Orion (2010)
by Orion
Pax Americana Record Company - PAXAM 006 - 18/05/2010


1Signal Fade (written by Ryan Adams)2:49
2Imminent Galactic War (written by Ryan Adams)1:49
3Disappyramid (written by Ryan Adams)2:13
4Fire Away (written by Ryan Adams)1:02
5Defenders of the Galaxy (written by Ryan Adams)1:36
6Fire and Ice (written by Ryan Adams)3:49
7By Force (written by Ryan Adams)2:35
8Ghorgon, Master of War (written by Ryan Adams)2:33
9Ariel (written by Ryan Adams)1:52
10Electro Snake (written by Ryan Adams)1:44
11Victims of the Ice Brigade (written by Ryan Adams)2:06
122,000 Ships (written by Ryan Adams)1:48
13End of Days (written by Ryan Adams)2:26

Bonus tracks

14Valhalla (written by Ryan Adams)Limited First Release Bonus 7"2:08
15Crossing Foggy Mountains (written by Ryan Adams)Limited First Release Bonus 7"0:53

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Signal FadeNever played live
Imminent Galactic WarNever played live
DisappyramidNever played live
Fire AwayNever played live
Defenders of the GalaxyNever played live
Fire and IceNever played live
By ForceNever played live
Ghorgon, Master of WarNever played live
ArielNever played live
Electro SnakeNever played live
Victims of the Ice BrigadeNever played live
2,000 ShipsNever played live
End of DaysNever played live
Valhalla (bonus track)Never played live
Crossing Foggy Mountains (bonus track)Never played live


On the popular Ryan Adams forum, Ryan Adams Archive, Adams posted the following regardingOrion's stylistic influences:

Anyone who loved this record, seriously, please seek out Angel Rat and Nothingface by Voivod. The entire record was my way of saying "thank you" to Denis D'Amour for many years of inspiring me after I learned of his untimely death from colon cancer. [...] He was a wonderful guitarist and for all accounts and amazing gifted man. In fact I dedicated the album 29 to him also but it was, of course, not in the style of his wonderful music. Although, I have used his "backwards barred chords" idea in nearly every one of my Cardinals songs since.