage split with Mandy Moore. ‘My life depended on making it,’ he says

Show interviewFebruary 17

Ryan Adams at Rough Trade NYC, New York

Ryan Adams did two shows at Rough Trade NYC. The first show was an excellent 12-song acoustic set with 11 songs from Prisoner and one improvised song about The Greatest Cat In The World in honour of a young kid who was in attendance. The one song from Prisoner he didn't play was Shiver & Shake.

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Ryan Adams & Band at Rough Trade NYC, New York

Electric evening (late) show with the new band.

Show pageFebruary 18

First episode of the Ryan Adams radio talkshow, The Midnighr Wave, premieres on Apple Music

Ever wonder what goes on at Ryan Adams’ Pax-Am Studios every night? Well now you can find out. Adams is the newest among the plethora of stars hosting Beats 1 radio shows on Apple Music. Titled The Midnight Wave, the show premieres 2/19. It is, as Adams explains, “like Wayne’s World, but for real.” The trailer for The Midnight Wave covers some extremely necessary bases: A caller asserts that “UFOs do in fact exist but they won’t visit us because Earth fucking sucks. You know what I mean?” And he totally has a point, which Adams seems to agree with. There’s even a segment called “Twitter: Trump or Morrissey?” and one dubbed “Sad Advice.” The Midnight Wave sounds like a fun addition to Beats 1.

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Nils Lofgren chimes in with Prisoner appreciation

February 19

Ryan Adams at Fingerprints, Los Angeles

An acoustic 9-song set for a small crowd. Fans received a limited edition poster with purchase of the Prisoner album.

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Ryan Adams at WFUV Live, New York

Recorded on December 19 2016 and broadcast February 20 2017.

Show pageFebruary 20

Ryan Adams at KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica

Ryan Adams recorded his 16th solo album, Prisoner, on the heels of his divorce. He channels heartbreak like no other and we're happy to welcome him back for a live session. During an extended segment on songwriting he performs an improvised song, Songwriting Shouldn't Be That Hard.

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Ryan Adams at Jonesy's Jukebox on 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles

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Ryan Adams meets Thurston Moore - doesn't waste a photo opportunity

February 21

Ryan Adams at Amoeba Music, Hollywood

Ryan Adams brings his band to the legendary Amoeba Music store in Hollywood for a 9-song set.

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Bullmoose advertises the custom Prisoner Stratocaster competition

February 22

Ryan Adams at The Late Late Show with James Corden, Los Angeles

A band performance of Do You Still Love Me?

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NME interview (Print)

Ryan Adams talks death, divorce, recovery and explains his new album ‘Prisoner’ track-by-track

Show interviewFebruary 24

Ryan Adams records the next episode of The Midnight Wave inviting callers

February 25

Ryan attends the Oscars

Attending the Oscars in a suit and tie, Ryan is seen with Beck, later posting a pic from the table of Elton John.

February 26

Nylon interview by Melissa Giannini (Print)

Ryan Adams On His Newest Studio Album. Revived and reacquainted with his core sound after a tumultuous decade, Adams looks back to show us the future

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Ryan Adams makes the news by offering a recipe for slime on Twitter

Ingrid Michaelson sent out the slime bat signal on Saturday night for a reason that remained unspecified (not like anyone needs a reason to make some slime) and Ryan Adams sprung into action. His directions were thorough and specific, so if you're looking for a slime recipe, look no further. Michaelson also posted a few pictures of the final products and it looks like some real high-quality slime.

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Vinyl sales for Prisoner make a splash and hit #1 on the UK and US vinyl charts

February 27

Billboard: Ryan Adams' 'Prisoner' Triples Up Atop Rock Album Charts

Ryan Adams takes no prisoners as he arrives at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums, Alternative Albums and Americana/Folk Albums charts (dated March 11) with his new LP, Prisoner. Adams' 16th studio album, and first of new material since his self-titled 2014 set, opens with 45,000 equivalent album units (42,000 in traditional album sales) in the week ending Feb. 23, according to Nielsen Music.

