Live At Rough Trade (2017)
by Ryan Adams
Pax Americana Record Company - PAX-AM 059 - 22/12/2017


1Do You Still Love Me? (written by Ryan Adams and Daniel Clarke)3:22
2Doomsday (written by Ryan Adams)3:30
3Haunted House (written by Ryan Adams)2:55
4Tightrope (written by Ryan Adams)4:14
5Breakdown (written by Ryan Adams)4:38
6Outbound Train (written by Ryan Adams)4:11
7Prisoner (written by Ryan Adams and Mike Viola)3:34
8Dune Buggy (written by )0:54
9Broken Anyway (written by Ryan Adams)4:21
10We Disappear (written by Ryan Adams)3:24
11Was I Wrong? (written by )2:53
12Still A Cage (written by )2:52
13To Be Without You (written by Ryan Adams)4:23
14Rats In The Wall (written by Ryan Adams)2:57
15Streets of Philadelphia (written by Bruce Springsteen)3:17

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Do You Still Love Me?1022016-08-172018-06-14
Haunted House362016-07-242018-06-12
Outbound Train862016-07-082018-06-12
Dune Buggy12017-01-262017-01-26
Broken Anyway162017-01-262017-10-06
We Disappear262016-12-042018-06-14
Was I Wrong?62016-07-262017-09-07
Still A Cage22017-01-262017-01-29
To Be Without You572016-07-242018-05-22
Rats In The Wall272014-09-182017-01-26
Streets of Philadelphia22017-01-262017-01-27