Morning Glory (2023)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM 081 - 07/04/2023


1Hello (written by )4:08
2Some Might Say (written by )4:09
3Hey Now (written by )6:44
4Cast No Shadow (written by )5:12
5She's Electric (written by )4:37
6Talk Tonight (written by )3:38
7Don't Look Back In Anger (written by )3:39
8Headshrinker (written by )6:02
9Morning Glory (written by )4:18
10Roll With It (written by )3:59
11Acquiesce (written by )3:17
12Rocking Chair (written by )4:49
13Wonderwall (written by Noel Gallagher)2023 version4:21
14Champagne Supernova (written by )5:29

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
HelloNever played live
Some Might Say22023-04-092023-04-17
Hey NowNever played live
Cast No Shadow12023-04-092023-04-09
She's ElectricNever played live
Talk TonightNever played live
Don't Look Back In Anger22023-04-152023-04-19
Morning Glory32002-04-092016-07-13
Roll With ItNever played live
AcquiesceNever played live
Rocking ChairNever played live
Champagne SupernovaNever played live