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The limited Prisoner artwork Stratocaster Amoeba Music competition winner is found

March 2

Ryan Adams at World Café Live, Philadelphia

Ryan Adams headlines the World Cafe 25th Anniversary David Dye-fest on Friday night at the the World Cafe Live. The venue put up a sign saying the bar would be closed during the performance. This would be a regular thing for shows on the Prisoner tour (with exceptions - festival shows, for instance).

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Post To Wire interview (Print)

Burnt-Out Pedalboards & Fucked-Up Guitars

Show interviewMarch 3

The Midnight Wave radio show episode 2 airs

March 4

Ryan and his Prisoner gets some much appreciated attention from Def Leppard and John Mayer

John Mayer enthusiastically plugged the Prisoner album on his Twitter feed, stating first: This new @TheRyanAdams record is melodic/harmonic gold. The dude is swimming in his sweet spot, then going on to mention how he loved the (Def Leppard) Hysteria vibes. Ryan thanked him, confirming the Hysteria influence. Def Leppard then joined the conversation thanking Ryan. A pretty good day and a pretty good plug. John Mayer also commented: In the @TheRyanAdams album I see: a Ferris wheel, a Camaro, the glow of a car cig lighter, apartments on sidestreets of Sunset Blvd. This got an Accurate as fuck response.

March 4

Ryan Adams at The National, Richmond

The Prisoner Tour opened in Richmond with a strong 23-song full-band set. Phoebe Bridgers opened, as she would for the first long stretch of shows.

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Ryan Adams proudly flashes his guitar effects prior to the Prisoner Tour opening show

March 5

Relix interview by Mike Greenhaus ()

Ryan Adams: I Really, Truly Still Love You, New York

Read moreMarch 6

Ryan Adams at The National, Richmond

The second night in Richmond was another 23-song set with a slightly different setlist. The biggest surprise was a show-stopping version of I See Monsters which would be a regular thing for the next run of shows.

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The limited Prisoner Box Set sells out

The 12 x 7" box set of the 12 Prisoner songs and 17 b-sides sells out from the PAX-AM store.

March 6

Rolling Stone interview (Print)

Ryan Adams on Anthemic New Breakup LP: 'This Record Was Not Born of Sadness'. "It felt good to be fragile and a little crushed," singer-songwriter says of writing new 'Prisoner' LP in wake of separation from ex-wife Mandy Moore

Show interviewMarch 6

A night off and photo ops in Columbia, South Carolina

March 7

Ryan Adams at Township Auditorium, Columbia

Show pageMarch 8

Spotify announces Ryan Adams collection competition

Save the playlist to your collection for a chance to win a vinyl copy of each of Ryan's past releases, the new Prisoner box set & a Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K turntable!

Read moreMarch 8

Vulture interview (Print)

We Went Guitar Shopping With Ryan Adams.

Read moreMarch 8

Ryan Adams at North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston

Show pageMarch 9

Ryan Adams at The Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale

Show pageMarch 10

Ryan Adams at Gasparilla Music Festival, Tampa

A great set in a beautiful location. One photographer didn't respect the No Flash-decree from Ryan and posted an angry tirade on Twitter. The incident blew up on both Twitter and in the press, and the photographer has since closed his Twitter account after a storm of negative feedback.

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Ryan Adams at Orpheum Theater, New Orleans

Ryan was sick but managed to perform a magic 26-song set The Unknown Band in New Orleans. The crowd was really supportive and got treated to both an extended acoustic segment and an excellent improvised song about "Mr. Security Guard". The show is one of the most well-covered of the tour so far, with 20 different songs being captured and shared in video format.

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Fake news story of Ryan Adams having to ride a Pedicab Shift to make SXSW trip profitable

Satire site The Hard Times ran a funny story about Ryan's (fake) SXSW struggles.

