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(1) 2017-02-17
A brokenhearted Ryan Adams is the best Ryan Adams (A.V. Club)
Where 2011’s Ashes & Fire and 2014’s Ryan Adams suffered some from a heavier touch (and a paucity of memorable songs), Prisoner exhibits an ease that belies its rough origins.
(2) 2017-01-13
Liz Phair and Ryan Adams team up for “raw” new double album (A.V. Club)
Adams announced today that the two are working together on a new double album that they’re currently recording at Adams’ Pax Am studio in Los Angeles.
(3) 2016-08-31
Turnabout’s fair play as someone covers a Ryan Adams album in the style of Taylor Swift (A.V. Club)
You can hear the entirety of 1989 Is Hell on Babetown’s Soundcloud page.
(4) 2016-04-25
Comedians honor Garry Shandling in memorial service (A.V. Club)
Ryan Adams performed My Wrecking Ball.
(5) 2016-02-29
Don’t stop the record: 25 hidden tracks worth waiting for (A.V. Club)
Whiskeytown makes the list.
(6) 2016-01-04
From Archer to X-Men: 79 of our most anticipated entertainments of 2016, part 1 (A.V. Club)
Anticipating La Sera’s Music For Listening To Music To (Produced by Ryan Adams) out in March.
(7) 2015-12-04
What non-2015 pop culture did you just discover this year? (A.V. Club)
Ryan Adams' '1989' is discussed.