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(1) 2017-09-15
Phoebe Bridgers: Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes and me (The Guardian)
She came late to the emo party, but the folk-rock singer says she’s ‘still an angsty teenager’ at heart
(2) 2017-06-22
Halsey: ‘I used to be a social queen – now I’m terrified of people’ (The Guardian)
While picking at dim sum, she talks passionately about Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Ryan Adams, and you get the feeling that if Halsey wasn’t a pop star having Gifs made about herself, she would be making them about other artists.
(3) 2017-02-16
Ryan Adams: Prisoner review – intimacy and restraint amid epic bombast (****) (The Guardian)
It’s hard to make American rock with the epic sweep of Springsteen or Petty and keep it free of bombast.
(4) 2017-02-10
Ryan Adams discusses his Summer of '69 humiliation: 'I was so angry' (The Guardian)
Singer has written an article discussing the night he confronted a heckler who was demanding a Bryan Adams hit
(5) 2015-11-05
Ryan Adams: 1989 review – false notes abound on Taylor Swift covers album (The Guardian)
(6) 2015-07-14
Ryan Adams leads crusade to rescue 'cemetery cat' in New Zealand (The Guardian)
Musician enlists his best ‘speaking to cats’ voice and the help of locals to co-ordinate rescue mission for abandoned kitten while on tour in Auckland