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Ryan Adams reflects on his first SXSW show

Ryan visited BBC host Jo Whiley at SXSW and was interviewed about his first "horrible" SXSW show. The interview was just one and a half minutes.

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Cancelled: Ryan Adams at Moody Theater, Austin (SXSW)

Ryan was supposed to perform 2 two hour set with the Unkown Band at the BMI & SAG-AFTRA showcase, which also featured Portland-based rock band Summer Cannibals, Nashville garage-rocker Ron Gallo, Los Angeles indie trio Cherry Glazerr and Austin rocker Emily Wolfe. The show was cancelled due to illness. The stage was set up with the gear and props, but notices were put up around the venue and the bar saying the show was cancelled. No announcement was made, so as not to chase people away from the other showcases.

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Ryan sets a few mean Twitter users straight

While the reaction to the cancellation of the SXSW show was refreshingly positive and understanding in the fan community, Ryan took to Twitter to essentially appear on his own “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” bit, to both thank users for the well wishes (sarcastically?), and put a few #meantweeters on blast with hashtag #TOPMEANTWEETS. He also sarcastically apologized for not better planning his laryngitis and upper respiratory infection.

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Third episode of Midnight Wave airs

The Ryan Adams talkshow on Apple Music reaches its third episode.

March 18

Third episode of Midnight Wave airs

The Ryan Adams talkshow on Apple Music reaches its third episode.

March 18

Ryan Adams pays tribute to Chuck Berry: 'We are all swimming in his wake'

From “Maybellene” to “Carol” to “Nadine,” my own Chuck Berry painted the geography of a fictional America riddled with sexual tension, fast cars, frustration, telephone operators, taxis, and a Cadillac. I first heard heard these songs on the radio and on the heavy green record player at my grandparents’ house. They were somehow an accepted form of musical danger that left me obsessed with a time and a world I would never quite touch fully — his mark were the bricks thrown through the closed storefront windows of small town USA’s dying Main Street. We are all swimming in his wake, any of us with guitars and smirks and winks for girls — and I especially owe him with my black Cadillac and my wooden walnut ES-355, and my tendency to side with the right hook less the nice guy bulls???. He made it feel right to be wrong. I’ll be forever grateful to this master of badassery. What I would give to see Beethoven’s face now. Roll over, indeed. RIP Chuck Berry.

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Ryan is back at Capitol Studios

Fans visiting the studio reported Ryan being back in Capitol Studios with Jenny Lewis, Jim Keltner (his kit pictured), Don Was, Ringo Starr and Benmont Tench.

March 20

Another studio day with string overdubs for Jenny Lewis' session

Ryan posted an Instagram video of string players overdubbing in the studio. Leaving the studio 3 in the morning, he signed off with a picture of his ride in front of the classic Capitol Studios building.

March 23

Another day in studio heaven, according to Ryan Adams

March 24

Ryan Adams at Elton John's 70th Birthday Party, Los Angeles - performs Rocket Man

The British singer-songwriter marked his milestone birthday with a joint bash to celebrate his 50-year writing partnership with Bernie Taupin, and the likes of reality TV stars Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were in attendance while actor Rob Lowe hosted. Singer Lady Gaga provided the entertainment as she took to the stage for a special performance. The event raised funds for the Elton John Aids Foundation and Los Angeles-based art and culture centre the Hammer Museum.

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Ryan Adams auctions off Buck Owens guitar and original Gimme Something Good lyrics

Saying Goodbye to one of my Buck Owens guitars today. It's my way of doing my part to help people who are in danger of harm in these days of madness. My Buck Owens and my orginal lyrics of Gimme Something Good are now headed to the @aclu_nationwide and will be auctioned on Friday. Please help support the @aclu_nationwide and the fight to protect the rights of all people and to help defend people who are being unfairly discriminated against. Bring these evil, selfish monsters down. #Resist

Read moreMarch 28

Two UK gigs are cancelled on account of an 'unforeseen personnel change'

