10/10/2017KXT KXT host Brad Dolbeer caught up with the singer-songwriter ahead of his October 11 show at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. Listen to the full interview for Adams’ take on how tech affects the volume of music we consume, his first concert ever and more.Brad DolbeerAudio15 mins.
10/08/2017Vanity Fair Ryan Adams’s Latest Album Is Full of Pain, but He Still Calls It “a Celebration” He shares his thoughts on pinball machines, divorce, leaving New York, and coming back again.Lisa RobinsonPrint
27/05/2017Radio NZ Ryan Adams developed a taste for punk rock and began playing electric guitar in his early teens.Kim HillAudio39 mins.
25/05/2017Channel 10 Ryan Adams is currently in Melbourne, Australia today May 25, 2017 and among the many things we find out about Ryan Adams tonight for those like myself who were unaware is that one of the most important things in Ryan's life are his cats, two of which Ryan explains are extra special for reasons you'll hear shortly.Video5 mins.
23/05/2017Music Feeds Ryan Adams: ‘Music Is How I Contribute’.David James YoungPrint
20/05/2017The Music Show Ryan Adams came in to chat about his recording process, producing other artists in his own Pax Am studios and his interest in the music of pop megastar Taylor Swift. He's also got strong ideas about why technology is dehumanising us.Michaela KalowskiAudio17 mins.
19/05/2017Hauraki Melanie Bracewell interviews Ryan Adams. Mel was lucky enough to catch up with Ryan leading up to his only NZ show in Auckland, which was sold out. Ryan tells Mel about his dream of recreating the Titanic film but only using cats, his music and a whole lot more! Melanie BracewellAudio15 mins.
13/05/2017Triple M "We Catch Up With Ryan Adams Ahead Of His Aus Tour". Ryan Adams gives a detailed interview about the inner workings of the Prisoner Tour.Audio15 mins.
08/05/2017CBC Ryan Adams breaks out on new album Prisoner. Adams talked about the creative process behind his new album and how it has affected his personal relationships.Thom PowerAudio21 mins.
12/04/2017Clash Music The Hour Of The Wildebeest: Ryan Adams Interviewed “I got a really good heart / I just can’t catch a break..”Simon Harper Print
08/03/2017Vulture We Went Guitar Shopping With Ryan Adams. Lane BrownPrint
06/03/2017Relix Ryan Adams: I Really, Truly Still Love You, New YorkMike Greenhaus
06/03/2017Rolling Stone Ryan Adams on Anthemic New Breakup LP: 'This Record Was Not Born of Sadness'. "It felt good to be fragile and a little crushed," singer-songwriter says of writing new 'Prisoner' LP in wake of separation from ex-wife Mandy MooreJenny EliscuPrint
04/03/2017BBC Radio 6 Recorded in Salford, Manchester the interview discusses both Manchester and his approach to doing covers. While broadcast in March this program was recorded while Ryan was in the UK in January.Mary Anne HobbsAudio
03/03/2017Post To Wire Burnt-Out Pedalboards & Fucked-Up GuitarsChris FamiltonPrint
27/02/2017Nylon Ryan Adams On His Newest Studio Album. Revived and reacquainted with his core sound after a tumultuous decade, Adams looks back to show us the futureMelissa GianniniPrint
24/02/2017NME Ryan Adams talks death, divorce, recovery and explains his new album ‘Prisoner’ track-by-trackAndrew TrendellPrint
17/02/2017The Irish Times Ryan Adams: ‘There’s a lot of fight and a lot of light’. On new album Prisoner, Ryan Adams chronicles the private emotions behind his marriage split with Mandy Moore. ‘My life depended on making it,’ he saysShilpa GanatraPrint
16/02/2017Belfast Telegraph Ryan Adams: 'My songs are always just storytelling - they are not political and don't have an agenda'. Having learned how to cope with both Meniere's disease and divorce, singer/songwriter Ryan Adams says ploughing it into his new album has been cathartic.Andy WelchPrint
16/02/2017The Sun 'LET'S CUT TO THE CHASE' Singer Ryan Adams talks divorce, heartache and breaking free …. the personal journey of his new album ‘Prisoner’. It is clear Adams has moved on since his divorce and the album includes as much optimism as it does sadness.Jacqui SwiftPrint
15/02/2017Drowned in Sound I'm definitely an anglophile - DiS meets Ryan AdamsDavid HillierPrint
15/02/2017Noisey Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams. We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.Eve BarlowPrint
15/02/2017Music Junkie TV ?Questionnaire for Ryan Adams. Now, faster than any new fan could possibly digest all that his discography has to offer, Adams is ready to uncage Prisoner. It’s a record that many have been quick to categorize as an emotional response to Adams’ highly publicized divorce from Mandy Moore, but for him, it was an exercise in learning more about himself. Sure, the songs are emotionally intense and flirt with “the rough edges life,” but they also spawned deep introspective questions like “What does iElizabeth Peters Print
13/02/2017WTF Podcast Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams knows there's a stark difference between the way he views the work throughout his career and the popular perception of it. Whether it's his years in Whiskeytown or his song New York, New York becoming a rallying cry after 9-11, Ryan tells Marc why history has created a different narrative of these events than what he experienced at the time and how that guides what he's doing today.Marc MaronAudio90 mins.
