This site was begun in October 2015 and is being developed and maintaned by one man: Michael Niebuhr. As a professional software developer and longtime Ryan Adams fan, I connected my two passions to create something great: an archive of all things Ryan Adams (excluding unreleased copyrighted material).

None of this would have been possible without the people who have spent their time and efforts before me doing essentially the same thing. I’m talking about Joel Swaney, the legendary taper and creator of the original Ryan Adams Archive (now a Facebook group), Dave Brown who created and ran the legendary Adams site AnsweringBell, as well as everyone who contributed. These two sites are the direct inspiration for this site, and on top of that these two esteemed gentlemen have been very helpful in the making of this site.

The core content on the site are the recorded shows, all provided by the great resource Internet Archive. I cannot thank the individual tapers enough for capturing the concerts that fans can now listen to again and again. I will make sure to include info on the recordings and the tapers as soon as possible.

The Ryan Adams community is very much alive on ToBeYoung and on Facebook. The groups Ryan Adams Superfans and Ryan Adams Archive deserve a big thank you as well. For one they provide most of the traffic on the site, but their members Thomas Bauer, Luke O’Shea, Trond Andersen and Darren Combs also contributed the initial help and data to get the site off the ground. That includes the setlists, shows and list of songs on which the site rests. Thank you very much for your efforts.

I’d also like to thank the sites (David Menconi‘s) Losering Books blog, Mega-Superior-Gold and DrA-Day-by-Day for their many detailed contributions year after year. Many of these make up the ever growing news archive on the site.

Finally I’d like to thank the one and only, the magnificent Ryan Adams, who’s unquenchable work ethic provides us with so much material, that hardly anyone can keep up with him. We’ll try here on this site. Thank for your efforts: your shows, your songs, your recordings, your collaborations and your future projects. We shall follow it all!

Should you feel left out of the credits or wish for something to be taken down, then do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for reading. Do come back!