Romeo & Juliet (2022)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - - 25/04/2022


1Rollercoaster (written by )4:10
2In The Blue Of The Night (written by )3:35
3I Can't Remember (written by )3:11
4Something's Missing (written by )2:17
5Doylestown Girl (written by )2:54
6Romeo & Juliet (written by )3:43
7Anything (written by )3:48
8Rain In LA (written by )5:03
9Poor Connection (written by )3:49
10In The Meadow (written by )6:31
11Run (written by )3:38
12This Is Your House (written by )2:05
13At Home With The Animals (written by )3:55
14Earthquake (written by )4:07
15Hold Me Together (written by )3:33
16Losers (written by )3:48
17My Heaven (written by )4:22
18Theo Is Dreaming (written by )1:22
19They Will Know Our Love (written by )3:39
20Desperate Times (written by )3:43
21Something's Missing (written by )2:31

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
RollercoasterNever played live
In The Blue Of The NightNever played live
I Can't RememberNever played live
Something's MissingNever played live
Doylestown Girl12023-03-302023-03-30
Romeo & Juliet122022-05-142023-04-11
AnythingNever played live
Rain In LANever played live
Poor ConnectionNever played live
In The MeadowNever played live
This Is Your House42022-05-212022-12-03
At Home With The Animals22022-05-172022-11-07
EarthquakeNever played live
Hold Me TogetherNever played live
LosersNever played live
My HeavenNever played live
Theo Is DreamingNever played live
They Will Know Our LoveNever played live
Desperate TimesNever played live
Something's MissingNever played live


Only available for download on the official artist webshop ( from 25 April - ? 2022 (initially available until 13 May, but still available) Bonus tracks 20 "Desperate Times" and 21 "Somethings Missing" only available with the download not on the streaming sites.