11/02/2017The Saturday Paper Ryan Adams on loss, Springsteen and Whitesnake. Following his grandmother’s death and a painful divorce, Ryan Adams has worked through his losses in his music.Dave FaulknerPrint
06/02/2017Outlaw Country Radio on SiriusXm Ryan Adams is set to release his sixteenth studio album, Prisoner, on February 17. Ahead of its release, the prolific musician stopped by Steve Earle’s Hardcore Troubadour Radio show in Outlaw Country (Ch. 60), where he talked about the early ‘90s music scene in Chapel Hill and how his taste evolved into alt-country. The former frontman of Whiskeytown — an early ‘90s alt-country band that formed in Raleigh, North Carolina – detailed the music scene in the area and its unlikely connection to cSteve EarleAudio
06/02/2017Rough Trade Radio Ryan Adams joins Liv & Nick in our Podcast room at Rough Trade East to have a chat, play some of his favourite tracks and talk about his new album, 'Prisoner'. Ryan picks a series of tracks that have influenced him including songs by Sonic Youth, The Melvins, Dinosaur Jr. and The Cure.Liv & NickAudio57 mins.
03/02/2017Loud And Quiet We took a little bit of a break there, over Christmas and the New Year, but our interview podcast Midnight Chats returns this witching hour with Ryan Adams, who I met at the Langham Hotel last week. I’m pretty sure we managed to hit all the important topics you’re probably after from your music podcasts, from Lil Bub to Ryan’s label Pax Am.Stuart StubbsAudio41 min.
31/01/2017Café ”Trump är som Jokern, nu måste alla vara Batman” Ryan Adams skräms av – och skäms över – Donald Trumps politik. ”Jag vet inte om han är en människa”, säger den albumaktuelle sångaren till Café.Markus ThunbergPrint
25/01/2017WFPG Ryan Adams phoned in to Kyle Meredith’s show to talk about his new album Prisoner, as well as bald eagles, the Affordable Care Act, Women and LGBTQ rights, the environment, guitar pedals, metal music, and his detractors.Kyle MeredithAudio25 mins.
19/01/2017Apple Music The interview jumps right into the making of Prisoner.Zane LoweAudio18 mins.
31/08/2016Entertainment Weekly Ryan Adams wrote 'quite literally 80' songs for new fall album. How Bruce Hornsby, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and running inspired the troubadour's November LP.Kevin O'Donnell
03/08/201688.5 FM KCSN The interview was announced on the same day of the show. It aired live at 4:35 PM local time and lasted 20 minutes. After the interview segment the station played 16 Days by Whiskeytown. Ryan played 3 acoustic songs, the last of which was an improvised song (I'm The Alt-Country Danzig). The song was a fairly detailed about the events of the day, and it was fun to hear an improvised song being made up and performed without the reaction and approval of a crowd. The interview didn't reveal anythingMookieAudio20
01/08/2016KCRW Ryan talks about playing festivals, The Shining, doing covers, moving to LA from New York, the Heartbreaker Deluxe Edition and his next album.Audio27 mins.
15/07/2016Kids Interview Bands Piper interviewed Ryan Adams at the Promowest Fest in Columbus, Ohio on July 15, 2016.PiperVideo9 mins.