March 29

Ryan Adams performs Gimme Something Good for Stand for Rights: A Benefit for ACLU, New York

Ryan Adams, Norah Jones, Jack Antonoff, and Usher with the Roots will join several of today’s top stars to raise money on Stand for Rights: A Benefit for ACLU. Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Tracy Morgan, Zosia Mamet, Jon Hamm and many more will appear to help raise money for the non-profit organization’s fight to defend and preserve Constitutional rights ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero stated: “Our work in the courts is essential right now to hold off the worst of the abuses. But it is also the collective will and tireless actions of ‘we the people’ that serve as a bulwark against unconstitutional and wrong-headed policies and executive orders. By supporting our work through this telethon, we can fight even harder to defend the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Read moreMarch 31

Fourth episode of The Midnight Wave airs/appears

April 2

Ryan shares what songs are being rehearsed for next leg of The Prisoner Tour

"Working thru new rehearsal list. How did all these songs happen wtf"

Read moreApril 7

Ryan Adams' Buck Owens guitar sells for $63,200 for the ACLU

April 10

Spotify releases the Spotify Singles Session

Two tracks receive the Spotify Singles Sessiosn treatment. In this case that means acoustic 12-string versions of Prisoner and Haunted House.

Read moreApril 12

Clash Music interview (Print)

The Hour Of The Wildebeest: Ryan Adams Interviewed “I got a really good heart / I just can’t catch a break..”

Show interviewApril 12

The Midnight Wave radio show episode 5 airs

April 15

Guitar signed by Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, Ryan Adams being raffled off to benefit Planned Parenthood

A long list of artists have joined a raffle to benefit Planned Parenthood. Organized by Ruben Cox, the owner of Los Angeles’ Old Style Guitar Shop, as well as the organizers of the 7-Inches for Planned Parenthood series, the prize for the raffle is a Gibson CJ-165 acoustic guitar signed by 102 artists, and there are some pretty big names involved. Among the artists whose names adorn the guitar body are Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, Ryan Adams, Carrie Brownstein, Henry Rollins, Kim Gordon, Matt Berninger, John Legend, Mac DeMarco, Michael Stipe, Katy Perry, Jackson Browne, Sia, Ted Leo, Tom Petty, Feist, Best Coast, Gary Clark Jr., Perfume Genius, Mark Ronson, Jim James, The War on Drugs, Devendra Banhart, MC5?s Wayne Kramer, Lucinda Williams, The Pixies’ David Lovering and Joey Santiago, Liz Phair, Florence Welch, Esperanza Spalding, Danny Elfman, Queens of the Stone Age and a whole bunch of others.

Read moreApril 17

Record Store Day competition to win a custom Prisoner Stratocaster

Want to win a custom Prisoner Fender Stratocaster? Sign up at the Record Store Day website for your chance to win: http://bit.ly/2onW4t8 And don't forget to pick up Prisoner at your favorite local independent record shop

Read moreApril 18

Cancelled: Ryan Adams at Parr Hall, Warrington

Read moreApril 20

Cancelled: Ryan Adams at Spa Assembly, Leamington

Read moreApril 21

John Mayer at The Forum, Los Angeles

Ryan joins Mayer for a pretty great rendition of Come Pick Me Up.

Read moreApril 21

The Prisoner End Of World Edition b-sides are released digitally

The download sent out to subscribers included two unannounced tracks: Lookout and The Cold. With those additions the Prisoner Box Set has 19 official b-sides.

Read moreApril 27

Ryan Adams at Whitaker Center, Harrisburg

Show pageApril 29

Sixth episode of The Midnight Wave airs

April 29

Ryan Adams at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, New York

Show pageMay 1

Ryan Adams at Beacon Theatre, New York

Show pageMay 2

Ryan Adams at Beacon Theatre, New York

Show pageMay 3

Ryan Adams at Late Late Show with James Corden, Los Angeles

The first Prisoner band (including Benny and Nate) performs Prisoner. The performance was recorded in February when the band performed Do You Still Love Me? on the show. This is the first airing of the performance.

