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(1) 2018-05-29
Ryan Adams Honors Colorado Radio Station in New Song (Paste Magazine)
Clocking in at just under two minutes, the track, wielding some heavy guitar and clanging drums, very much evokes ‘80s hair metal.
(2) 2018-03-28
Ryan Adams Will Perform a Legendary Rolling Stones Album in Its Entirety at New Orleans Tribute Show (Paste Magazine)
The one-off performance is being called "Exile on Bourbon St."
(3) 2017-05-04
Austin City Limits Releases Massive 2017 Lineup With Chance, Spoon, More (Paste Magazine)
Topline headliners include Chance the Rapper, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz and The Killers. Joining them will be Ryan Adams and dozens more.
(4) 2017-05-02
Check Out Ryan Adams's Rousing Performance on Colbert (Paste Magazine)
Ryan Adams took to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to perform “Outbound Train,” an outstanding track from his excellent new album Prisoner. It’s a rousing, energetic performance in the same vein as ‘80s Bruce Springsteen, which is just tops.
(5) 2017-02-17
Ryan Adams: Prisoner Review (Paste Magazine)
It’s a beautiful sounding collection, no question. Sometimes, though, Adams’ exacting, just-so approach to the sonics undercuts the power of his lyrics.
(6) 2016-08-04
The 50 Best Alt-Country Albums of All Time (Paste Magazine)
Ryan Adams has two albums on the list. One in the top 50 and one in the top 20.
(7) 2016-01-29
Video Premiere: Jesse Malin - "Edward Hopper" (Paste Magazine)
Jesse talks about meeting Ryan Adams and Ryan's involvement in the The Fine Art of Self Destruction (about to be reissued).
(8) 2016-01-26
Video Premiere: The Duchess and The Fox - "Every Night" (Paste Magazine)
The Duchess and The Fox is a self-described “noir cabaret” project featuring Andrea Diaz and Joe McGinty (Rock N Roll, Love Is Hell, JCN).
(9) 2016-01-08
Circles Around The Sun: Interludes for the Dead (review) (Paste Magazine)
Justin Kreutzmann commissioned Neal Casal to compose more than five hours of original instrumentals to accompany these hallucinatory digital interludes.
(10) 2015-12-18
The 10 Best Cover Songs of 2015 (Paste Magazine)
The list features Natalie Prass and Father John Misty's version of Blank Space.
(11) 2015-12-01
The 50 Best Albums of 2015 (Paste Magazine)
Ryan Adams' '1989' is a number 40.
(12) 2015-06-22
10 Ryan Adams Songs that Nail Heartbreak (Paste Magazine)
(13) 2014-06-12
The 20 Best "Going-Solo" Debut Albums (Paste Magazine)
"Heartbreaker" makes number 2.
(14) 2012-06-29
The 12 Best Ryan Adams Songs (Paste Magazine)
(15) 2012-04-09
Twelve Restaurants with Musical Ties (Paste Magazine)
The “Easy, Tiger” soup of the day, the “Goodnight Rose” sandwich, “Easy Plateau” and “Let it Ride” pizzas, and “To Be Young,” a decidedly youthful menu choice of chicken fingers and French fries.
(16) 2011-04-11
30 Record Store Day 2011 Releases Worth Your Dough (Paste Magazine)
The "Class Mythology" EP makes number 1!
(17) 2010-03-13
Ten Photos From Neal Casal's Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows (Paste Magazine)
(18) 2010-01-08
Ten Songs We Wish Johnny Cash Had Lived to Cover (Paste Magazine)
Hard Way To Fall: As wounded and moving a breakup song as you'll ever hear. Cash's quivering baritone would've played well with all that wistful, sighing reflection.
(19) 2009-11-02
The 50 Best Albums of the Decade (2000-2009) (Paste Magazine)
"Heartbreaker" is at number 23.
(20) 2009-07-04
12 Patriotic Songs Better than Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." (Paste Magazine)
"New York, New York" is at number 9.
(21) 2009-06-01
Take Two: Ten Perfectly Imperfect Musical Outtakes (Paste Magazine)
“Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey" makes the list.
(22) 2009-04-21
10 Musicians Worth Following on Twitter (Paste Magazine)
Ryan is number 4.
(23) 2009-01-21
An Open Letter to the Internets Regarding Ryan Adams Quitting Music -OR- Stop Freaking Out: It's Only Ryan (Paste Magazine)
(24) 2007-10-23
Ryan Adams: The View from the Plateau (Paste Magazine)
(25) 2006-03-24
Production Notes: Ethan Johns/Ryan Adams (Paste Magazine)
For Ryan Adams, Ethans Johns is THE FACILITATOR