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(1) 2017-06-20
Final Four in the “BEST DRA SONG 2017” (Losering Books)
The “BEST DRA SONG 2017” listener poll has gone pretty much exactly according to Hoyle, in that it’s now down to the last four songs — and all four No. 1 seeds have made it into the Final Four.
(2) 2017-06-15
June madness continues: The brains behind the bracket (Losering Books)
A great feature on Christopher Bradley's Best DRA Song 2017 survey including a short interview/Q&A.
(3) 2017-05-08
No Depression in Whiskeytown (Losering Books)
Opinions shouldn’t be static or carved in stone, and two decades past Whiskeytown’s prime I do sometimes catch myself wondering: Were they really all that?
(4) 2017-01-25
Ryan Adams, autobiographer (Losering Books)
Ryan (who has published a couple of books himself) is supposedly going to write his own book about Whiskeytown.
(5) 2016-10-31
Ryan Adams, prisoner of love (Losering Books)
This Friday will be Nov. 4, and it may or may not see the release of a new Ryan Adams album called Prisoner.
(6) 2016-08-31
Coming in November: New Ryan Adams LP (Losering Books)
Studio svengali Don Was is back behind the board in what Ryan calls his “Gandalf” mode.
(7) 2016-08-09
“1989 Is Hell” (Losering Books)
They’ve made 1989 Is Hell, a remake of Ryan’s 2003 album Love Is Hell with the songs rearranged as Taylor Swift-style pop — including “Wonderwall,” which is itself a cover of a 1995 Oasis song. Wow.
(8) 2016-08-02
Ryan Adams forsakes electricity (Losering Books)
"I would go electric but my fans are already used to disappointment."
(9) 2016-07-30
Losering 3: Somebody Remembers the Rose (Losering Books)
All in all, it was another lovely evening, and it raised a nice chunk of change for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.
(10) 2016-07-13
“Ballad of a Detroit Spider” (Losering Books)
After rescuing a spider from guitarist Mike Viola’s microphone, Ryan launched into “Ballad of a Detroit Spider,” with the rest of the band gradually joining in.
(11) 2016-06-20
Save the date: July 29 for “Losering 3” (Losering Books)
This will be the third such tribute show, following very successful “Losering” events in 2013 and 2015.
(12) 2016-06-17
Caitlin Cary needle prints the Raleigh Skyline (Losering Books)
Caitlin has been doing these works for a couple of years, rendering local scenes in the highly unusual medium of discarded upholstery fabric.
(13) 2016-04-05
North Carolina passed over — again (Losering Books)
The headline reads, “Ryan Adams Announces East Coast Dates” — and sure, I took a look even though I knew what East Coast state would be missing.
(14) 2016-03-17
Be my winding wheel (Losering Books)
Wednesday night, however, found both Ryan and me in Austin, Texas. And if I can’t see him play in Raleigh, seeing him play South By Southwest is probably the next best thing.
(15) 2016-03-07
SXSW-bound and down (Losering Books)
Wouldn’t you know it, Ryan was just added to the SXSW schedule, which will be his first SXSW appearance since the early 2000s.
(16) 2016-02-19
Ryan Adams goes beyond “Fragile” (Losering Books)
Following up several weeks of hints about an in-progress recording project, Ryan sent out the Tweet below this morning, promising a fall release.
(17) 2016-02-12
Pure gold: Corrosion of Conformity (Losering Books)
David Menconi on Corrosion of Conformity and the Ryan Adams connection.
(18) 2016-02-04
A Heartbreaker of a box set? (Losering Books)
The Heartbreaker Boxset appears and disappears in an online retailers store.
(19) 2016-01-16
“Dude, get back in there then.” (Losering Books)
(20) 2016-01-05
Going deep on Come Pick Me Up, the new DRA archive (Losering Books)
(21) 2016-01-05
Meanwhile, on Planet Pitchfork… (Losering Books)
Seven out of 10 readers (or at least respondents to its annual Readers’ Poll for 2015) prefer Taylor Swift’s 1989 to DRA 1989.
