Stay Gold (2016)
by Butch Walker
Lojinx - LJX107LP - 26/08/2016

Ryan was going to produce it again this time, but had to deal with a messy divorce and I had a very short window to get this thing recorded. He told me he still wanted to be involved and I happily obliged. He plays guitar and piano and is also the overall co-conceptualizer of the whole record with me.


1Stay Gold (written by )
2East Coast Girl (written by )
3Wilder In The Heart (written by )
4Ludlow Expectations (written by )
Guitar solo - Ryan Adams
5Descending (written by )
6Irish Exit (written by )
7Mexican Coke (written by )
8Can We Just Not Talk About Last Night (written by )
9Spark: Lost (written by )
10Record Store (written by )

Performance statistics

TitleTimes playedDebutLast played
Stay GoldNever played live
East Coast GirlNever played live
Wilder In The HeartNever played live
Ludlow ExpectationsNever played live
DescendingNever played live
Irish ExitNever played live
Mexican CokeNever played live
Can We Just Not Talk About Last NightNever played live
Spark: LostNever played live
Record StoreNever played live