Prisoner: END OF WORLD Edition (2017)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM 058 - 20/04/2017


1Do You Still Love Me? (written by Ryan Adams and Daniel Clarke)Do You Still Love Me? 7" a-side
2Where Will You Run? (written by )Do You Still Love Me? 7" b-side
3Prisoner (written by Ryan Adams and Mike Viola)Prisoner 7" a-side
4Juli (written by )Prisoner 7" b-side
5Are You Home? (written by )Prisoner 7" b-side
6Doomsday (written by Ryan Adams)Doomsday 7" a-side
7No Words (written by )Doomsday 7" b-side
8Halo (written by )Doomsday 7" b-side
9Haunted House (written by Ryan Adams)Haunted House a-side
10It Will Never Be The Same (written by )Haunted House b-side
11Shiver And Shake (written by Ryan Adams)Shiver And Shake 7" a-side
12What If We're Wrong (written by )Shiver And Shake 7" b-side
13To Be Without You (written by Ryan Adams)To Be Without You 7" a-side
14Broken Things (written by )To Be Without You 7" b-side
15Anything I Say To You Now (written by Ryan Adams)Anything I Say To You Now 7" a-side
16Stop You (written by )Anything I Say To You Now 7" b-side
17Hanging On To Hope (written by )Anything I Say To You Now 7" b-side
18Breakdown (written by Ryan Adams)Breakdown 7" a-side
19Let It Burn (written by )Breakdown 7" b-side
20Outbound Train (written by Ryan Adams)Outbound Train 7" a-side
21Crazy Now (written by )Outbound Train 7" b-side
22You Said (written by )Outbound Train 7" b-side
23Broken Anyway (written by Ryan Adams)Broken Anyway 7" a-side
24Please Help Me (written by )Broken Anyway 7" b-side
25Tightrope (written by Ryan Adams)Tightrope 7" a-side
26Too Tired To Cry (written by )Tightrope 7" b-side
27We Disappear (written by Ryan Adams)We Disappear 7" a-side
28Stop Talking (written by )We Disappear 7" b-side
29The Empty Bed (written by )We Disappear 7" b-side

Bonus tracks

30Lookout (written by Ryan Adams)Unannounced digital b-side
31The Cold (written by Ryan Adams)Unannounced digital b-side

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Do You Still Love Me?1072016-08-172023-04-23
Where Will You Run?22017-05-022018-06-12
Are You Home?12017-05-032017-05-03
No WordsNever played live
HaloNever played live
Haunted House442016-07-242023-04-14
It Will Never Be The SameNever played live
Shiver And Shake132017-01-292022-11-10
What If We're WrongNever played live
To Be Without You1192016-07-242023-04-23
Broken ThingsNever played live
Anything I Say To You Now582016-12-042022-05-20
Stop You12017-05-072017-05-07
Hanging On To HopeNever played live
Let It BurnNever played live
Outbound Train1322016-07-082023-04-11
Crazy NowNever played live
You SaidNever played live
Broken Anyway192017-01-262022-05-20
Please Help MeNever played live
Too Tired To CryNever played live
We Disappear342016-12-042023-04-14
Stop TalkingNever played live
The Empty Bed12021-07-082021-07-08
Lookout (bonus track)12022-11-072022-11-07
The Cold (bonus track)Never played live



Twelve 7" records (All 12 songs from Prisoner) 
17 previously unreleased B-sides
Each record is a different color with unique cover art
Real working lights and sound!!
Full band 2D action figures & stage accessories!!!
Mega Amps! Felines! Video Game! Pedal Board! And MORE!!!

BUT WAIT there's more... 

All orders will receive Prisoner digitally on February 17th, 2017
B-sides will be sent digitally when the End of World Edition ships


MORE surprises hidden inside, for you to figure out!

(1) per household

Limited edition, only one production run!

12 randomly selected box sets will contain a one-of-a-kind solo acoustic 7" of one of Prisoner’s 12 tracks recorded direct-to-vinyl in the vintage Voice-O-Graph booth at Electric Lady studios. Only one single of each song exists and only one run of the Prisoner: End of World Edition will be ever be pressed.