06/07/2016Relix “When I made Heartbreaker, I had just become of legal drinking age, which, if you ask anyone who knows me or knew me at the time, didn’t prevent me from partying before then— being a wild teenager playing metal and playing drums in punk-rock bands and having fun playing a lot of Sonic Youth-sounding music,” Adams says during a break from recording at his Los Angeles studio, where he is currently putting the final touches on a new album. “In the past, I didn’t know how to separate that this is myMike GreenhausPrint
03/05/2016Rolling Stone Singer-songwriter looks back on 2000 solo debut, set for deluxe Pax-Am reissueDan HymanPrint
00/03/2016NPR There's new music from Bob Mould. His latest album, Patch The Sky, comes out March 25. One of this legendary musician's biggest fans — from his punk days of Hüsker Dü to the land of Sugar and his prolific and exciting solo records — is musician Ryan Adams. And as a fan and friend, Ryan invited Bob to his PAX-AM Studio and pressed record.Bob BoilenAudio60 mins.
19/10/2015GQ The show's own write up: "The day of our November cover shoot with Taylor Swift, we invited Ryan Adams out to the set in Malibu to interview her. She dominated the pop charts with 1989. He covered her whole album. In this exclusive interview, the pop star and the indie rocker talk songwriting, Siri, and how Taylor got inspired by a dream about her ex."Ryan AdamsVideo3:45 mins
21/09/2015Beats 1 Zane Lowe talks with Ryan Adams about '1989'Zane LoweAudio26:31 mins
26/05/2015No Depression Ryan Adams: 'It’s My Own Label, My Own Studio, and My Own Rules'Chris FamiltonPrint
22/05/2015The Bulletin A short interview appearing before Ryan's tour stop in Bend, Oregon.Ben SalmonPrint
21/05/2015Times Colonist A short interview promoting the gig in Victoria, British Columbia. Ryan talks to Mike Devlin from a tour stop in Charleston.Mike DevlinPrint
14/04/2015CBC Radio Adams joins guest host Tom Power to discuss his solo effort and perform two songs live. Tom PowerAudio25 mins.
14/03/2015Nyhetsmorgon (TV4) on Swedish TV Ryan talks about his fondness for Sweden and writing there, First Aid Kit and his "Natalie Sass" performance in Denmark.Video9 mins.
10/03/2015Tonight on the Tom Dunne Show ( From the show's write-up: "In this fun, candid interview Ryan talks about life on the road, his struggles with Méniére's disease, working with Jenny Lewis and much more."Tom DunneAudio
05/12/2014Another Country with Ricky Ross (BBC) American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams talks about his fourteenth solo album.Ricky RossAudio21 mins.
04/12/2014American Songwriter Headline: "Ryan Adams: Pure Alchemy" Rob LeDonnePrint
00/12/2014CBS Morning Ryan Adams' self-titled album has been nominated for a Grammy Award. He has released 17 albums in the last 19 years, but also has an ear illness that threatened his career. Anthony Mason sits down with Adams to discuss his career and music.Anthony MasonVideo3:36 mins.
24/09/2014Gigwise 1 of 4 interviews published in Gigwise as part of a "Ryan Adams take-over" of the magazine (a massive promotion for the self-titled album). This first part is about the album and is a traditional broad interview.Andrew TrendellPrint
24/09/2014Gigwise 2 of 4 interviews that form a "Ryan Adams take-over" on Gigwise. This interview focuses on "Ryan Adams and his favorite comic books".Print
24/09/2014Gigwise 3 of 4 interviews as part of the "Ryan Adams take-over" at Gigwise. This interview focuses on "Ryan Adams on PAX-AM and collaborators".Print
24/09/2014Gigwise 4 of 4 interviews from the Gigwise "Ryan Adams take-over". The short interview focuses on "Ryan Adams and his favourite metal bands".Print
20/09/2014BBC Radio 2 Audio
17/09/2014Zane Lowe Sessions on BBC Zane LoweAudio
16/09/2014KCRW A stop by the studio performing 8 songs and doing an 8 minute interview segment.Audio8:18 mins.
09/09/201490.7 FM WFUV in New York Interview interspersed between a long studio performance session recorded for radio broadcast.Rita HoustonAudio13 mins.
09/09/2014World Café on NPR Several interview segments (25 mins. in all) interspersed between a 7 song studio performance for radio broadcast.Audio25 mins.
