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(1) 2019-01-08
Ryan Adams will release three new albums this year, starting with ‘Big Colors’ (NME)
That's a whole lotta DRA
(2) 2018-07-20
Miley Cyrus joins Ryan Adams in the studio (NME)
"Some good vibes on our last night in"
(3) 2018-06-19
Ryan Adams has a whole bunch of albums ready to release, including ‘Prisoner’ sequels and long-lost LP ‘Blackhole’ (NME)
The musician has given fans an update on some projects he's been working on.
(4) 2018-06-14
Ryan Adams guests as Denver weather presenter (NME)
The musician said he's always dreamed of doing the weather, “partially because of the movie Twister”
(5) 2018-03-08
Ryan Adams’ next album could be on the way very soon (NME)
The musician appears to be on a hot streak, with the follow-up to 2017's 'Prisoner' seemingly nearing completion.
(6) 2018-02-14
Ryan Adams celebrates Valentine’s Day with new track ‘Baby, I Love You’ (NME)
It's a smoocher
(7) 2017-10-03
Listen to Ryan Adams cover Tegan And Sara’s ‘Back In Your Head’ (NME)
Adams' rendition will feature on the pair's 10th anniversary reissue of 'The Con'
(8) 2017-09-17
Ryan Adams stirs rumours of ‘Coronation Street’ appearance following bizarre Twitter exchange with show (NME)
He wants to play a time travelling cyborg.
(9) 2017-07-07
NOS Alive 2017: Ryan Adams calls Donald Trump a “fucking moron”, The xx thrill and The Weeknd gets started (NME)
Ryan Adams used his appearance at Lisbon’s NOS Alive 2017 to apologise for the President of the United States of America being “a fucking moron”.
(10) 2017-04-23
Ryan Adams made a surprise appearance at John Mayer’s Los Angeles gig to play ‘Come Pick Me Up’ (NME)
Watch footage of the track, which the pair played live on Friday
(11) 2017-03-28
Ryan Adams adds more shows to 2017 UK and EU tour (NME)
Now even more chances to catch 'Prisoner' live.
(12) 2017-02-17
Ryan Adams announces UK and Ireland tour (NME)
Today sees the release of Adams’ acclaimed new album ‘Prisoner‘, and know he’ll be heading out on a huge UK jaunt kicking off in September and culminating in a huge night at London’s Royal Albert Hall.
(13) 2017-02-15
Ryan Adams – ‘Prisoner’ Review (****) (NME)
In which the singer-songwriter picks over the bones of his six-year marriage to actress Mandy Moore.
(14) 2017-02-14
Hear Ryan Adams’ new album ‘Prisoner’ online in full (NME)
Hear his raw and honest 16th album a few days early.
(15) 2017-02-07
Ryan Adams reveals how he wrote ‘Do You Still Love Me?’ (NME)
Ryan Adams has opened up about what went into writing the ‘Prince and AC/DC’ inspired new single ‘Do You Still Love Me’. Watch the NME ‘Song Stories’ video above. Read more at
(16) 2016-12-09
Ryan Adams on the ‘genius’ of Oasis: ‘They’re like Star Wars’ (NME)
And why 'Supersonic' should be nominated for the VO5 NME Awards 2017
(17) 2016-12-07
Ryan Adams unveils new single & album, talks divorce, death, ‘vulnerability’, recovery & freedom Read more at (NME)
Adams reveals 'Do You Still Love Me' from 'Prisoner' - and talks to NME about the 'freedom' of his new record Read more at
(18) 2016-10-28
Ryan Adams explains why he ‘misses’ Oasis and how they ‘fucking mattered’ (NME)
Music is now 'a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands'
(19) 2016-07-15
Watch Ryan Adams cover Oasis after Noel Gallagher opening set (NME)
Adams treated the audience to 'Morning Glory' and 'Supersonic'.
(20) 2016-06-21
Jack White, Beck and Lady Gaga join petition against YouTube (NME)
Those previously known to have signed the petition include Paul McCartney{/a], U2, Taylor Swift, Guns N’ Roses, Pharrell, Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon, Trent Reznor, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys, David Byrne, Krist Novoselic and Miguel.
(21) 2015-12-17
NME's Albums Of The Year 2015 (NME)
'1989' makes number 50.
(22) 2015-12-16
What Happened When Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams And Zane Lowe Gathered At Beats 1 For A Love-In (NME)
Zane said it was “like some wonderful musical party”.
