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Ryan Adams

The Brewery, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA




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1Born Yesterday
2Funny How I'm Losing You
3To Be The One
4Hey There, Mrs. Lovely
5Oh My Sweet Valentine
6Statuettes With Wounds
Live debut
7Dancing With The Women At The Bar
with Caitlin Cary (fiddle; vocals)
8My Heart Is Broken
with Caitlin Cary (fiddle; vocals)
9The Battle
with Caitlin Cary (fiddle; vocals)
Crosby, Still, Nash & Young cover

Ryan Adams, Chip Robinson, Kenny Roby, Caitlin Cary
11You're Still On My Mind
The Byrds cover

Live debut

Ryan Adams, Chip Robinson, Kenny Roby, Caitlin Cary
12Burning Bed
The Backsliders cover

Ryan Adams, Chip Robinson, Kenny Roby, Caitlin Cary
13Cold Steel Brace
6 String Drag cover
1416 Days
Tour debut


Hey There, Mrs. Lovely = “This is a song about somebody that I really used to like a whole lot, and I don’t’ if I like anymore. It’s not about me.” Statuettes With Wounds = “I wrote this song for Caitlin. It’s a really interesting song – for her. It’s actually for her to sing on her record – but, um – I’ve got it right in my back pocket where it’s been for however long it took to get moist with butt sweat.” My Heart Is Broken = CC: “One time we were in a van going to Memphis and I had read a book that had a title that I really liked and it was named ‘My Heart Is Broken’ and I said I want to steal that line and I said Ryan ‘Help me write the most heart-breaking country song you can think of.’” RA: “We were actually in the back of this van – we were actually driving to Memphis.” CC: “That’s what I said.” RA: “Sorry I just got back from la-la land. I visit there quite often, sometimes in between thoughts. Yeah, we didn’t have a guitar either, we just like knew the note, that’s the really interesting thing about this song.”


Line-ups are a work-in-progress. Please do not trust them yet!
Ryan Adams

Audio from Internet Archive

First Solo Tour


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