(22) 2016-01-04
More affordable art (Losering Books)
Florida artist paints Ryan and has made a limited-edition run of 10 signed and numbered gallery-quality prints
(23) 2016-01-01
Year-end wishes from Ryan Adams (Losering Books)
(24) 2015-12-26
Ryan Adams’ land of Kotten (Losering Books)
For sale on eBay right now is a spiral notebook with notes for 14 songs that Ryan wrote for Kotten in the early 90s.
(25) 2015-12-18
It’s all just folklore (Losering Books)
(26) 2015-12-16
Taylor Swift’s “Heartbreaker” — seems fair (Losering Books)
(27) 2015-12-15
Oh Ryan, won’t you please come home (Losering Books)
A dinner invitation from Raleigh, North Carolina.
(28) 2015-12-09
Ryan Adams reviews the reviewer (Losering Books)
by David Menconi
(29) 2015-12-07
Grammy love for the Wheel, but not Ryan Adams (Losering Books)
(30) 2015-11-25
DRA 1989: off the charts, but onto tape (Losering Books)
(31) 2015-11-19
It’s back! The “Losering” holiday special — expanded! (Losering Books)
Offer on Menconi's Ryan book "Ryan Adams: Losering, A Story of Whiskeytown”.
(32) 2015-11-15
Desperately seeking Caitlin (not Caitlyn) Cary… (Losering Books)
(33) 2015-11-13
Bless his heart… (Losering Books)
(34) 2015-11-08
Metrics, schmetrics: Quality, not quantity (Losering Books)
Blog post about the book "Ryan Adams: Losering, a story of Whiskeytown."
(35) 2015-11-07
Old habits die hard… (Losering Books)
Buying '1989' on CD.
(36) 2015-11-05
Happy birthday, Ryan Adams — 41 years young (Losering Books)
(37) 2015-10-29
Ryan Adams enters academia’s hallowed halls (Losering Books)
(38) 2015-10-27
Halloweenhead: The next generation (Losering Books)
(39) 2015-10-26
Ryan Adams at The Bridge: No shoes, no shirt, no service (Losering Books)
(40) 2015-10-15
“Yesterday’s News” at the Berkeley Cafe (Losering Books)
Duo covers entire "Stranger's Almanac" album.
(41) 2015-10-09
To Be young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be Folded) (Losering Books)
Ryan Adams as a paper toy.
(42) 2015-10-06
The Ryan/Taylor quiz — who said what? (Losering Books)
(43) 2015-10-06
“DRA 1989” goes down (the charts) (Losering Books)
(44) 2015-09-27
DRA 1989 on the charts: no peak, but ahead of Taylor Swift (Losering Books)
(45) 2015-09-23
Covering Whiskeytown seems like the least Taylor Swift could do… (Losering Books)
(46) 2015-09-21
“1989” goes viral (Losering Books)
(47) 2015-09-21
First impressions: Ryan Adams’ “1989” (Losering Books)
(48) 2015-09-18
Twitter games with @TheRyanAdams (Losering Books)
(49) 2015-09-14
Ryan Adams on Neil Young: “Old Man,” verily (Losering Books)
(50) 2015-09-05
Fifteen years of “Heartbreaker” (Losering Books)
(51) 2015-08-26
Going back to Whiskeytown, in style (Losering Books)
Company offers Whiskeytown t-shirts.
(52) 2015-08-24
Ryan Adams still partying like it’s 1989 (Losering Books)
(53) 2015-08-23
Stranger, The Vampire Slayer. (Losering Books)
Whiskeytown poster in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.
(54) 2015-08-14
Ryan’s “1989” — still coming along (Losering Books)
(55) 2015-08-09
Echoes of “Losering”s past (Losering Books)
Van Alston story.
(56) 2015-08-08
Ryan Adams goes back to the future: 1989 (Losering Books)
(57) 2015-07-30
Tattoo You (Losering Books)
Whiskeytown tattoos.
(58) 2015-07-29
“Strangers Almanac,” old enough to vote (Losering Books)
(59) 2015-07-20
“Oh My Sweet Carolina” Down Under (Losering Books)
(60) 2015-07-18
Life real and surreal: (Losering Books)
(61) 2015-07-15
“Losering” prefers blondes (Losering Books)
Story about a "secret" Ryan Adams group.
(62) 2015-06-26
Holding onto black metal (Losering Books)
(63) 2015-06-23
Ryan Adams burns (joints) in the night (Losering Books)
(64) 2015-06-21
Happy Father’s Day from Butch and Ryan (Losering Books)
"Father's Day" audio.
