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(1) 2018-01-19
Starcrawler Wants to Freak You Out (Vulture)
It was from their shows that the band got the attention of Ryan Adams, the prolific rock-and-roller and denim-jacket connoisseur who produced Starcrawler’s album at his Pax-Am Studio.
(2) 2017-06-28
The Best Albums of 2017 (So Far) (Vulture)
Prisoner funnels the bare brokenhearted mood of Adams’s classic solo debut, Heartbreaker, through the Tom Petty–indebted classic-rock theatrics of 2014’s Ryan Adams.
(3) 2017-05-15
The Last Moment OF THE Last Great Rock Band (Strokes story with Ryan content) (Vulture)
The inside story of how the Strokes — and the early-aughts New York rock boom — went bust, told by the people who lived it.
(4) 2017-03-08
We Went Guitar Shopping With Ryan Adams (Vulture)
Ryan Adams bursts through the door of Rivington Guitars, the tiny East Village instrument shop where he’s asked me to meet him, and immediately launches into a conversation with the owner, Howie, about the red 1983 Les Paul he bought there last Novem
(5) 2016-12-13
5 Best New Songs of the Week (Vulture)
New song "Do You Still Love Me?," now that's a version of Ryan Adams we recognize. This one sounds bruised, reflective, and like his heart's on fire.
(6) 2016-12-07
Ryan Adams’s New Song Will Make You Still Love Him Even After That Taylor Swift Covers Album (Vulture)
Perhaps we can all learn to love Ryan again if we just revel in the fact that this rollicking new song is a return to form and move forward
(7) 2016-02-17
Before He Was a Hollywood Vampire: The Complete History of Johnny Depp, Rock Musician (Vulture)
Great article that also mentions most of the Ryan Adams collaborations.
(8) 2014-09-09
A Brief History of Ryan Adams, From Vices to Voice Mails (Vulture)
A visual timeline of Ryan Adams.