(23) 2015-10-26
Ryan Adams compares Taylor Swift to Shakespeare and The Smiths (NME)
(24) 2015-10-22
Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams reveal that they've recorded together (NME)
(25) 2015-10-20
Ryan Adams performs cover of Taylor Swift's 'Welcome To New York' live on 'Kimmel' - watch (NME)
(26) 2015-10-19
Taylor Swift tells Ryan Adams 'what you did with my album was like actors changing emphasis' (NME)
(27) 2015-10-10
Ryan Adams to release '1989' covers album on vinyl in December (NME)
(28) 2015-10-09
Father John Misty says he covered Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift to troll the media (NME)
(29) 2015-10-02
Ryan Adams performs tracks from his Taylor Swift covers album live for the first time – watch (NME)
(30) 2015-09-22
Ryan Adams On Channelling The Smiths On His Taylor Swift Covers Album (NMÈ)
(31) 2015-09-21
Ryan Adams says he wanted Taylor Swift covers album to sound like Bruce Springsteen's 'Nebraska' (NME)
(32) 2015-09-18
Ryan Adams reveals cover of Taylor Swift’s 'Bad Blood' (NME)
(33) 2015-09-18
Is Ryan Adams' '1989' Cover Album Any Good? A Ryan Adams Fan And A Taylor Swift Fan Decide (NME)
(34) 2015-09-17
Ryan Adams says Taylor Swift '1989' cover album will be released next week (NME)
(35) 2015-09-15
St Vincent, Ryan Adams and Spoon to headline Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert (NME)
(36) 2015-09-14
Ryan Adams covers Neil Young's 'Cinnamon Girl' at NeilFest - watch (NME)
(37) 2015-08-26
Ryan Adams says Taylor Swift '1989' cover album has reached 'finish line' (NME)
(38) 2015-08-20
Taylor Swift expects Ryan Adams' '1989' covers album to be 'something really special' (NME)
(39) 2015-08-19
Ryan Adams shares 'Shake It Off' snippet from Taylor Swift cover album (NME)
(40) 2015-08-13
Ryan Adams teases Taylor Swift cover album with 'Wildest Dreams' preview (NME)
(41) 2015-08-06
Taylor Swift ready to 'pass out' after Ryan Adams covers her '1989' album in style of The Smiths (NME)
(42) 2015-07-22
Ryan Adams covers Foo Fighters' 'Times Like These' in Sydney (NME)
(43) 2015-06-19
60 Seconds With Noel Gallagher: The Solo Star On Headlining Festivals, Gold Albums And New Music (NME)
(44) 2015-06-15
Ryan Adams set to release previously archived albums (NME)
(45) 2015-06-08
Ryan Adams clarifies Deadmau5 rant: 'My humour is 100 per cent sarcasm' (NME)
(46) 2015-06-07
Ryan Adams disses Deadmau5 at Governors Ball: 'Try to make this song on your fucking iPhone' (NME)
(47) 2015-05-27
Ryan Adams continues tour despite breaking rib (NME)
(48) 2015-05-06
Bryan Adams says he's 'happy' Ryan Adams covered 'Summer of '69' and will return the favour (NME)
(49) 2015-04-30
Ryan Adams covers Bryan Adams' 'Summer of '69' (NME)
(50) 2015-04-28
Ryan Adams releases three new acoustic tracks – listen (NME)
(51) 2015-04-13
Coachella 2015 (NME)
(52) 2015-03-10
Ryan Adams dons dress to take place of absent opening act Natalie Prass – watch (NME)
(53) 2015-02-24
Muse, Foo Fighters, and Ryan Adams to headline Fuji Rock Festival 2015 (NME)
(54) 2015-01-25
Ryan Adams performs acoustic version of 'Gimme Something Good' on US TV (NME)
(55) 2015-01-25
Jenny Lewis and Ryan Adams appear on TV show 'Austin City Limits' – watch (NME)
(56) 2015-01-24
Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore separate after five years of marriage (NME)
(57) 2014-12-21
Jenny Lewis and Ryan Adams perform together on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' – watch (NME)
(58) 2014-12-15
Johnny Depp to feature on new Ryan Adams single (NME)
(59) 2014-12-14
Ryan Adams covers Jenny Lewis's 'She’s Not Me' live – watch (NME)
(60) 2014-11-14
Ryan Adams to score new Al Pacino film (NME)
(61) 2014-10-07
Ryan Adams announces UK tour for spring 2015 – O2 Priority Ticket details (NME)
(62) 2014-10-07
O2 Priority Tickets for Bryan Ferry, Ryan Adams and Ella Eyre available tomorrow (NME)
(63) 2014-10-02
Ryan Adams covers Bryan Adams' 'Run To You' (NME)
(64) 2014-10-02
Ryan Adams to release Halloween-themed 'Vampires' EP (NME)
(65) 2014-09-22
Ryan Adams plans to release ‘lost’ album 'Blackhole' (NME)
(66) 2014-09-19
Johnny Depp and Ryan Adams cover Danzig on stage in London – watch (NME)
