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Ryan Adams

Almost Blue, Asheville, North Carolina, USA




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Memories Of You = “I had the honor of writing this song with Van Alston, my friend who’s been driving around on this tour at his house the day before we left for the tour and I’ve been playing it every night. Actually, I chickened out the firs night, but the second night I played it. Funny thing is it’s one of these things where to me it was kinda about something entirely different then he added this whole other line which made it good. Anyway.” In My Time Of Need = “This is a song that I wrote sort of from the perspective of somebody else entirely. We were making the record in upstate New York in West Hurley which is near Woodstock and some other places. We were snowed in and there was this old man that hung out near the studio – it was actually a huge church where we made the record but they de-God-ed it somehow. They had the guy come in an they moved all the holy spirit down the road a couple of miles, thank God, no pun intended, before we got there. And there was this old guy that would hang around. I was kind of fascinated by him, he didn’t say much, but I always wondered what it would be like to get in his head and he’s obviously very old and not getting around very good, and so I wrote this song kind of based, loosely based on this character that I ran into.” Statuettes With Wounds = “Originally I wrote this next song for Caitlin’s solo record and it didn’t work, cause it’s not about – it’s about me. But the funny thing to tell you while I’m trying to get a cig is – so the song – it’s a song about a crush, you know, being sort of disarmed by somebody, and for some reason I’ll right a song, I’ll meet some girl or something, and I’ll be like “Man. Wow.” And I’ll right this really great song about her just so like three weeks later I can go “Fuck, I’ve got to play that fucking song.”


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Ryan Adams

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First Solo Tour

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