08/09/2014Stereogum Q&A: Ryan Adams On His New Self-Titled Album, The Other One He Shelved, And Everything ElseRyan LeasPrint
07/09/2014BuzzFeed AT HOME, KINDA, WITH RYAN ADAMS. An alt-country wunderkind who hates country music, a restlessly prolific songwriter stifled by his label, a reformed hell-raiser determined to maintain privacy in a celebrity marriage. For 20 tumultuous years, Ryan AdPrint
05/09/2014The Sun An interview for the release of the self-titled album. Also mentions shelved the Glyn Johns-produced album in detail. “Making the demos for Ashes & Fire had taught me a lot. “They were more powerful because they were unfiltered and this taught me things for this record. My electric guitar work is a collection of different ideas. “I borrow things from Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth and I mixed that with my own thing, which has a Jerry Garcia feeling. “I like the accidental psychedeliaJACQUI SWIFTPrint
22/07/201498.9 WCLZ From the show's own write-up: "Ryan Adams stopped by Studio Z to talk before his show at the State Theatre. We talked about his new album, tour, and how this album was a very different experience for him."Audio13:53 mins
00/05/2014The Zone @ 91-3 Great interview with a relaxed feel and a very talkative and reflective Ryan Adams.Audio
00/02/2012Q on CBC He found his way into the spotlight in a band called Whiskeytown, and in the decade since he struck out on his own, he's made 13 albums, mining rock, country, punk, and more besides. His latest record is "Ashes & Fire" and it's one of his best. A beautiful, plaintive, expansive album that he says is "obsessed with time". Have a look at this feature chat with Ryan Adams in Studio Q.Jian GhomeshiVideo48:40 mins
10/10/2011Clash "The transcendental maturation of Ryan Adams."Simon HarperPrint
00/10/2011Absolute Radio Ryan Adams talks to Geoff Lloyd about why he took a break from the music scene, his health problems, how he over came those problems, and his love of Dr Who.Geoff LloydVideo9:51 mins.
27/09/2011BNN That's Live! Excellent interview on a Dutch radio station. 3 Interview segments and 3 acoustic solo performances.Audio25 mins.
22/09/2011The Guardian Headline: Ryan Adams: 'Things got broken and I couldn't fix them'. Description: Ten years ago, he was alt-country's biggest star. Then he trashed his own career. But his latest album could be his best yet. Ryan Adams talks about tea and life in analoDave SimpsonPrint
15/11/2008The Guardian Q&A with Ryan Adams. Is this it? REM, Parker Posey, the Killers, Gary Numan, ex-girlfriends, the funk: is there anything that doesn't get American rocker Ryan Adams' goat?Print
00/08/2007Campbell Live John CampbellVideo5:11
23/07/2007Pitchfork When we spoke with the singer/songwriter-- whose new album Easy Tiger finds him more consistent and focused than he's been as of late-- he was in a surprisingly reflective mood, open and honest about some major changes in his life but exceedingly confident as usual about the direction he's traveling in.Joshua KleinPrint
00/07/2007Seattle Times Is Ryan Adams Really at Peace, or Is It Just a Temporary P.R. Stunt? These days, he seems more intent on delivering impressive performances than, say, arguing with an audience member who confuses him with a certain '80s rock star. Hannah LevinPrint
00/07/2007Los Angeles Times An Easy Tiger-themed interview.Print
28/06/2007A.V. Club After spending the first decade of his career as either the most promising singer-songwriter of his generation, or a braying jackass too wrapped up in himself, depending on who was passing judgment, Ryan Adams briefly became a pop-culture punchline, mocked for his prolific output and hard-partying lifestyle. Over the last couple of years, Adams has quietly reformed. Since assembling his touring band, The Cardinals, Adams has re-dedicated himself to his craft, writing and recording hooky, rootsyNoel MurrayPrint
26/06/2007Exclaim Jason SchneiderPrint
18/06/2007The Current Ryan Adams gets a bad rap. It's been years since the well publicized "Summer of '69" on-stage meltdown and the famous voice mail rant. He's been referred to as "difficult" by many. Time has passed, he's grown up and has been sober for over a year. He was an absolute pleasure when he dropped by to chat with DJ Barb Abney on the eve of the release of his newest CD Easy Tiger. While he was here, he spoke candidly about his injuries and foibles; his sobriety, and stage fright.Barb AbneyAudio9 mins.