Read moreMay 3

Ryan Adams at iHeartRadio Theater, New York

Earlier this year in February, Ryan Adams released his 16th solo studio album Prisoner -- the singer/songwriter's first album of original material since his 2014 self-titled album -- via the partnership between his own PAX-AM label and Blue Note Records. Ryan is heading out on tour in support of the new record, and is performing an exclusive concert for an intimate group of fans at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City.

Show pageMay 4

Ryan Adams at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia

Show pageMay 6

Ryan Adams at State Theatre, Portland

Show pageMay 7

Ryan Adams at State Theatre, Portland

Show pageMay 7

Ryan Adams at CBC Studios, Toronto

Ryan was interviewed and played two songs acoustically. The interview was broadcast on May 24 as part of the AudioMobile/Q series as Episode 300291570 in Season 2017.

Show pageMay 8

CBC interview (Audio)

Ryan Adams breaks out on new album Prisoner. Adams talked about the creative process behind his new album and how it has affected his personal relationships.

Show interviewMay 8

Ryan Adams at Massey Hall, Toronto

Show pageMay 9

Ryan Adams at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston

Show pageMay 10

Ryan Adams at Shaky Knees Music Festival, Atlanta

Show pageMay 12

Ryan Adams at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia

Show pageMay 12

Jenny Lewis at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia

Jenny Lewis opened for Ryan Adams and Ryan joined her for one song in her set. Jenny later joined Ryan for Come Pick Me Up in his set.

Show pageMay 12

Triple M interview (Audio)

"We Catch Up With Ryan Adams Ahead Of His Aus Tour". Ryan Adams gives a detailed interview about the inner workings of the Prisoner Tour.

Show interviewMay 13

Hauraki interview (Audio)

Melanie Bracewell interviews Ryan Adams. Mel was lucky enough to catch up with Ryan leading up to his only NZ show in Auckland, which was sold out. Ryan tells Mel about his dream of recreating the Titanic film but only using cats, his music and a whole lot more!

Show interviewMay 19

Ryan Adams at Civic Theatre, Auckland

Show pageMay 20

The Music Show interview (Audio)

Ryan Adams came in to chat about his recording process, producing other artists in his own Pax Am studios and his interest in the music of pop megastar Taylor Swift. He's also got strong ideas about why technology is dehumanising us.

Show interviewMay 20

Ryan Adams at Radio New Zealand, Auckland

Show pageMay 21

Ryan Adams at Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Secret gig announced on the day of the gig. Tickets are only $5 and proceeds go to Little Paws Rescue.

Show pageMay 22

Ryan Adams at The Tivoli, Brisbane

Show pageMay 23

Music Feeds interview (Print)

Ryan Adams: ‘Music Is How I Contribute’.

Show interviewMay 23

Ryan Adams at The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

Show pageMay 24

Ryan Adams at Channel 10, Melbourne

Short interview on the Australian Channel 10.

Show pageMay 25

Channel 10 interview (Video)

Ryan Adams is currently in Melbourne, Australia today May 25, 2017 and among the many things we find out about Ryan Adams tonight for those like myself who were unaware is that one of the most important things in Ryan's life are his cats, two of which Ryan explains are extra special for reasons you'll hear shortly.

Show interviewMay 25

Ryan Adams at Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne

Show pageMay 26

Ryan Adams at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

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Radio NZ interview (Audio)

Ryan Adams developed a taste for punk rock and began playing electric guitar in his early teens.