(65) 2015-06-18
Chris Stamey’s “Universe-Sized Arms,” from Ryan Adams (Losering Books)
Chris Stamey's version of the Ryan-penned "Universe-Sized Arms".
(66) 2015-06-08
Ten years after… (Losering Books)
Rumination of the fact it's 10 years since Ryan played his hometown.
(67) 2015-06-07
Governor’s Ball: A “Terminator” nightmare? (Losering Books)
(68) 2015-06-06
Love Is Hell — but it’s a heckuva cake (Losering Books)
"Love is Hell" cake.
(69) 2015-05-29
A Loserblog milestone (Losering Books)
100.000 views on the Losering Books blog.
(70) 2015-05-25
Happy Memorial Day, from Whiskeytown (Losering Books)
(71) 2015-05-12
No Depression goes back to the future: print! (Losering Books)
Ryan is a "ND20" supporter.
(72) 2015-05-11
Ryan Adams, Allen Ginsberg and the random interconnectedness of all things (Losering Books)
(73) 2015-05-07
Ryan Adams: “Afraid of Ghosts” (Losering Books)
(74) 2015-05-05
Welcome to Bypass, North Carolina (Losering Books)
(75) 2015-05-03
Charlottesville calling (Losering Books)
(76) 2015-04-30
Political science (Losering Books)
“Losering” has been popping up in the conservative political blogosphere, believe it or not.
(77) 2015-04-29
In the spring of 2015, Ryan Adams plays “Summer of ’69” (Losering Books)
(78) 2015-04-22
Ryan Adams sends birthday wishes (Losering Books)
(79) 2015-04-21
Ryan Adams wants you to know, he’s sorry (Losering Books)
Ryan Adams apologizes to The Mountain radio station with a song.
(80) 2015-04-13
What Ryan Adams was doing this weekend: Coachella (Losering Books)
(81) 2015-04-08
Come on out for “Losering 2: A Tribute to the Songs of Ryan Adams” (Losering Books)
(82) 2015-04-07
Ryan Adams does not feel like being good — and yet he is (Losering Books)
(83) 2015-03-27
Waiting for the end of the world (Losering Books)
"New York, New York" video speculation.
(84) 2015-03-21
Heartbreaker, indeed (Losering Books)
(85) 2015-03-09
Ryan Adams’ “Blue Light” special (Losering Books)
(86) 2015-03-09
“Losering 2” — the lineup (Losering Books)
(87) 2015-03-09
Paying the bills on “Faithless Street” (Losering Books)
Phone bill from sessions for "Faithless Street" turns up.
(88) 2015-03-07
Hot times at Gillie’s, back in the old days (Losering Books)
Whiskeytown poster is unearthed.
(89) 2015-03-05
A fan’s plea to Ryan Adams: Come home for supper (Losering Books)
(90) 2015-03-02
Songs of the South with Ryan Adams, among others (Losering Books)
(91) 2015-03-01
Standing in for Ryan Adams: Elvira (Losering Books)
(92) 2015-02-27
Paperback writer (Losering Books)
Company offers poster of Ryan Adams songs as artful bookends.
(93) 2015-02-26
Showtime’s coming (Losering Books)
The second “Losering” tribute show is coming up, happening April 11 at Deep South The Bar in downtown Raleigh.
(94) 2015-02-24
Welcome home again (Losering Books)
Lyrics to lost Ryan Adams song, "Welcome Home Again", are up for sale.
(95) 2015-02-18
More Ryan Adams history for sale (Losering Books)
Smashed Firebird guitar from 1998 Whiskeytown show for sale on Ebay.
(96) 2015-02-16
Caitlin and Skillet: Married to the Music (Losering Books)
(97) 2015-02-08
Ryan’s Grammy report (Losering Books)
(98) 2015-02-04
One good Ryan deserves another (Losering Books)
(99) 2015-01-15
Ryan Adams gets in touch with his inner festivarian (Losering Books)
(100) 2015-01-04
Whiskeytown treasures from Thomas O’Keefe (Losering Books)
(101) 2014-12-22
Take your beer to Whiskeytown (Losering Books)