(67) 2014-09-15
Ryan Adams - 'Ryan Adams' (NME)
(68) 2014-09-01
Ryan Adams streams new album online (NME)
(69) 2014-08-19
Elbow, Paolo Nutini, Jessie Ware, Ryan Adams and more added to iTunes Festival line-up (NME)
(70) 2014-08-12
Ryan Adams: 'I'm too old to care who likes my records' (NME)
(71) 2014-07-28
Ryan Adams announces trio of UK gigs for September (NME)
(72) 2014-07-27
Ryan Adams previews new album at Newport Folk Festival (NME)
(73) 2014-07-24
Ryan Adams debuts new track 'Stay With Me' live - watch (NME)
(74) 2014-07-01
Ryan Adams announces the release of new, self-titled album (NME)
(75) 2014-06-28
Ryan Adams reveals new single 'Gimme Something Good' (NME)
(76) 2014-06-17
Ryan Adams reveals new single release will be part of a series (NME)
(77) 2014-06-13
Ryan Adams announces new single 'Gimme Something Good' (NME)
(78) 2014-05-19
Jenny Lewis works with Ryan Adams and Beck on solo album (NME)
(79) 2014-03-28
Ethan Johns announces release of Ryan Adams produced album 'The Reckoning' (NME)
(80) 2013-09-16
Ethan Johns to release Ryan Adams-produced album in 2014 (NME)
(81) 2013-08-08
Ryan Adams called a 'gutless coward' by US talk show host Sean Hannity - watch (NME)
(82) 2013-05-09
Ethan Johns to release new single produced by Ryan Adams (NME)
(83) 2013-01-12
Ryan Adams covers Iron Maiden's 'Wasted Years' – listen (NME)
(84) 2012-07-16
Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore to record album together (NME)
(85) 2012-06-13
Ryan Adams to release new 'Live After Deaf' boxset (NME)
(86) 2012-04-10
Ryan Adams joins Haim onstage in LA for Fleetwood Mac cover (NME)
(87) 2012-01-16
Ryan Adams announces April UK tour – ticket details (NME)
(88) 2011-10-07
Album Review: Ryan Adams - 'Ashes & Fire' (NME)
(89) 2011-10-06
Ryan Adams performs track from new album 'Ashes & Fire' - video (NME)
(90) 2011-10-03
Ryan Adams: 'Being solo is perfect' (NME)
(91) 2011-09-23
Ryan Adams: 'I threw out 80 per cent of my album when I heard Laura Marling' (NME)
(92) 2011-09-13
Ryan Adams announces October UK shows - ticket details (NME)
(93) 2011-08-11
Ryan Adams to release new album in October (NME)
(94) 2011-03-16
Ryan Adams working on new album with Glyn Johns (NME)
(95) 2011-03-16
Ryan Adams working on new album with Glyn Johns (NME)
(96) 2010-11-05
Ryan Adams announces tracklisting for 'III/IV' (NME)
(97) 2010-08-20
Ryan Adams to release previously archived albums this autumn (NME)
(98) 2010-06-24
Weezer collaborate with Ryan Adams for new album (NME)
(99) 2010-06-15
Ryan Adams set to release previously archived albums (NME)
(100) 2010-06-08
Ryan Adams writes 11 new songs inspired by trip to Ronnie James Dio's funeral (NME)
(101) 2010-05-20
Ryan Adams releases his 'first fully-realised sci-fi metal concept album ORION' (NME)
(102) 2009-12-23
From Ryan Adams To Radiohead, The 10 Best Oasis Cover Versions (NME)
(103) 2009-04-09
Ryan Adams resurrects 'death metal' band online (NME)
(104) 2009-01-14
Ryan Adams quits The Cardinals (NME)
(105) 2008-09-04
Oasis' Noel Gallagher bigs up Ryan Adams (NME)
(106) 2008-09-01
Ryan Adams compares Oasis to Led Zeppelin (NME)
(107) 2008-08-23
Ryan Adams compares new Oasis album to Radiohead (NME)
(108) 2008-04-17
Ryan Adams 'I hate country music' (NME)
(109) 2008-01-16
Ryan Adams becomes a 'surreal' video director (NME)
(110) 2007-09-28
Ryan Adams throws tantrum at Minneapolis show (NME)
(111) 2007-08-16
Ryan Adams quits drink and drugs (NME)
(112) 2007-06-18
Ryan Adams: 'It is a miracle I did not die' (NME)
(113) 2007-06-05
Ryan Adams box set coming soon (NME)
(114) 2007-05-10
Ryan Adams has fan in Stephen King (NME)
(115) 2007-04-12
Ryan Adams cancels Stonehenge gig (NME)
(116) 2006-12-01
Ryan Adams posts 11 new albums online (NME)
(117) 2006-10-08
Ryan Adams shuts down own forum (NME)
(118) 2006-09-29
Ryan Adams goes hip hop (NME)
(119) 2006-01-10
Ryan Adams: 29 (NME)
(120) 2005-09-12
Ryan Adams and The Pinkhearts : Battery Park, NYC (NME)
(121) 2005-09-12
Ryan Adams : London Shepherds Bush empire (NME)
(122) 2005-09-12
Adams, Ryan : Love Is Hell Pts 1&2 (NME)
(123) 2005-09-12
Adams, Ryan : Dublin Olympia Theatre: Sunday November 16 (NME)
(124) 2004-01-28