01/04/2004Pitchfork Ryan Adams' sprawling public persona is its own kind of self-aggravating prophecy: incessant public squabbling (see spats with Jack White, Jeff Tweedy, Paul Westerberg), shrill admonishments deposited in critics' voicemail boxes (then promptly leaked online), and increasingly unpredictable live shows have cast Adams as rock's newest, and oldest, firecracker. Subsequently, trying to decipher Adams' intentions is almost impossible; given the stylistic scope of his discography and the shiftiness ofAmanda PetrusichPrint
00/01/2004Rolling Stone Australia He answers the phone like a petulant teenager: another day, another interview to sulk his way through. Two minutes later, he’s lost his temper, raging about the press and his record company and the confederacy of dunces railing against him. A minute after that he’s distracted by the present his guitarist Johnny McNabb has bought for his girlfriend, attention clearly wandering. And he ricochets from mood to mood for the next twenty minutes, until he’s convinced himself – quite wrongly – that ROLLIan WatsonPrint
24/11/2003SPIN Who The F**k Is Ryan Adams? He's a former punk brat, alt-country cult hero, a hopeless romantic, a clichéd celebrity, and a self-conscious nice guy who can't commit. Will one of rock's most talented songwriters ever make a classic album? Depends on which Ryan you talk to.Marc SpitzPrint
21/11/2003The Guardian 'I've been jumping off bridges' Ryan Adams's record company refused to release his last album. So he recorded the next one in secret, and put the cost of making it on his Visa card. How did they react to that? Sylvie Simmons reportsSylvie SymmonsPrint
00/00/2003Red Perspective A shortened version of this article was published in Performing Songwriter, Issue 73, November 2003
17/10/2002Rolling Stone Q&A: Ryan Adams. Mr. Heartbreak talks about playing Strokes songs and why he loves Madonna and 'Crocodile Dundee'Joe LevyPrint
01/12/2001Magnet Magazine RYAN ADAMS: SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Is Ryan Adams one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his generation? Or will he emerge as another in a long line of pretenders to the Dylan throne? If only you could ask him, he’d surely set you straight. Corey duBrowaPrint
25/10/2001Kinda Muzik Forget James Brown! Ryan Adams is undoubtedly the hardest-working man in showbusiness. 'Heartbreaker', 'Pneumonia', 'Gold'... Three classic albums released in one year. And if it's up to him he's got at least five more coming your way soon, including one "motherfucker" of a record! Time to slow down for a minute with the former Whiskeytown mainman and pick Ryan Adams' mind.Alex TobinPrint
19/10/2001The Guardian 'I'm not a star to myself. I just make records' Ryan Adams, this year's hottest singer-songwriter, talks to Adam SweetingAdam SweetingPrint
20/09/2000Metro Times Drinking alone. “I actually think I’m a lot better songwriter than Jeff Tweedy is.”Melissa GianniniPrint
14/09/2000Rolling Stone Ryan Adams Gets the Hell Outta Whiskeytown. Former Whiskeytown frontman finds inspiration in heartbreak and Nashville. Richard SkansePrint
00/00/2000Last Hurrah Life is a hands-on thing. Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams interview.Tomoo YamaguchiPrint
00/00/2000Insurgent Country Onetime alt-country wunderkind and singer for Whiskeytown comes of age with a solo effort, a transcontinental tour, a wagging tongue and a bizarre love for bad pop. an un-conversation with Basement-LifeJonathan BondPrint
10/02/1998The Synthesis For the uninitiated, Whiskeytown is one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the alt-country camp in recent years. They’re best described as bastard sons of the Replacements and the Rolling Stones. Naturally there are country elements—the band is from South Carolina—but the presence of instruments such as fiddle and lap steel isn’t as much an indication of an alignment with the alt-country movement as it is an exploration of their American musical heritage. Recently, I had the chance to chaMichael KukerPrint
21/10/1997Anders Smith Lindall Complete transcript of interview with Ryan Adams of Whiskeytown, conducted 10/21/97Anders Smith LindallPrint
02/09/1997Weekly Wire Drinking It In. You can say one thing about the members of the Raleigh, North Carolina, country-rock band Whiskeytown -- they sure know how to work a theme.Susan Ellis & Mark JordanPrint
13/03/1997Houston Press A Whole Lot Country.Brad TyerPrint
31/08/1995No Depression Whiskeytown - A short interview's journey into HellDavid MenconiPrint