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Ryan Adams at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Los Angeles

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Ryan Adams at The Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara

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Ryan Adams at Greek Theatre, Berkeley

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Ryan Adams at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles

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Ryan Adams at Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City

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Ryan Adams at Fox Theatre, Boulder

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Ryan Adams at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison

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Ryan Adams at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary

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Ryan Adams at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton

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Ryan Adams at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria

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Ryan Adams at Orpheum, Vancouver

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Ryan Adams at Paramount Theatre, Seattle

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Ryan Adams at Edgefield, Troutdale

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Ryan Adams at NOS Festival, Lisbon

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Ryan Adams at Mad Cool Festival, Madrid

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Ryan Adams at Cruilla Festival, Barcelona

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Ryan Adams at Pointu Festival, Gaou Island

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Ryan Adams at Cavea Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome

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Ryan Adams at Anfiteatro Del Vittoriale, Lake Garda

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Ryan Adams at Culture Factory, Zagreb

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Ryan Adams at Muffathalle, Munich

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Ryan Adams at Tempodrom, Berlin

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Ryan Adams at Palace Theatre, St. Paul

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Ryan Adams at Palace Theatre, St. Paul

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Ryan Adams at Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee

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Ryan Adams at The Pageant, St. Louis

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Ryan Adams at The Vic Theatre, Chicago

With The Districts.

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Ryan Adams at Hinterland Music Festival, Saint Charles

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Ryan Adams at Lollapalooza, Chicago

Read moreAugust 4

Ryan Adams at Vega, Copenhagen

Store Vega.

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Ryan Adams at Øya Festival, Tøyenparken, Oslo

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Vanity Fair interview (Print)

Ryan Adams’s Latest Album Is Full of Pain, but He Still Calls It “a Celebration” He shares his thoughts on pinball machines, divorce, leaving New York, and coming back again.

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Ryan Adams at Way Out West Festival, Göteborg

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Ryan Adams at Flow Festival, Helsinki

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Ryan Adams at Tivoli Redenburg, Utrecht

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Ryan Adams at Green Man Festival, Brecon

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Ryan Adams at Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt

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Ryan Adams at McHugh's, Belfast

Impromptu surprise show announced on the day of the show with proceeds going to local animal charity.

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Ryan Adams at Ulster Hall, Belfast

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Ryan Adams at The Ed Sullivan Theater, New York

It is uncertain when this was recorded. It was aired on September 8th.

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Ryan Adams at Cork Opera House, Cork

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Ryan Adams at Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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Ryan Adams at Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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Ryan Adams at Apollo, Manchester

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Ryan Adams at Usher Hall, Edinburgh

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Ryan Adams at Sage 1, Gateshead

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Ryan Adams at 02 Academy, Leeds

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Ryan Adams at 02 Academy, Bournemouth

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Ryan Adams at Elgar Room at Royal Albert Hall, London

Prolific singer/songwriter Ryan Adams returns to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time since making his debut here in 2013, to play the closing show of his highly anticipated UK tour. Ahead of his concert, Adams will be offering a unique masterclass for young musicians from across London in the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room. PART OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE SERIES

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Ryan Adams at Corn Exchange, Cambridge

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Ryan Adams at Royal Albert Hall, London

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Ryan Adams at Pilgrimage Music & Culture Festival, Nashville

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Ryan Adams at The Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, Columbia

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Ryan Adams at Breese Stevens Field, Madison

Emmylou Harris will be opening for Ryan Adams.

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Ryan Adams at The Orpheum, Memphis

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Ryan Adams at Stiefel Theatre, Salina

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Ryan Adams at Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater, Austin

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Ryan Adams at Austin City Limits, Austin

Excited to announce Ryan will be performing at Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)? taking place Oct 6-8 and Oct 13-15! Tickets are on sale now at http://bit.ly/2oqjxdn

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Ryan Adams at Revention Center, Houston

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KXT interview (Audio)

KXT host Brad Dolbeer caught up with the singer-songwriter ahead of his October 11 show at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. Listen to the full interview for Adams’ take on how tech affects the volume of music we consume, his first concert ever and more.

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Ryan Adams at Irving Music Factory, Irving

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Ryan Adams at Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

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Ryan Adams at Austin City Limits, Austin

Ryan is set to perform at 7:15 PM.

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